I have been doing reading since the late 1970s I am genuine and I "see" and communicate with those we term "passed over" My Dad was a Spiritualist and I was trained by a lovely Spiritualist lady and brilliant clairvoyant; Stella Darwood: I nursed her (at RAH) when she died and am sure she will not mind my putting her name here. Honesty is important to me: I am always ethical: One of the many things Stella taught was not to tell some one something bad (that you “see”) unless you can tell them how to avoid it: People may “make it happen” and the “clairvoyant” could be wrong. I am a vegetarian and respect all life. I have become cynical in my old age: When I was young I believed a few people could make a difference. Sadly, Greenpeace: Animal Lib and Trees for Life are now impotent bureaucracies populated by mindless automatons who think they are being trendy. This morning I remembered this quote which hopefully will change my attitude. I found it in a book on world religions when I was at teacher’s college. “Better to light one small candle than to curse the darkness” by Kungfutz (Confucius) This may seem like a simple statement but it is quite profound if you think about it. Once we light a candle there is no darkness!

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