I was working 12 hour shifts and doing crystal ball readings on my days off, in a new-age book shop, when James Redfield first published The Celestine Prophecy

The proprietor showed me the book and said “This is only for beginners.”


I didn’t think so:

I found it interesting:

I especially liked his theory on control dramas.

A wise friend now deceased used to say don’t people please.

I know many people can identify with trying very hard to please a parent in order to get their approval and never succeeding.

Applying James Redfield’s ideas we are literally giving our power away.

I know I have given my power away by trying to “people please”:

Once I realized what I was doing  and stopped,  believe it or not my health improved:

I also cleansed my chakras:

This is one I use:

Chakra Cleansing

Bring a beam of white light down through your crown chakra – violet – above your head- 5cm in diameter – spinning – As the white light swirls through each chakra it cleanses it making each colour brighter. Check each chakra for cords. Unplug cords:  seal your end with white light which changes to the colour of the chakra.

Take the beam of light through the following chakras repeating the above.

Third eye – middle of forehead – indigo

Throat – floating above voice box – blue

Heart – middle of chest – green

Solar plexus – 3 cm above the navel – yellow

Sexual – above pubic hair – orange

Base – at base of spine – red

Take the white light to the soles of your feet -2 minor chakras – then into the earth. Bring a broad band of white light back up over your head. It then divides into two & fountains back into the earth.

I also like Carol Ann Rowland’s Zensight chakra balancing

Enjoy your day

and please respect other lifeforms


This is from “Mother Wit” by Diane Mariechild

Before starting this “meditation” decide where you want to go:

Either somewhere you have never been or seen but will be visiting in the future

Or a friend or family’s home so that you can check with them what you “see”.

Sit or lie comfortably and relax.

Enjoy your day

And please respect

and appreciate other life-forms


I am sharing this song from “The King and I” in the hope that  it will help others who have an anxiety disorder.

Just so that you know that I am not baffling you with bullshit 😛

I studied psychology for teaching:


Developmental Disabilities.

I have had an anxiety disorder from early childhood

undiagnosed until I was fifty.

In my day PTSD wasn’t acknowledge

Nor was PND

Plus neither women nor children had any rights.

To get to the point:

I would remember this song  and pretend that I was OK

And it worked.

Simple things often work

(I didn’t sing or whistle out loud just silently)

At teachers college the head of the Psychology Department told me what a “happy go lucky person” I was.

Fake until you make it 😛

Enjoy the day


Most humans think that they are intelligent and caring yet they continue to destroy the ecology and waste resources?

Wise people have been warning us that we are destroying the ecology long before I was born.

And we are still being told

Humans prefer to support the multinationals:

Believing that only humans and money  matters.


Some are waiting for God to do something.

Some think  karma will fix it.

I don’t believe in karma but I  do believe in cause and effect.

Cultures that live in harmony with the environment are labelled primitive and inferior:

Witches and neo pagans (pagan means village dweller) are considered evil.

What attracted me to Wicca in the late 1970s was that they care about other life forms and the ecology.

I heard the following song in the 1980s recorded by Charlie Murphy:

This version is Spiral Dance

Please consider other life forms

Blessed be


You may have already noticed that  I like Russel Brand  😛

I was in “poor me” mode this morning having been in pain and sleep deprived for 13 years (allergic to pain relief) –  the main cause is surgical mistakes – “I go into “not fair: why me?” mode.

I thought what can I listen to, to take my mind off this?

Found this

I have Eckhart Tolle’s THE POWER OF NOW


So am saying to myself

“Where am I? = HERE

What time is it? = NOW”

(Even thought this NOW sux.)

Several of my friends have told me that I am not an atheist

 I wrote a blog entitled “Thank God I’m an Atheist: Pun intended”

I suppose that I am not:

But am opposed to western religions.

Enjoy your day


I have been sitting in the sunshine reading “Revolution” by Russell Brand

for the second time:

My grandson loaned me a copy initially.

 Last time I saw my naturopath he was singing the praises of Russell Brand and I said

“I’ve read Revolution”

I since borrowed a copy from the local library .

Thank goodness people who threaten the status quo are no longer put to death nor thrown into mental institutions.

I highly recommend this book



I put this spell in my book of shadows in 1983


Firstly some associations with Bay Laurel:

Planet = sun

Element =fire

Deities = Aesculapuis




Powers = Protection




I always thank the leaves

the charcoal

 and the flame

(this is because I believe everything that exists has a consciousness and I respect this consciousness)

From my Book of Shadows

Bay Leaf Spell

Prepare a container with live coals or charcoal blocks: scatter

 crumbled bay leaves over them: concentrate on the wish you are



“Bay leaf burn fire

Draw to me my hearts desire”

Speak of your wish aloud

and repeat the ritual thrice.

Blessed be


This morning when I put the TV on for news I heard that a vegan had apparently said that she would NOT be an organ donor in case her organs went to an evil meat eater.

Lunatic fringe?

or misreported?

It certainly isn’t the reason I am am not an organ donor:

Initially it was because I am aware that

if you have a 50% chance of survival and you are an organ donor — kiss your chances good bye.

This has happened but – a broad generalisation.

I am not suggesting people not be organ donors

my children are:

I choose not to be.

In my old age I do not trust nor support western medicine

for a variety of reasons: –

I suffer from medical and surgical mistakes:

I am aware of numerous people that have died because of medical and surgical mistakes:

some were friends or acquaintances:

some were related to people I have done clairvoyant readings for.

The majority of doctors are controlled by drug companies

Drug companies are horrifically cruel to animals:

Not just when testing drugs but when making same.

One example that I am sure few people are aware of:

They have the abattoirs leave all new borns to die of dehydration and starvation so they can harvest the hormones that this death produces.

How do I know this?

In 1982 the husband of a staff member asked that I report to the RSPCA that new born calves were left to die of dehydration and starvation:

The RSPCA staff called me a liar and a trouble maker:

I put something in writing and it was ignored.

Presumably the RSPCA is funded by drug companies and the meat industry.

Over the years since,

I have learned from people who work at the abattoirs or collect stock from them

that all new borns are left to die this way and that the drug companies ask for it.

It was my podiatrist who told me why –“The drug companies harvest the hormones produces when animals die this way.”  

I presume most people know how drug companies collect Premarin = pregnant mares urine?

Another reason

Western medicine treats symptoms

not the cause

Long ago

when I dispensed drugs from the old fashion drug trolley

I noticed that I was giving one drug then another to compensate for the side effects

e.g. antispychotics cause pseudo Parkinsonism.

hence I gave out another drug for Parkinsonism.

I like “New Amsterdam”

It highlights mistakes

and that some doctors care more about advancing their career than caring for patients.

Western medicine came into being at the time of the “Inquisition”

when village herbalists were executed and replaced by male doctors.

Eastern medicine diagnoses using iridology and kinesiology

and treats with acupuncture and herbal remedies.

Be well

be happy


For tree lovers there is an audio meditation to link with a tree.

Please turn up the volume

I cannot record on my phone:

It is old:

and it wont allow the sound recorder download:

I recorded this on the laptop but it requires the volume turning up.

This is para phrased from “Mother Wit”

 by Diane Mariechild

hers was a plant meditation

Blessed be

and be kind to non humans


Last century I did many past life regressions:

 (damn that sentence sounds grammatically incorrect?)

In one I was a monk in an orange robe.

I acknowledge that I do not understand the nature of reality:

But maybe a “past” life explains some of my attitudes: 

Maybe? that is why I have always  respected other life forms and tried to practice “Ahimsa” in a culture that thinks only humans matter.

I have never fitted in.

I tried unsuccessfully to believe western religion.

And fit in with western culture.

I thought that I was in the wrong for half a century:

Because of a life time of abuse I never had confidence in myself

 and would believe all the confident mindless automatons that told me that I was wrong or nuts.

Western culture is controlled by multinationals.

I find it strange that ones life goal should be to accumulate money.

Karl Marx is portrayed as an evil person:

Yet he advocated sharing:

China  and other so called Communist countries do not have communism:

they have state capitalism.

Communism is  sharing.

Humans don’t share with one another or other lifeforms.

This will eventually cause all life to become extinct— and not that far away.

I wrote this sci fi as social satire.

It is only a short story

I tell myself  Asimov  started by writing short stories.

I am not  comparing myself to Isaac Asimov  I am not a biochemist

 I did major in sociology 😛

And I do like writing and reading.

Enjoy your day

and please respect other life forms