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MISCONCEPTIONS I realize some people still equate witches with evil people who sacrifice animals. Not us! This is the first page of  my Book of Shadows started in 1983 “Eight words the Wiccan Rede fulfil An it harm NONE Do what thou will” The… Continue Reading “WICCA”


At the beginning of this century we were celebrating an Esbat  (full moon ritual) at Encounter Bay Victor Harbour  South Australia: There was complete cloud cover: We couldn’t see the moon: The only light was the candles: Part of the ritual is the “spiral… Continue Reading “RE BACKGROUND PICTURE”


Guessing many bloggers write books And can relate to having written something then find that someone else has had the same idea. I don’t claim to be good at writing  but it is what I love to do. Last  century the first story I… Continue Reading “CREATING UTOPIA”


I know that many bloggers write books and can relate to having written something then have someone else come up with the same idea. I don’t claim to be good at writing but it is what I love to do: Many people have told… Continue Reading “WRITING BOOKS”


I have been  a trekkie way back to the original. In an introduction to the original series by the late James Doohan He explained why they had to scrap the first pilot:  Gene Roddenberry’s wife Majel Barrett had been cast as second in command… Continue Reading “A TREKKIE”

Healing and Empowerment to Non Human Life

When I was young I believed that a few people could make a difference and from a sociological point of view the more people that want something to change  the more likely the change will happen. But I have learned over the years that… Continue Reading “Healing and Empowerment to Non Human Life”


From “on line” Dictionary – magic “/ˈmadʒɪk/Submit noun 1. the power of apparently influencing events by using mysterious or supernatural forces. “suddenly, as if by magic, the doors start to open” ****************** The first page of my Book of Shadows which was started in… Continue Reading “Magic”

Hug A Tree Today

This is a re blog, altered slightly. Previous blog was called “Trees” A neighbour recently told me with pride. “I don’t have leaves in my driveway!’ And another neighbour who has now moved used to vacuum the concrete. This man worked for “Trees For… Continue Reading “Hug A Tree Today”

A Witch Hunt

(Burning of three witches in Baden, Switzerland (1585), by Johann Jakob Wick) Decades ago I researched the “Inquisition” as part of a lecture I was giving on Wicca. It started out as a means of getting rid of practitioners of the Old Religion and… Continue Reading “A Witch Hunt”

Mother Earth

I joined Greenpeace in the late 70’s We were considered a dangerous radical group back then. The founders of Greenpeace, believed a few individuals could make a difference. I am saddened and disillusioned in my old age because the groups that I used to… Continue Reading “Mother Earth”