Sci Fi E Book 13th Instalment

Bullai explained that there were twenty-five thousand humans in Australia so all the pets who wanted a home would find homes.

“Just take those that are drawn to you and vice a versa.”

‘Taking them back you will have to create a simulacrum for them and  assist them to transfer their physical bodies to this: Animals learn quickly and will assist with this: ‘

‘All you have to do is visualize where you live:

Just don’t get the pet roos mixed up with James!’

All were laughing!

Back at camp. Even though the new arrivals were mostly carnivores and predators they communicated to those who could understand that they would like to eat what the humans were eating until such time as they were allowed to hunt.

The main building was finished with solar panels on the roof and a door made from a couple of the replaced humpies in only a few weeks. Everyone had worked toward this and they deemed it time for a celebration.

There wasn’t any wine yet but there was cannabis.                                                                                            They made a vegetable stew.

Len played guitar (which had been part of his personal items saved by Arawn)

Many got up and danced.

Christine suggested that although the sabbats of their Wiccan tradition didn’t fit the Southern hemisphere, they could still celebrate the full moon  and the equinoxes and solstices?

“Only if you wish?”

Her husband and high priest answered, “Any excuse for a party!”

”I wasn’t asking you. I was asking the others of our commune.”

After some discussion, it was agreed that those who wanted to celebrate full moons and sabbats would and those that didn’t wish to at the time would abstain.

“Well that was easy and makes sense. “said Christopher.

The commune was getting into a rhythm or pattern where although nothing was said or organised some days they would all eat together in the main building. Other days they would eat separately and at different times as suited the work they were doing.

They were still making bricks for the individual homes.

The day came soon when they had electricity.

There was tea growing and coffee.

None was ready for harvest but they did have stocks of each saved from their “last” life thanks to Kunapipi’s request.

The first thing Kunapipi/Anne did was boil the urn: they had been using a “billy” which they would continue to use but the urn held six litres.

Robert turned on the computer to see what was on the hard drive while his brother looked through DVDs, along with several others, to see what they could watch on the TV. As many people, as could fit and see clearly stood behind Robert.

” So, no partying today?” joked Christopher.

While the small group were all together again Elsie asked if Kunapipi knew who had survived overseas.

‘Fifteen thousand in the U S of A and twenty thousand in Canada:  three thousand in New Zealand and five thousand in the UK’

‘Try to sense if those you are looking for survived.

Just see if you can sense/feel a link?  Smiling –  if you accidentally translocate to them at least you can get back.’

” We can do that! “said Elsie.

Elsie and George feeling confident of their ability to translocate, tried to sense relatives in what had been the UK. Once they made a connection, they announced that they were visiting the “UK” but would be back.

And they were gone.

Paul laughing said, “I imagine that I will soon get used to people just popping out.”

‘You can use the same technique to travel backwards or forwards through time if you wish.’ said Kunapipi!

‘Time is just a dimension!’

“So, is there karma, if we attempt revenge on horrible people from the past?” Asked Robert.



To be continued:



My Sci Fi E book in Instalments


I published an E book on the 10th April 2017.

Prior to my publishing it a family member had suggested that I publish it on my blog: I have just decided to do so. The title etc. is as follows:

A Short Story About Healing The Blue Planet: Homo sapiens are not indigenous to planet Earth

Humans were genetically engineered (using pig and orangutan DNA) to mine gold by an extra-terrestrial species that couldn’t exist in Earth’s atmosphere. They were later enabled to reproduce (“grown”) by another E. T. species who used them as a food source and whom the humans considered gods. To save the planet this non-indigenous species is culled.

The first instalment:



Somewhere in nowhere:


Outside of our known universe: between other universes: and outside of time:


White swirls of light were communicating telepathically:

One of these swirls of light whom chose to be called Arawn,  appeared to be pulling matter from nothing:

“He”  sends the following concept to another swirl of light.

“You have a problem with the universe that I have created, Kunapipi?  It is very popular.”

(Difficult to give analogy here: But if you are aware of the “holodeck” concept in “Star Trek” consider that Arawn is an engineer/technician creating an holodeck program:  Including the set and the characters!)


‘You know as well as I, that everything that exists has consciousness and you have caused unbelievable trauma and horror for those that exist in this reality. Particularly on a planet in the  Milky Way galaxy called Earth.’

“I didn’t create any horror or trauma!

Others created the horrors and trauma and it is just one small planet in a corner of one of the many galaxies. “

‘Everything that exists has consciousness and matters!’

“You are correct. I created this universe so I am responsible for how it has evolved.”

‘You have never been an actual part of one of your holodeck creations,’ says Kunapipi.

If Arawn had human features you would notice a scowl:

“I do not to give up my omniscience.”

‘Well you could participate and also be outside the “reality” at the same time. That way you would still know that time is but a dimension and you would have the power to change things.’

“It would be exciting and interesting to take part in this program before I delete the humans!”

‘I was thinking more of enlightening the humans and restoring Earth to an healthy planet with all life forms living in harmony.’


“In the linear time of this universe the humans have had ample chances to change:

It is too late for them now.

The planet will die if I allow humans to continue.

I originally made it so that everything thrived on the energy from the sun.

I didn’t create the human program They were created by beings  from another star system: Ophiuchus. “

No words had been spoken, these concepts were projected from Arawn to Kunapipi and from Kunapipi to Arawn.

“I will allow continued existence to those humans who respect other life forms and wish to live in harmony with the eco system.

Most humans think that those who live in harmony with the environment are primitive and inferior. Actually they don’t think.

They just mindlessly conform to what those in power and their entertainment media tell them.

They are really stupid but consider themselves superior to all other life forms because they talk:

They think if something or someone doesn’t talk they don’t understand.

They thoughtlessly destroy everything. They call some creatures vermin, when humans are the vermin. They kill insects and destroy all the trees despite the fact that insects and trees are essential.

And everything literally goes down the drain polluting the oceans instead of nourishing other life.”


Dismissing Arawn complaint about the non-indigenous human species Kunapipi just telepathed:

‘I will go in as a female: this gives me a better chance of having a connection to outside the reality.

Even though I will forget who I am, you can remind me when we are in contact.’

Kunapipi becomes human————


‘Oh! No! I have to go back to the women who is giving birth to me.

I am not sure why this woman was chosen to give birth to me. Another reason why I keep leaving the womb. I don’t like being in her energy. There is something emotionally uncomfortable about her.

Being born is so painful and there are two passages when there should only be one?  I don’t know which way to go.

I am out.

The midwife is saying something about there being two birth canals.

They are taking me away.

I want to go to this woman who has given birth to me!

This other woman just ignores my crying. I feel so alone.  So cold. So afraid. What is happening?’


Kunapipi as a human baby was washed and dressed but everything was impersonal. There was no comfort in the touch. No love!

She was put in a cot and left there.

Kunapipi was in hospital for a couple of weeks. She was fed and changed but no one made a fuss of  her. Her father did get to hold her occasionally but the staff treated him as if he shouldn’t be there. Maternity wards were not for men.

She was taken home by a lady whose husband was a friend of her Father’s. Her name was Anne.  And Kunapipi was named after her. She stayed with them for a few months until her mother was discharged from hospital.



Episode two to be blogged on 2nd September 2017



Wicca means wise and or “to bend” ( as in bending energies)

I am a third degree initiate of The Craft.

What attracted me to Wicca in the seventies was that most of the people that I knew  (in Wicca) were concerned about the planet and other life forms.

I was (and still am) a vegetarian: involved with Animal Liberation: Greenpeace and Women’s Liberation. In later years, I was involved with Trees for Life.

Women’s liberation was necessary because we may have had the vote but women had no rights  and no status. Wicca is matriarchal.

Other life forms still have no rights or status.                                                              Humans are still raping our Mother Earth.

Some people still think witches worship Satan and use blood sacrifices!

We do not!


I used to lecture on Wicca so I have researched this!

In western culture the idea of Satan worship  came from the Inquisition and was taken up by what we witches call Satanists.

Because Wicca is a resurgence of an old religion it is difficult to find out what really happened in the distant past and I would presume they did use blood sacrifices?

In modern Wicca energy is raised by dance, as in the cone of power and by singing and chanting.

One can also use sex magic.

There is power in body fluids. If you are so inclined you can use a small amount of your own blood.

When I first started, we couldn’t buy books or ritual tools so mine are all homemade.

book shadows    my Book of Shadows

There is:-

The magic of the mind

The magic of the four elements

The magic of herbs and flowers

The magic of numbers

The magic of colours

The magic of talismans and amulets

The magic of sex

The magic of dreams

There are plenty of books on magic these days.

One of the late Stewart Farrar’s books for which I filled out a questionnaire gives an over view on  modern witches.


Because I am an atheist I perceive the god and goddess as “thought forms”.


Be blessed

earth3 I’m including my own ad — perseverance prospers!






In primary school the class was asked to write an essay entitled “My Wish”

I wrote that I wished people would care more about looking after nature and the planet than money.

Seeing that this is never going to happen in my life time or possibly ever!

I wrote this short story for myself and as sympathetic magick

A Short Story About Healing The Blue Planet Kindle Edition

it is only $2.99 ($3.99 Australian) and you may read a sample for free.

Thankyou to those of you who have already purchased this

Blessed Be




I started to write the following and then thought – It is a bit petty considering all the suffering and horror in the world — Then off on a tangent thought—What will I call it? — Sheep? – People think sheep are stupid but they are not! – From there I started thinking about the scapegoat which really upsets me — what a life leading others too their death?

So now am writing thefollowing so I don’t dwell on how horrible the meat industry is:-

If someone looks young and attractive they are treated with respect and considered to be intelligent caring people. Those who do not fit the stereo type of attractive are treated with contempt and considered stupid, deviant or criminal. The origins of this attitude are from the movies where attractive people are cast in leading roles as the good guy and the not so attractive as the villain.

This is not only wrong it is dangerous because sociopaths and psychopaths are usually attractive, charismatic people.

People are so controlled by the media. The example that comes to mind goes way back to 1980 when Lindy Chamberlain suffered trial by media and was convicted of the murder of her daughter Azaria. At this time, every person I knew considered her guilty! I was abused for saying I believed the dingo took the baby!

These days I have to tolerate people claiming they are supporting me because I am on an aged pension.

(Yet I paid more tax per fortnight in the 1990’s than I get for my pension now. I gave up a job that I had had for twenty years even though my “Work Cover” was approved. I found out that lawyers are afraid of “Work Cover”?)

People do not consider how much the politicians cost them. They support a corrupt system that is controlled by the multinationals and could not care less about the average person.

I haven’t watched the movie The Matrix for a decade and an half but my favourite line is “These people are so inured so hopelessly dependent on the system they fight to defend it”



Considering that there are ads on my blog I thought I would put one of my own.



In primary school the class was asked to write an essay entitled “My Wish”

I wrote that I wished people would care more about looking after nature and the planet than money.

Seeing that this is never going to happen in my life time or possibly ever!

I wrote this short story for myself and as sympathetic magick.

It is available on as an E book.

It is $2.99  — $3.99 Australian

It threatens the status quo– just remember it’s (science?)  fiction.

Blessed Be



A Short Story About Healing The Blue Planet


When I was in primary school, in grade seven, the class was asked to write an essay entitled “My Wish”

I wrote that I wished people would care more about looking after nature and the planet than money.

Fifty seven years later realising that this is never going to happen in my life time or possibly ever!

I wrote this short story for myself and as sympathetic magick:

It is called “A Short Story About Healing The Blue Planet”

Available on Amazon Kindle — $2.99      In Australia it is $3.99
It threatens the status quo– just remember it’s fiction.





Be Blessed



This information is just to inform not undermine your spiritual beliefs :


Christmas was originally the pagan festival of Yule — Mid Winter — moved a few days: Every church festival was originally a pagan festival. The church of Rome incorporated them because they couldn’t get rid of same.

After the emperor Constantine made Christianity the religion of Rome there was a meeting at Niacea to decide what to put in the New Testament and what to leave out..

With a huge empire it was easier to control the masses with a religion. Hence the Inquisition to get rid of the Old Religion and the women healers who had– herbal remedies: contraception and abortion and replace the with men who used leeches and blood-letting: Couldn’t have contraception if you wanted to populate armies.

The Wheel of the Year  is from my Book of Shadows:


Have a Merry Christmas:  Blessed Yule:   or Blessed Litha (Summer Solstice)