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I have just heard that there is a The Matrix 4: The original “The Matrix” is the best — in my opinion: Creatively brilliant on so many levels: and I love the social satire: My favourite — as you may have noticed if you… Continue Reading “THE MOVIE “THE MATRIX””


  In the macrocosm —-Western medicine started at the time of the Inquisition: Women herbalists were put to death and replace by male doctors. Western medicine supports drug companies that not only test on animals but make some drugs by torturing animals. They have… Continue Reading “WHY I DO NOT TRUST WESTERN MEDICINE”


  Hearing about more  bush fires  has triggered my “hate humans”mantra. (Yes I know I am a human My youngest granddaughter pointed this out to me a decade ago when I was complaining about all the damage humans have done) The media tell us… Continue Reading “KLAATU”


From a sociological point of view if enough people want something to change it will happen? But can we get rid of the protestant ethic and corporate gods and replace it with sharing (true communism)? And not just sharing  with other humans but with… Continue Reading “IF ENOUGH PEOPLE CARE THINGS CHANGE.”

A Short Story About Healing The Blue Planet

I wrote this sci fi short story now called “Creating Utopia” before I wrote my non-fiction: I first published it entitled  “A Short Story About Healing The Blue Planet”: I had written sci fi before but this was the first time I published. I… Continue Reading “A Short Story About Healing The Blue Planet”

“For Who Grew Up Tall And Proud In The Shadow Of The Mushroom Cloud”

I have always liked “Queen” They’re my age group. We grew up in the shadow of the mushroom cloud. We are the “Flower Power” generation. Back in the days when we thought atomic bombs would kill us. And there weren’t seven point seven billion… Continue Reading ““For Who Grew Up Tall And Proud In The Shadow Of The Mushroom Cloud””