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CREATIVE CONSCIOUSNESS MEDIATION TREE MEDITATION paraphrased from Mother Wit by Diane Mariechild —- it is a great book if you can find it. Am sure you are better at finding things on Google etc than me 😛 — I couldn’t find it. PAST LIFE… Continue Reading “THREE AUDIO MEDITATIONS”


THERE IS A PAST LIFE REGRESSION AUDIO IN THIS BLOG This blog is basically the reincarnation blog edited. I deleted the television documentary — it is on YouTube if you wish to watch it. As you can see this is an old book of… Continue Reading “PAST LIFE REGRESSION”


MISCONCEPTIONS I realize some people still equate witches with evil people who sacrifice animals. Not us! This is the first page of  my Book of Shadows started in 1983 “Eight words the Wiccan Rede fulfil An it harm NONE Do what thou will” The… Continue Reading “WICCA”


As you can see this is an old book of mine: Australian psychologist and hypnotherapist, Peter Ramster created a television documentary in 1983 He also wrote a book that was published in 1980 Called “The Truth About Reincarnation” where he regresses subjects to past… Continue Reading “RE INCARNATION”