If “Right for lifers” believed in a right to life they would apply this concept to other life forms

And if Christians took notice of Jesus teachings instead of using the Old testament (which is almost identical to the Koran) the world would be a better place

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Abortions were illegal when I became pregnant after my “boyfriend” drove to the middle of nowhere and said ”Come across or walk home”

I had an illegal abortion organised and changed my mind

Glad that I did — I have the best daughter (now 55 years young)

But women must have the right to choose

I was in “Women’s Liberation”

back when we had no rights and no status and the majority of women believed this was how  it should be.

We couldn’t buy a house and landlords would not rent to separated women:

I Googled this — “Women also faced financial discrimination and were seen as a high-risk investment by banks as little as just 50 years ago. It wasn’t until 1975 that women could open a bank account in their own name.”

A woman was expected to stay a virgin until she was married:

A man was expected to be promiscuous:

Never understood how that worked

Seems to me that the USA has taken a step  backward

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