Better To Light One Small Candle Than to Curse The Darkness

After my “Another Depressing Blog from The Witch” I wonder what to do to make a difference?

Blog from October “A Few Of Us Are Sending Healing” is still on going.

But seriously zero population growth is the thing.

Many people who actually care about the environment baulk at the idea of zero population growth.

One of the complaints is “Babies are left to die in China”—Seriously this doesn’t have to happen.

For some it is against their religion and others have taken on these religious ideas as part of our culture.

No disrespect to The Church of Rome

 When Constantine took over Christianity, I suspect his motives were to use it to control the empire.

There was a meeting in Nicaea in AD325 to decide what to put in the bible and what to leave out.

Yet there was a prohibition forbidding translation of the bible into native languages.

If I remember history, Lutheranism was started because the people were not allowed to read the bible?

The prohibition against contraception and abortion was implemented because Constantine wanted soldiers for his armies:

One of the reasons for the early witch hunts was to get rid of the women herbalist who offered contraception – the other of course to get rid of The Old Religion.

These days I believe that part of the reason people are opposed to zero population growth is that a culture takes its norms and mores from the main religion and people who have no religious beliefs still confirms to these norms and mores.

I sometimes wonder if the “Powers That Be” (multinationals), prefer to have as many consumers as possible 😛

I think the people of the world need the  Louise Hay affirmation

“I am willing to change”

Blessed be

and be kind to non human life forms


My Dad was born on New Years Day 1921dad card

On the 27th of May it will be the 15th anniversary of Dad’s death.


I haven’t “seen” him for a while but am including two stories of “communicating” with him after his death.


On the first Father’s Day after Dad’s death I took my Mother and a friend of hers, Mavis, (now also deceased), to the local cemetery to visit their husband’s graves. Afterwards I brought them back to my home for scones and tea.

Mum made remarks that Dad was with us.

And I could “see” him also.

After driving my Mother and Mavis back to their respective homes and returning to mine. I concentrated on my Father.

It was quite possible that I had imagined seeing Dad. Wishful thinking?!  So, I asked that he prove that it was him by showing me something that I didn’t know.

He showed me an umbrella stand that I knew he had made. It had several umbrellas on it; one with a bird’s head handle.

I telephoned my Mother and asked if they ever had an umbrella with a bird’s head handle.

She said that they had “But what is he going on about this for?!”

I also asked if Dad had made the umbrella stand and she said that he had: Repeating “What is he going on about this for?! We left all that in England!!

Last year I was “getting” my Dad quite often: I said to him “How do I know that this isn’t just wishful thinking! If it is really you, come to via someone else.”       A few weeks later I received the following message in Facebook messages:


“Hi Kate, just wondering if it’s your dads birthday or anniversary or something ???????????????? He’s popped into my head for about 4 days in a row, he was looking in your front door giving a little wave with a smile. Weird , at odd times and I wasn’t even trying, busy doing things and there he was. Thought I’d wait to see if I got a message for you but nothing today, he looked happy and as I said he was smiling………..hope this makes your day x”      END QUOTE

My Dad grew up on a farm in Yorkshire:

He said that they (himself and his siblings) used to ride on the pigs backs.

Sadly I found out in the 1970’s when I became a vegetarian that they had battery hens ☹

When I first stopped eating meat Dad said “What’s this then?”

I told him that I was against factory farming

and he said “We were one of the first families in England to have battery hens”

Dad was a Spiritualist and a clairvoyant but didn’t tell me until 1998 after I became interested: Understandable for someone of his era: when clairvoyance was ridiculed and mostly taboo.

When I was a child I would have to tell my friends that he was joking because with his dry Yorkshire humour they didn’t realise that he was.

He had many silly saying and some wise ones.

“Why worry?

If you worry you die

If you don’t worry you die

So why worry”

He would change words to the way they were written for fun and people would patronisingly correct him with the correct pronunciation.

For example, he would say “egg wiped” for Egypt

He would quote Rudyard Kipling’s “IF” (not exactly politically correct for this day and age)

He also would say “Leave it to God”

Something that I now disagree with but when I was younger, I used to take this advice

He had a beautiful singing voice (tenor) and  I was named after this song. One he used to sing:

I spent most of my life looking for the meaning of life and presuming there is a spiritual purpose: These days I wonder if there is any meaning?

At least all consciousness appears to continue after physical death

I asked clairvoyantly about “the meaning of life” which strangely enough isn’t 42 (Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy)      😛

The answer I got was more a concept than words but translated, I was asked if I could conceptualise NO linear time and when I said “No” I was told that they couldn’t explain.

Blessed be

and be kind to non human life


Email readings are half price: $30 Australia: until the end of the financial year.

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I can stay happy as long as I keep my head in the sand 😛


I can handle 10 years of pain a sleep deprivation: and physical injuries that prevent my coping with basic stuff like changing a light globe.


What I cannot handle is seeing humans continue to make all other life forms extinct.


The human population is 7.7 billion:


We make up ninety nine percent of this planets population:


Once humans have made all other life extinct they will become extinct.


In 2012 I was sitting at the computer reading something about 2012 being the end of the world (and thinking what a load of crap).


The date on my computer came up as 2027 excepting the 2027 filled the screen!




Being human  I tend to attribute meanings to things:


There may not be any.


So I thought 2027 cannot be the end of the world maybe it is when I die.


I am starting to think maybe it is the end?


This picture of baby magpies were put onto the PC  at this time: Check the date!




Whereas in the seventies myself and others thought a few people could make a difference.


Now I know we cannot.


The population constantly increasing:


and our cultural norms are based on the premise that humans are the only species that matter:

Hence people do so much damage to other life forms every day just keeping “their” homes and gardens tidy.

Humans are encouraged to breed and in this country they are financially rewarded for doing so.

When I wrote and published a sci fi short story in May 2017  the world population was 7.4 billion.


Toward the end of last year it was 7.7 billion.


Real estate development wipes out vegetation hence the  homes and food for other life forms.

Not to mention plants and trees are essential for oxygen and filtering the air.


We  are told to clear trees in case of fires:


Trees don’t light fires humans do.


We kill insect rodent and other creature we call pests.


We kill Corellas and other cockatoos because they are noisy or striping trees.


They’ll soon have no trees to strip. Hence extinct.


This has been commented on and satirized in books and movies for as long as I remember but the “powers that be “ make sure this is info is ridiculed or ignored:

as they can no longer have those concerned publicly executed.

not yours4                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                I would die happy knowing humans had become extinct  before all other life became extinct.


But it wont happen that way.

Blessed be

and be kind to non human life


Kungfutz say — “Better to light one small candle than to curse the darkness”

This was started April 2018

A few of us are sending healing: nourishment: fulfilment: shelter and empowerment to non human life each evening at 2000 hours South Australian time.

Please join us.

What Is Popular?


When James Redfield’s “Celestine Prophecy” first came out I was doing crystal ball readings in a New Age shop in Tea Tree Gully South Australia:

I was also working twelve and half hour shifts with the intellectually disabled and working for a nursing agency on my days off!  (Now I am lucky if I can do some house work   😛   )

The proprietor of the new age shop said (referring to Celestine Prophecy)

“This is for beginners: You wouldn’t be interested.”

While “proof reading’ this blog I decided to include this story:

[When I work as a clairvoyant  in a shop I always give the proprietor a free reading so that they know that I am genuine:

For this shop manager I  actually saw a lady in my crystal ball and was given the name Nora: which was her mother’s name:  I don’t often get names: especially if someone asks: I usually start guessing.

Clairvoyance and clairaudience flash (in a fraction of a second): so don’t dismiss flashes with your own clairvoyance. (And I believe everyone is clairvoyant. The ability atrophies because our culture says it doesn’t exist.)]

One of the things that really impressed me is James Redfield’s discussion of what he called “control dramas— quote –

“The movement of this energy, if we can systematically observe it is a way to understand what humans are receiving when we compete and argue and harm each other. When we control another human being, we receive their energy. We fill up at the other’s expense and the filling up is what motivates us.”

He labels these control drams “Intimidator”: “Interrogator” : “Aloof” and “Poor Me”!

Publishing companies wouldn’t publish James Redfield’s book so he paid to have it published.


I am grateful that Amazon offer publishing for E Books and paper backs:

I have never been concerned with money:

I just wanted to tell my story.

I have never charged much for my readings and often given freebies.

My Dad who was a spiritualist told me that I shouldn’t charge.

I ran psychic development classes for $5

Even though people told others that my classes were excellent: I have had people tell me it isn’t what they want:

They preferred to pay hundreds of dollars for a weekend workshop — Oops I am off on a tangent again.

(Suffice to say my conversations are like this as family and friends will verify)


Amendment to “I have never been concerned with money”:-  When my children were small and there was no social security: My husband would frequently fight with the boss and quit his job leaving us with no money for food etc.

Hence money mattered then.

Now that I am old and not well enough to commit to regular work  money matters.

Sadly for the last two years I have received $4 payment, for the year from Amazon.

(They obviously take out fees which I am sure are listed somewhere but I haven’t bothered to read)

I have had excellent feedback on the non fiction.

I apparently have to earn more than a hundred a month U.S dollars to receive anything and my royalties are just over a dollar per book:

So hoping to sell 1000 books per month 😛  😛 😀

Long long ago when I did screen studies (now called media studies) we were told that just because something is popular  doesn’t mean it is good and something good is not always popular.

I thought he was para phrasing Einstein but Einstein says this about what is right.

So buy my book(s) and have an  email reading: ( for info see previous blog)


Happy Face

Blessed be

and be kind to nonhuman life forms




I love doing readings or more accurately communicating with those who have “passed over”


Even though I have been doing this for 41 years I am still thrilled when I get clear accurate info from those no longer in this “reality”


I am offering email readings for half price – $30 (Australian) until the end of the financial year.

Knowing that humans think that if something is inexpensive it isn’t any good  ( or there is a catch)

I promise you that my clairvoyance is genuine; And NO catch.

readings card


If you would like a reading and or communicate with some one who has died                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Send a recent photo to

Even though it is an email reading I am still able to communicate with those no longer in this reality.


I believe the reason is that time and space are not as we perceive them.


I am sometimes able to connect with pets that have passed:


As I “see” better than “hear” I am able to get “proof of who the “pet” is.

I will send you an invoice via PayPal and you may pay with credit card, debit card or PayPal: this also means I am able to accept overseas clients.


Check out my book

I posted the following on 17th April on Facebook:—” I received a letter — well to be pedantic it was a card with a seascape — giving me positive feedback on my non fiction book today. On Monday someone took the time to tell me how helpful and interesting my book was for them. I have almost always had feedback on my clairvoyant readings but had not had many re book until now: It has made me so happy I am crying— Yeah I know that I am weird.  ”

If human thoughtlessness and arrogance upsets you and you like sci fi check out my short story

Blessed be

and be kind to non human life forms


Positive Magic

pos magic

According to Wiccan teachings what we say (and think) manifests:

Therefore we should only say what we wish to manifest.

There are obviously variables or everyone who wanted to win lotto would   😛

Also those of us who have had a life time of abuse certainly didn’t say or think  — “Please abuse me” .

I always thought “I want someone to love me”

Apparently if you say want the “universe?” keeps you wanting.

Kinda sux  😦

So unfair ☹

(After I started writing this I saw a post where animals are dying a slow horrible death because of human thoughtlessness and am in tears – How do I stay “positive”?

I considered just deleting this blog.)

The following I wrote before seeing the FB  post:

Jane Roberts in “Seth Speaks” gives a good analogy — “We don’t stop wars by hating wars we stop wars by loving peace”.


(Well you can tell that I have had this book since the 1970s  😛 )

Instead of my complaining how cruel thoughtless and generally stupid many humans are:

I  see humans implementing zero population growth  😀

Humans are respecting non human life forms: flora and fauna:  😀

Humans are  restoring species they have made extinct including trees and plants  😀

All humans are vegan:   😀

The meat industry is abolished.  😀

Pharmaceutical companies are abolished 😀

I see trees  culling any human that that tries to chop them down  😀

I see humans respecting one another:   😀

Cruelty crime  and psychopaths are despised (instead of being glorified by the media)  😀


Both consciously and subconsciously humans create a perfect  world where all life live in harmony and are healthy and happy    😀

Kungfutz say: “Better to light one small candle than curse the darkness”

light candle

Started in April 2018:-

A few of us are sending healing: empowerment: nourishment: fulfilment and shelter to all non human life forms at 2000 hours South Australian time.

Please join us 😀

This is a tree meditation — ( I am unable to record using my phone and don’t have a microphone for the P C but am told that it came out OK?)

blessed be

and be kind to non human life forms




Mother’s Day to my knowledge was in honour of the pagan Mother Goddess.


Our culture presumes all mother’s love their children:


Most of the people that I know whose mothers were as abusive as mine were adopted but I know a few people whose biological mothers were as horrible as mine or worse.

My Mother had wanted a boy and couldn’t have more children after my birth, hence she never liked me.

I have flash backs of her abuse when I was still in my cot.

She never liked me but I always loved her.

When I was a child, I thought that she was the most beautiful and the cleverest person I knew.

When I was ten my mother was bashing me with a scrubbing brush and had also washed my mouth out with soap. I said to her “I haven’t done anything wrong” and she told me that she just felt like bashing me.  Despite this, for over half a century I believed that I deserved abuse because this is what everyone told me.

When I was in my twenties I thought I was a bad mother because I didn’t scream at my children and bash them.

My mother was my role model.

I had no siblings nor extended family and when I was young, no television.

Her abuse continued up to and including the week she died: She was almost 93.

This century her physical abuse was limited to just slapping me across the face but her mental abuse was full on.

Mental abuse is worse:

Not only did she constantly insult and ridicule me, when she did so in public, others would join in.

When one is constantly told they are useless a failure, a disappointment, neither use nor ornament, it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy

She told lies (at my expense) to get attention that had no basis in fact but people would believe her and tell me off.

Someone who  has been abused from childhood attracts abusive people who presumably from body language and mannerisms can tell that the person will put up with abuse.

This century If I mentioned my mother’s abuse, I am still told that I must have deserved it and or to get over it.

Abuse that starts when one is a baby is impossible to “get over”.

I don’t believe in karma or hell so from my perspective there is no justice.

For all you people who had lovely mums, I am jealous.

Enjoy your Mothers Day

Blessed be

And be kind to non human life forms



Clairvoyant Readings



I have been doing reading since the late 1970s

I am genuine and I “see” and communicate with those we term “passed over”

My Dad was a Spiritualist and I was trained by a lovely Spiritualist lady and brilliant clairvoyant; Stella Darwood:

I “see” those who have passed over.

I always ask that they prove who they are by “showing” me something – my clairvoyance is clearer than my clairaudience so visuals are better.

Everything flashes in a fraction of a second; so with your own clairvoyance be aware of this and don’t dismiss “flashes’

I love doing readings or more accurately communicating with those who have “passed over”

email readings

Even though I have been doing this for 41 years I am still thrilled when I get clear accurate info from those no longer in this “reality”


If you would like a reading and or communicate with some one who has died                  Send a recent photo of yourself to


Even though it is an email reading I am still able to communicate with those no longer in this reality: and see some aura colours.


I believe the reason is that time and space are not as we perceive them.


I am sometimes able to connect with pets that have passed:


As I “see” better than “hear” I am able to get “proof of who the “pet” is.


Email readings are half price until the end of the financial year $30 Australian.

I invoice using PayPal so am able to accept overseas reading requests.

Blessed be

and be kind to non human life forms