Walking this morning I saw someone poisoning weeds.

I stopped and chatted for a while (and didn’t preach my “don’t use poisons”).

Now the neighbour is chain sawing small bushes.

I understand why people poison weeds and cut down trees –

they are making their properties look nice.

Even though I am aware that our cultural norms are making all life extinct I still have difficulty not conforming.

I used to feel guilty because leaves make my place look untidy:

I am often told my trees are a fire hazard:

Yet I have never seen a tree walking around with a cigarette lighter lighting fires:

Now that I realize our cultural norms are making all life extinct I am happy to be labelled white trash for having an “untidy” garden.

Yet I would still like to be able to afford to have the driveway gravelled.

I do what I can in the microcosm to help the ecology:

so the statement “She wouldn’t hurt a fly” is literal.

Insects are essential and there are 8 billion humans killing insects:

To be pedantic I will kill fleas which pets pick up from the soil and carry into the house.

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Think about it:
multinationals control the politicians and the media:

hence we are programmed to be wasteful

so we buy more.

Billions of humans dumping waste that wont decompose.

This used to be heritage bushland but was “accidentally” burned down and is now an housing estate


I remember Prince Philip and the Queen stopping to talk with us high school girls at the city of Elizabeth in 1963

The Queen far more beautiful in person than photos:

Prince Philip genuinely friendly

charismatic and very likeable.

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This mediation was was used in a psychic development group that I attended at Kent Town in the 1980s:

Many participants laughed at this but I find it very healing:

the first part is to help you relax and may be omitted.



The Church of Rome adopted all the pagan festivals because the people wouldn’t give them up.

Christmas was midwinter: Yule:

Easter, spring equinox. A sabbat dedicated to the goddess Eostar.

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Every church festival was originally a pagan festival.

The Wheel of the Year from my Book of Shadows.


I realize some people still equate witches with evil people who sacrifice animals.

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Not us!

This is the first page of  my Book of Shadows started in 1983

My Book of Shadows

“Eight words the Wiccan Rede fulfil

An it harm NONE

Do what thou will”

The concept that witches were evil began at the inquisition when the Church of Rome was trying to get rid of  the Old Religion and the women herbalists.

witch hunts

The Satanists, who we are sometimes equated with, got their ideas from Malleus Maleficarum, which is about  how to torture people to get them to say they are witches and not about witchcraft as it says if you Google!

Our rituals are similar to American Indian rituals –at least the one I am aware of, which is Sioux tradition.


I will not kill anything — Not spiders: mice: insects: trees –

I believe everything that exists has consciousness and deserves respect.

I have cried on many occasions because I haven’t been able to save a bird: animal or  reptile that had been  hit by a car – at least I move them off the road so that they are not continuously run over.

I get upset when moths throw themselves at the window to get to the light.

This doesn’t mean there are not people out there calling themselves witches and killing animals.

Male witches are called witches,

so if someone claims to be a warlock be suspicious.


The following words had different meanings once:

Wicca meant wise or to bend

Heathen = dweller on the heath

Pagan = village dweller

Weird = magic

Sinister = left-handed


Blessed be

and be kind to non humans

Me at the first Australian Wiccan conference



I took the photo at an artificial lake where I used to walk my dog (now deceased)

At my daughter’s suggestion I wrote a book entitled psychic development classes:

It is like writing a book on playing a musical instrument:

It is of no use unless you practice:

and with clairvoyance practice with others.

I am including meditations that you can do by yourself.




The sound isn’t good on this one so turn the volume up



enjoy your day

and respect non human life

I took this on Kangaroo Island last century


From “on line” Dictionary –





the power of apparently influencing events by using mysterious or supernatural forces.

“suddenly, as if by magic, the doors start to open”

The first page of my Book of Shadows which was started in 1983

“Eight words the Wiccan Rede  fulfil


Do what thou will”

Despite training “would be witches” last century and earlier this century I stopped believing that we create our own reality.

I now acknowledge that we do but that there are other variables influencing this:

not the least being the thoughts and words of other homo sapiens.

Hence the Witches Pyramid “says”

To know:

to Dare:

to Will


I used to tell neophytes that it is intent that matters and emotion that empowers.

We draw energy by chanting and dancing (the cone of power).

Most people would be aware of the idea of a self fulfilling prophecy:

“A self-fulfilling prophecy is a prediction that directly or indirectly causes itself to become true, by the very terms of the prophecy itself, due to positive feedback between belief and behaviour.” Wikipedia

from Google

The power of suggestion:

–When I am in too much pain to cope or my anxiety disorder kicks in I say to my self “RELAX” and “SMILE”.

Try saying smile to yourself and see what happens 😀

A few years ago a wise young lady suggested that I was an empath.

I initially thought “More New Age crap” but the concept fits me.

I have always been able to tell if people were lying and as a child thought that everyone could.

After typing the following I realize that I have gone off on a tangent. Oops!

My children used to call me Doctor Dolittle

(But if you have ever read the book; Hugh Lofting says that livestock don’t have thoughts or feelings: so I am different to the character in the book!)

I feel for non human life forms.

I will not kill anything including mice, rats or insects:  or chop down trees.

I remove birds, animals and lizards from the road when they have been hit by the species that think they are the only species that matters.

When I ate meat I would have nightmares that I was an animal in a slaughter house.

I do what I can in the microcosm to help the flora fauna and the ecology.

There is so much available on magic and spells these days:

My favourite is Marion Weinstein’s  “Positive Magic”

This quote is from Doreen Valiente’s “Natural Magic”:

“Believe in the possibility of what you intend to do, hold it strongly in your mind, and it will happen.”

Both Marion Weinstein and the late Louise Hay insisted that  we don’t say anything that we do not want to manifest:

Marion  Weinstein recommended that when we hear the media say things that we don’t want to continue manifesting — e.g. violent crimes or bush fires — to say “Take out of the LAW” — as in the law of cause and effect or universal law.

I just say “DELETE”

I recommend Scott Cunningham’s books on techniques of natural magic.

Enjoy this pagan festival of spring equinox dedicated to the goddess Eostar

Blessed be

and be kind to non- human life.

I took this last century on Kangaroo Island



I took the photo at an artificial lake where I used to walk my dog (now deceased)

At my daughter’s suggestion I wrote a book entitled psychic development classes:

It is like writing a book on playing a musical instrument:

It is of no use unless you practice:

and with clairvoyance practice with others.

I am including meditations that you can do by yourself.




The sound isn’t good on this one so turn the volume up



enjoy your day

and respect non human life

I took this on Kangaroo Island last century


Me with my daughter’s dog

In the 1970s I  had the good fortune of being excepted into a psychic development group run by a brilliant Spiritualist medium:

I have always considered her my mentor:

She told us that clairvoyance isn’t supernatural it is just a natural extension of our five senses.

My Dad who was a Spiritualist and a clairvoyant loaned me a book on quantum mechanics –now called quantum physics:

It theorised that other realities exist in the same place but because the electrons are moving at different speeds around the nucleus we are not aware of them:

they are out of phase.

I tend to think this is why when communicating with those that have passed over the images and communication flash in a fraction of a second.

When I asked –my guides – about surviving death, I was asked “Can you conceptualise no linear time?”

 when I  answered  “NO”

they said “We cannot explain”

I have never seen my clairvoyant readings as a money making venture.

I see it as a way of helping.

I have suffered chronic pain for over a decade and am allergic to pain relief.

I now have even more pain prevent my coping – with basic stuff:

I gave up a work a decade ago because I couldn’t function and felt like the walking dead:

Turned out to be caused by medication (Tramadol)

I mention this because I thought;-

“Readings are

something I can still do and love to do and I would be helping people”.

Earlier this year a friend assisted me to advertise on “GumTree”:

I received excellent response but found I couldn’t cope with some people’s energy :

or people draining my energy

So I removed the ad.

I protect myself but  I “open” myself to link with those that passed over 

and therefore sometimes take on other peoples stuff.

 This  also happened a few years ago:

I had taken four booking on in a row (which once wouldn’t have been a problem) but the second person I read for had this bravado beneath which I felt  distress and possibly trauma.

I started shaking and cancelled her reading and the other readings.

I felt really guilty but I just couldn’t read.

Being a wise old crone I am working on healing myself and shifting the pain drain

once I am confident my energy is back up I will advertise again.

In the meantime I will do email and Skype readings for $50

I am able to send an invoice via PayPal

As only those who read my blog will see this I will have fewer responses and will still be able to do something that I love doing.

For an email reading send a recent picture of yourself to

If you specifically want to contact someone who has died say this but do not give me any information about them.

 I have been doing since 1978

I almost always get excellent feedback:

Some have paid me double what I was asking as a donation:

In the more than 40 years I have only said I couldn’t read for someone on three occasions.

One the person her husband died soon after I said “I cannot read for you” and I think my “subconscious” just didn’t want to pick it up the death?

The other two occasions I felt “blocked”.

Only one person has ever abused me:

She told me that I was the worst clairvoyant she had ever been to.

I knew I had given her an excellent reading so she didn’t upset me one bit.

Toward the end of her reading she asked me to “pick up” on her husband:

I saw him drinking:

And said so and that is when she spewed the abuse.

I felt she wanted to know if he was having an affair but I wasn’t being told yeah or nay and I don’t make things up.

I just said what I saw.

I had no idea who she was when I was doing the reading but weeks later I found out she was  married to a  local publican


Blessed be

and be kind to non humans

Look forward to hearing from you.

I took this on Kangaroo Island last century



I was recently asked for my date of birth –which I gave


The young lady replied

“Lucky you”

I said

My generation were responsible for social change:

(that is all that I said –the rest is for the blog)

Women’s rights:

campaigning for animal rights:

caring for the ecology.

When I was growing up:

 as well as having no rights nor status:

women were not expected to enjoy sex.

A woman was expected to stay a virgin until she was married:

A man was expected to be promiscuous:

Never understood how that worked:

When  I was in high school we were discussing sex at lunch time and I said that there were double standards.

Several girls said  “That is the way it is meant to be” —

What does that mean???  —  (In actuality, it meant that it was a cultural norm.)

Once married the chances of a women climaxing was rather slim as (most) men of my age group are proficient at “wham bam thankyou mam!”



Gays could stop pretending that they were heterosexual.  😀

And women could enjoy sex.

Many things have changed for the better in my life time:

Children have rights:

People who don’t have white skin have rights:

But our culture still thinks humans are the only species that matters:

And that life forms that don’t talk are not sentient:

from Google


  1. able to perceive or feel things.”she had been instructed from birth in the equality of all sentient life forms”

Humans believe that cultures that live in harmony with the environment are primitive and inferior:

I tried to practice “ahimsa” before I was aware of the word:

Very difficult in western culture.

Humans cull other species

like the Kookaburras because they are eating other birds:

The reasons the larger carnivores kill other birds is that humans have destroyed their other food sources:



small reptiles

and humans put concrete on the soil so the birds cannot forage.

Davis Attenborough’s movie has got people’s attention

                BUT ARE THE MASSES MORE POWERFUL THAN THE MULTINATIONALS (that control this world)

Enjoy your day

and respect other life forms

I took this on Kangaroo Island last century