Better To Light One Small Candle Than to Curse The Darkness

After my “Another Depressing Blog from The Witch” I wonder what to do to make a difference?

Blog from October “A Few Of Us Are Sending Healing” is still on going.

But seriously zero population growth is the thing.

Many people who actually care about the environment baulk at the idea of zero population growth.

One of the complaints is “Babies are left to die in China”—Seriously this doesn’t have to happen.

For some it is against their religion and others have taken on these religious ideas as part of our culture.

No disrespect to The Church of Rome

 When Constantine took over Christianity, I suspect his motives were to use it to control the empire.

There was a meeting in Nicaea in AD325 to decide what to put in the bible and what to leave out.

Yet there was a prohibition forbidding translation of the bible into native languages.

If I remember history, Lutheranism was started because the people were not allowed to read the bible?

The prohibition against contraception and abortion was implemented because Constantine wanted soldiers for his armies:

One of the reasons for the early witch hunts was to get rid of the women herbalist who offered contraception – the other of course to get rid of The Old Religion.

These days I believe that part of the reason people are opposed to zero population growth is that a culture takes its norms and mores from the main religion and people who have no religious beliefs still confirms to these norms and mores.

I sometimes wonder if the “Powers That Be” (multinationals), prefer to have as many consumers as possible 😛

I think the people of the world need the  Louise Hay affirmation

“I am willing to change”

Blessed be

and be kind to non human life forms



Humans make up 99% of the planets population. There are more than 7.7 billion of us and we continue to make all life forms extinct.


I had always hoped to be able to contribute to saving all non humans before I died. Doesn’t look very promising!


When I was a child I wondered what was wrong with me because  I didn’t think like everyone else.


I didn’t understand why money was all that mattered:


Or that the only species that matters is humans.


My mother threatened to have me put in a mental institution because I objected to eating meat.  It was easy to have someone certified insane back then.


I also didn’t understand racism or the fact that there was something wrong with people that weren’t heterosexual.


I argued with my peers at high school that there were double standards for women.  At this time women had no rights and no status. Ones status came from one’s husband. We were not allowed to buy houses, property or businesses. Landlords would not rent to separated women. I had a government job working with computers that I had to give up because married women were not allowed to hold government jobs. Married women were not supposed to work.

What really got to me, was that all women were meant to be virgins and all men promiscuous. When I commented as a joke “How does that work?!” I was shouted down and told that it was the way it was meant to be.


I was in Women’s Lib in the 70’s:   All we wanted was equal rights.


Things have now gone to ridiculous extremes.


I was also involved with Animal Lib and Greenpeace back when we thought that a few people could make a difference.


Sadly multinationals rule the world!


In 19882 the husband of one of my staff asked me to report that suckie calves were left to die of dehydration and starvation. I phoned the RSPCA and was called a liar and a trouble maker: I put something in writing but it was ignored


This still happens: I know people who work at the abattoirs and those who go to buy stock and was told that it happens to all newborns not just calves.


The friend who worked there said the drug companies requested this. And someone else told me that this was because hormones form in the newborns tissues when they die this way and these hormones are harvested.


I do my best to avoid supporting the meat industry: Drug companies: cosmetic companies and household product producers that test on animals: but it isn’t easy!


We as humans are progressively destroying every other life form on the planet.


We are way beyond plague proportions.

“If all the insects left the planet the planet would die:


If all the humans left the planet the planet would thrive!” Anonymous?

Zero population growth would be a good idea.


These babies were run over a couple of days after I took this photo.


Look at the date on this photo!


It was 2012 and I was at the computer reading something about 2012 being the end of the world and thinking what a load of crap! — When —


2027 appeared on my computer screen in huge numbers.


No idea why. Some sort of error I guess:


But part of me tries to put a meaning to this:


As in is 2027 the end of the world?


I seriously doubt it but the way humans are going wont be too much longer before there are no resources left!!!!

I wrote this short story  as a satire on human arrogance and as “sympathetic magic” : Like all books and movies commenting on human’s destroying the planet it is only preaching to the converted.



Enjoy your day and please be kind and respectful to non human life forms.

Blessed be







In manifesting – intent matters and emotions empower:

Kungfutz (Confucious ) say: “Better to light one small candle than to curse the darkness”

If you care about other lifeforms please join me in sending healing to all the flora and fauna

In April 2018 a few of us started sending healing to the flora fauna and the ecology:

I am still doing this!

With all the wild life killed in fires I cannot stop crying and berating myself that the healing isn’t working;

Inline with my Wiccan teachings – I take this concept of “it not working” out of the Law (of cause and effect) and out of reality.

Please join me in sending healing or praying:

I say “healing protection nourishment fulfilment shelter and empowerment to all non humans—you may prefer to say flora and fauna?

Initially I asked e everyone to send at 2000 hours South Australian time: but if you just send once a day at any time that is great.

Time and space are not as we perceive them to be.


This as you can see is from “What The Bleep”

Humans make up 99% of the planets population and this is contributing to so many world problems.

We will make all life extinct including us if we don’t change.

I believe that the death penalty should be brought back in Australia and applied to arsonists as well as murders etc


Blessed be

and be kind and respectful to all non humans







Clairvoyance is  not something that I  believe it is some thing that I know is so.

My mentor a Spiritualist lady ( in 1978) said this is not the super natural:

it is a natural extension of our senses.

In my opinion this ability atrophies because our culture tells us that this ability doesn’t exist — or it is evil!

I know that I do not: and cannot understand the nature of reality:

(If we do not have a concept for something it  doesn’t exist for us)

I have done many past life regressions but  getting this information may not necessarily  prove reincarnation:

Reincarnation is something I believe in.

For an excellent book on reincarnation I like Peter Ramster “A Search For Reincarnation”. If it is still in print?

The first past life regression that I experienced was at a psychic group at Kent Town SA. (I think it was 1980)

Instead of a guided meditation the man running this group took us back to our very last life.

Only four of us achieved this and everyone else complained that it was supposed to be a meditation.

I wrote mine down in an exercise book as soon as I got home. I kept this book for years but it disappeared last century when my 2nd husband moved out. Pity!

I still remember much of the information that I got in this regression.

I was an American Marine in Borneo either during or just after the Second World War. At the time I had no idea the war went to Borneo.

I checked all the information that I could in the library.                                                                       I also didn’t like the “Yanks” back then so had no desire to be one.

I have since visited the USA and know how friendly and welcoming Americans are.

I died when the b12 I was in (I was the gunner; not the pilot) was shot down.

In the life as a Marine, I was 19; male and the middle child of three boys. My name was Harold. I saw my home but not my parents.

As I was born this present life in February 1949 I would have come straight back after I died. But knowing that I do not understand the nature of reality or time, anything is possible.

I have done numerous past life regression. It was a fad for me and my friends at one stage. 

When a friend of mine took me back to a past life

(in the early eighties this time space).

I was walking toward a well, in a cobblestone courtyard.

(Probably the Middle Ages.)

As soon as I appeared everyone else scattered. I immediately came back to waking reality and couldn’t stop laughing.

I said “I don’t know who I was but they didn’t like me.” (I may have been a leper?)

I experienced another past life where I was a man

(I have had past lives both female and male) when I did an exchange of service for someone.

A young man balanced my chakras in exchange for a “reading”

When we got to my solar plexus chakra I told him that the problem was a past life.

He told me to go there!

This was the most lucid past life experience that I have ever had!

I was black, very tall and performing human sacrifices in Egypt.

People that I have told the story to say they didn’t have human sacrifices in Egypt and my reply was/is “Yes they did: I was there!”

The sword that I used look something like a Turkish sword but not quite the same.

I killed myself with the sword in this Egyptian life because I hated what I did.


Blessed be

and be kind to non human life forms



a soul

At about age seven I thought our culture was wrong:

I thought it was just me because I was strange and didn’t fit in.

In my late teens I thought that there were way too many humans in the world:
Again I thought it just my being weird and a misfit.

The attitude that humans are the only species that matters horrifies me.

And this is created and reinforced by  (western) religion.

As soon as I found out where meat came from I didn’t want to eat it.

I received  a bashing from mother  and I was served the same meal for breakfast lunch and tea until I ate it.

My attitude of not wanting to eat meat persisted.

As did the routine of being served the same meal for breakfast lunch and tea.

Mother also threaten to have me put in a mental institution which was quite possible in those days.

I am not sure when the nightmares started:

I  dreamed that I was an animal in a slaughter house.

It wasn’t until 1978 that I became a vegetarian and the night mares stopped.

I have occasionally had to go off my vegetarian diet for health reasons:

and the night mares return.

Yesterday I ate a chicken salad and last night had a nightmare of thousands of baby chickens in a small space:

I knew (in this dream) that they were being pumped full of hormones so they would grow quickly and then be slaughtered.

I  woke up and couldn’t go back to sleep

Hence writing this blog.

Vegetarians were not catered for in S.A. in the 1970’s and 1980s.

I was not only ridiculed

I was abused.

Recently cruelty in the horse racing industry has received publicity:

This was brought to my attention more than 2 decades ago.

The fact that all new borns at the abattoirs are left to die of dehydration and starvation     ( which I later found out was at the request of drug companies)

was brought to my attention in 1982.

I reported this to the RSPCA who called me a liar and a trouble maker:

and Animal Liberation who told me to write to a politician.

At least these days celebrates acknowledge they are vegan.

I have the greatest respect and admiration for Ellen Degeneres and her wife Portia:

The late Peter Brock was vegan but few people knew.


In my old age to ease my frustration re only money and humans matter, I wrote a short  sci fi story.

In this sci fi Humans were genetically engineered to mine gold for E T’s who could not breathe or function on our planet: They used the gold as an anti fungal for plants on their planet.

A quote from my sci fi:

Kunapipi teased Arawn re communicating with the humans.


‘They won’t take any notice of you!

You’re not humanoid. And you don’t speak!

So you are of no consequence.’


“Oh they will take notice of me:

They will “hear words” and think I am speaking.

They will perceive me as the Antichrist or devil because the devil in western mythology has horns: as do I, as a Nirahn!

A couple of paragraphs have been omitted


Some did think him god!

Arawn answered!

“There is no such creature.

The concept was created by those in power. To control you.

This universe was/is a creative endeavour .

The closest analogy within your limited understanding is that I am the writer, producer and director  of a movie. I also  designed the set and choose the actors.

Or using an analogy from a sci fi television series: I am a technician creating an holodeck programme.

The Nirahns whom I  look like; did not give you reproductive organs.

They intended you to die out after a life span of a thousand years.

The original design of humans were seven to eight foot tall and you were vegetarian.


The old “gods” were different E. T. ‘s. With their own agenda.

They were from the constellation of Scorpius:

These beings enabled you to reproduce.

They were “growing” you as a food source.

Where do you think the idea of human sacrifices came from.?

And your vampire myths?

It was during this time that the beings from Canis Major became aware of you and addicted to your feelings of pain and trauma.

End of quote

Part of the motivation behind my story line is that I question whether humans are indigenous to the planet?



And my  non fiction



Blessed be

and  be kind to non humans


A SILLY STORY *******But true


I try my best not to kill anything:

We have a doggy door:

Insects do come through this.

Last night I was about to put a tin can that I had  rinsed into recycling:

I noticed that there was a mosquito stuck in the bottom where there were water drops:

I pushed a tissue as near to the mosquito as I could with out touching it and turned the tin upside down:

I checked occasionally to see if it had moved

I am not sure how long it was  —-

I tipped out the tissue and then noticed the mozzie was on the outside of the tin  —so didn’t put in recycling.

Eventually it flew off:

and tin went to bin.

I awoke this morning with a mozzie bite on my arm?

As apparently only pregnant females bite, I wasn’t expecting to get bitten.


A quote — author anonymous


“If all the insects left the planet

The planet would die

If all the humans left the planet

The planet would thrive”

Blessed be

and be kind to non humans



I like sceptics but not cynics:

cynics are as fascist about their opinion as a religious person is about theirs.

“sceptic”  –  noun

a person inclined to question or doubt accepted opinions.

“cynic” –   noun

a person who believes that people are motivated purely by self-interest rather than acting for honourable or unselfish reasons.

It has been said to me that people with “uni” degrees don’t believe “this” stuff

Seriously not true:

One of my sociology  lecturers designed numerology cards and organised psychic fairs:

The head of the geography department when I was at teachers college was a dowser.

Our culture and our education system programs us to think a certain way:

Original thinkers think outside this programming.



Blessed be

and be kind to non humans





When I was young(er) and had a fairly high status job:

When people asked me what I did  ( to ascertain whether my social status was higher or lower than theirs):

I would say “I am an human BEING not a human DOING”

Mainly to satirize the social hierarchy stuff.

But I also believed back then that those of us that care about other life forms and the ecology were helping just by our  “energy” being here.

These days I wonder.

Sadly humans still think they are the only species that matters

and continue to make all life extinct.


Blessed Be

and be kind to non human life


P.S. If you live in the southern hemisphere – Party like it  is Beltane

It aint Halloween here 😛



Beltane used to be a fertility festival hence we now call it the “nookie festival”

So enjoy trying to make babies BUT DON’T procreate:

See Population Matters