Month: June 2022


This is a reblog — I am so encouraged these day by the number of people who care about other life forms In South Australia in the 1970’s and 80’s vegetarians and vegans were not catered for. There was a cafe on the corner… Continue Reading “VEGAN”


If “Right for lifers” believed in a right to life they would apply this concept to other life forms And if Christians took notice of Jesus teachings instead of using the Old testament (which is almost identical to the Koran) the world would be… Continue Reading “ABORTION”


It is Mid Winter here = YULE and Mid Summer  -LITHA –  in the northern hemisphere. The Wheel Of The Year: pagan festivals celebrating the seasons:  solstices and equinoxes. When the Romans and Christianity took over they could not get rid of these festivals:… Continue Reading “MID WINTER”


I have several friends who don’t believe in clairvoyance or surviving death On the rare occasions I mention a clairvoyant experience that amazed me they just look at me with disdain or make some comment implying that I am either making it up or… Continue Reading “LIFE AFTER DEATH”


For the last couple of years my life has involved resting resting and more fu-king resting: I feel uncomfortable reading when lying down:  so I watch movies or TV series Motivated by Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee Have gone back to watching “The Crown” Hence… Continue Reading “MORE MUSINGS”