I am retired and live by the sea. I have two children and five grandchildren all taller than me. .

In the mid 70’s I was on a religious search, trying to find some meaning to life. I had been brought up “Church of England” (Anglican). I went back to Christianity while I was at Teachers College (as a mature student) but a some level of my being it felt wrong. I studied world religion at a tertiary level. A friend from college took me to lectures on Spiritualism, Wicca, and associated philosophies. These were run by a Spiritualist minister at the Gawler Town Hall.

This same year my Father told me that he was a Spiritualist and a clairvoyant. Presumeably this was why my clairvoyant abilities hadn’t been suppressed.

There was definitely a social stigma surrounding clairvoyance and associated practices in the 70’s and early80’s. Claivoyants were usually ridiculed. It was understandable that my Father had never mentioned clairvoyance to me. My Father was born 1/1/1921 (deceased 8 years now). In his day it certainly wasn’t something one would mention. One could find themselves in a psychiatric institution for admitting to such things.

At the Gawler Town Hall meetings I attended a lecture by a well known witch. I was initiated into The Craft in 1983.

At this time(70’s) I became a vegetarian and joined Animal liberation. I also joined Greenpeace which in those days was considered the lunatic fringe and too radical;  I was involved in Women’s Liberation.

I am still a member of Animal Liberationand have been involved with Trees For Life for over a decade.

I still practice my Craft but work solitary. I still give Reiki treatments and do clairvoyant readings. I am learning Tai Chi and Yoga and Pilates

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