Better To Light One Small Candle Than to Curse The Darkness

After my “Another Depressing Blog from The Witch” I wonder what to do to make a difference?

Blog from October “A Few Of Us Are Sending Healing” is still on going.

But seriously zero population growth is the thing.

Many people who actually care about the environment baulk at the idea of zero population growth.

One of the complaints is “Babies are left to die in China”—Seriously this doesn’t have to happen.

For some it is against their religion and others have taken on these religious ideas as part of our culture.

No disrespect to The Church of Rome

 When Constantine took over Christianity, I suspect his motives were to use it to control the empire.

There was a meeting in Nicaea in AD325 to decide what to put in the bible and what to leave out.

Yet there was a prohibition forbidding translation of the bible into native languages.

If I remember history, Lutheranism was started because the people were not allowed to read the bible?

The prohibition against contraception and abortion was implemented because Constantine wanted soldiers for his armies:

One of the reasons for the early witch hunts was to get rid of the women herbalist who offered contraception – the other of course to get rid of The Old Religion.

These days I believe that part of the reason people are opposed to zero population growth is that a culture takes its norms and mores from the main religion and people who have no religious beliefs still confirms to these norms and mores.

I sometimes wonder if the “Powers That Be” (multinationals), prefer to have as many consumers as possible 😛

I think the people of the world need the  Louise Hay affirmation

“I am willing to change”

Blessed be

and be kind to non human life forms

“The Medium is the Massage” with apologies to Marshall McLuchan.

media massage

This blog isn’t about the book, although it was required reading when I was a teachers college in the nineteen seventies.

I actually chose it because I just couldn’t think of an appropriate title for this blog.

I have avoided reading or watching the news for decades and rarely have the television on.

Last century I would be abused for not “taking an interest in current affairs”.

The media doesn’t necessarily give us accurate information.

Reporting crime in detail and ad nauseum causes the increase of crime from both a socio psychological point of view and from a “magical” point of view.

Multinationals rule the world and the media only tells the masses what the “powers that be” want us to know.

An acquaintance of mine who was a Spiritualist minister was interviewed by one of our television stations in the 1970’s. They edited the interview to make her look stupid.

Early this century a friend’s son fell off the balcony of the local pub after drinking too much at “Schoolies”.  Because his mother considered it more important to get him into an ambulance than speaking to the media they published a story saying that this boy had tried to commit suicide.

And then there was Lindy Chamberlain whose life the media ruined.

I was abused for defending her;

The mindless masses said

”She doesn’t cry!”

“A dingo wouldn’t kill a baby”

This century the accusations of sexual assault against celebrities have gone to ridiculous extremes.

I was involved with Women’s Lib in the 70’s and remember what it was like when women had no rights no status: The attitude to rape was:

”A woman can run faster with her dress up than a man with his pants down.”

Although some of the accusation are true I don’t believe that all are.

The last time that I blogged about this someone messaged me and said that they had seen the interview with the accuser and she was definitely telling the truth.

My mother  was accomplished at convincing people that something was absolutely true when in fact it was a complete and utter lie. Her motivation being that she had to be the centre of attention.

The media blames cats for killing wildlife:

Real-estate development, mining and humans generally are responsible for making non human life extinct.

More than 7.7 billion humans make up 99 percent of the planets population and we are destroying the homes and food sources of other creatures.

As humans believe that humans are the only species that matters, we will soon make all life extinct, including ourselves.

not yours4

On this cheerful note I hope that you enjoy your weekend.

Blessed be

and be kind to non human life forms.




Email readings are $40

Just because they are not expensive doesn’t mean that they  are not excellent.

I am still able to communicate with those who have “passed over” even though it is an email reading.

Just send a recent photo of yourself to

If you do not get a reply with in two days  either phone me 0885550040 or try

or message me on my Facebook page

“Clairvoyant Medium and High Priestess Wicca”

(I sometimes don’t receive emails and initially thought it was iinet but it appears to be a local problem with the NBN)

Check out my books 😀




Do We and Other Life Forms Survive Physical death?

shakespeare more things.png

Long ago when the dinosaurs walked the earth –


– well not quite that long  😛

I did screen studies as an elective at teachers college.  (Now called media studies) The head of the department said that just because something is popular doesn’t mean that it is good: and conversely something that is good may not be popular. (He was paraphrasing Einstein.)

I console myself that this may be part of the reason: that I am not selling as many books as I had hoped.

Another is that I cannot afford to advertise it with Amazon.

Sadly most humans believe what the media tells them and promotes.

Due cultural and religious conditioning people don’t believe in clairvoyance:

I have also been told that people with uni degrees don’t believe in this “stuff”.


It was at teacher’s college that another student loaned me a book on this subject and then took me to a lecture on same.

Several years later I found out that two of my lectures were involved in this “stuff”. One the head of the geography department.

With my book, as stated in the previous blog, I am not making any money:

For the last couple of years I have received approximately four dollars for the whole year for two books (one a sci fi) that are both eBooks and paperbacks.

And I have sold heaps more than four books a year?

I wanted to tell my story.

It is a true story:

Honesty is very important to me.

“This above all: to thine own self be true, And it must follow, as the night the day, Thou canst not then be false to any man”

Hamlet Act 1, scene 3, 78–82


If you are one of the thinking caring people that is annoyed and frustrated that money is god and humans the only species that matter, you may like my sci fi short story.

When human stupidity really gets to me I read this short story and pretend that is “sympathetic magic”  😛


Blessed be

and be kind to non human life forms



In my opinion everyone is clairvoyant:

It is a natural ability that has atrophied in a culture that insists there is no such thing or that “such things” are evil.

You can develop this ability by practising:

A good way is to get a group of friends and practice together.

Once I used to say “Guess” who is on the phone before you answer but this isn’t an option these days because both smart phones and landlines show caller ID

Have a friend tell you the “given name” of someone that you do not know and visualize what this person looks like:

Feel what their personality is like:

Their occupation etc.

When you are going somewhere that you have never visited before see what impression and or images that you get before you go.

To see auras have someone sit in front of a pale coloured wall: you will only see colours or even the etheric over this persons shoulders because clothes muffle the aura:

Most people see the etheric immediately it is a white two inch (5cms) band:

Everything flashes in a fraction of a second: clairvoyance; clairaudience and clairsension:


Another exercise that you can do by yourself :

Sit in front of a mirror in a darkened room with a lit candle behind you:


you may burn incense if you wish:


In the mirror your face blanks out and then changes:


I do not know what or why this is but you are welcome to observe if you are comfortable:

In the mirror “people” will build up behind your right or left shoulder (reflection of)


I don’t write many blogs about clairvoyance these days because of Amazon terms and conditions.

I am grateful that there is a way to publish without the tedious set up of a manuscript and then the publishing company editing the book so it no longer says what was originally written.

But at times like these when I am struggling just to buy food I resent the fact that I for the last couple of years I have received approximately four dollars for the whole year for two books (one a sci fi) that are both eBooks and paperbacks.

There were so many more stories I could have included in my nonfiction book but I considered it unethical to break client confidentiality.

The following were not readings but I still didn’t feel right including them in my book.

I have since realized that the people concerned would be quite happy to have me include this.

They are both local shop owners:  A rare breed these days as most of the small business are no longer able to afford to stay in business.

One day I was in one of the shops and I could” see” to shop owner’s mother who died early this century. I had never met her when she was alive but had seen and communicated with this fascinating lady when doing a reading for her granddaughter.

I initially didn’t say anything because I thought I look like I am showing off.

I walked out of the shop and was heading back to my car when the thought came into my head “You have to say something”!

So, I went back and said” Your Mum is here”

The proprietor gave me a hug and said “I have been calling her”!

On another occasion I was doing readings for a craft fair in another shop and when the shop owner walked passed me I saw him being handed an unusual looking trophy.

I said: “You are going to win a trophy”

He said “There is nothing I could win a trophy for”

Weeks later he said to me
“ I won a trophy” and when he showed me the trophy it was exactly like the trophy that I had “seen”.

Because of my anxiety disorder: chronic pain: sleep deprivation and old age I am not always comfortable doing readings for people.

Plus, I “open myself up” to “tune in” and connect with people that have passed over:

I have had the anxiety disorder since I was a child but I used to be good at pretending I was ok.

On the  few occasions that I have done readings I have met some kind and caring people who have helped me or given me a gift.


Blessed be

and be kind to non-human life forms




I Am NOT An Organ Donor


I am sure that I will get both lectured and abused for this:

So before commenting please take a long walk down a short jetty: Thankyou.

I realize that I am writing a lot of blogs lately.

I think it is because of the heat wave: too hot to go anywhere.

The only one that people paid attention to was “I Am NOT A Miss”

I’m happy with that.

Re organ donation.

I am aware of how important organ donation is.

The following is a broad generalization.

I know some extremely good and caring doctors.

So lets say I am playing “devil’s advocate”.

I have a low opinion of western medicine:

A major reason is that doctors are controlled by drug companies who are horrifically cruel to animals.

Not just when testing drugs but when making same.

One example that I am sure few people are aware of:

They have staff at the abattoirs leave all new borns to die of dehydration and starvation so they can harvest the hormones that this death produces.

How do I know this?

In 1982 the husband of a staff member asked that I report to the RSPCA that new born calves were left to die of dehydration and starvation:

The RSPCA staff called me a liar and a trouble maker:

I put something in writing and it was ignored.

Presumably the RSPCA is funded by drug companies and the meat industry.

Over the years since I have learned from people who work at the abattoirs or collect stock from them that all new borns are left to die this way and that the drug companies ask for it.

It was my podiatrist who told me why –“That the drug companies harvest the hormones.”

I presume most people know how drug companies collect Premarin = pregnant mares piss.

Another broad generalization:

If you have a 50% chance of survival and you are an organ donor kiss your chances good bye.

This has happened but as I said – a broad generalization.

I suffer from medical and surgical mistakes and know numerous others who have  suffered the same:
Most of whom are dead now.

Humans make up 99 percent of the plane’ts population.

There are 7.7 Billion of us.

So we should be trying to save non-human life from extinction instead of prolonging the life of the most dangerous species on the planet.



I don’t believe I will live that much longer and would love to have the following put on my headstone:

(My children do not think it funny so it wont happen.)

Headstone = “One Down 7.7 Billion to go”

Enjoy your weekend

And be kind to non human life



A Short Story About Healing The Blue Planet

I wrote this sci fi short story now called “Creating Utopia” before I wrote my non-fiction:

I first published it entitled  “A Short Story About Healing The Blue Planet”:

I had written sci fi before but this was the first time I published.

I wrote my first sci fi  at the beginning of the 1990’s  before Stargate the movie or the TV series came out.

It was so like Stargate the TV series, even my villain had the same name: Apophis:

In my story the “stargate’ was the Wiccan “cone of power”

I figured if I tried to publish – back in the days of double-spaced manuscripts – it would look like I was copying Stargate.

In the second sci fi, nanites were used to exterminate the humans – and then along came the remake of The Day the Earth Stood still”

Love this movie but ditto it would look like my sci fi story was copying it.

I like my published sci fi short story:

I realize my character development is not the best.

But I consider it sympathetic magic and read it to make myself feel better when human stupidity frustrates an infuriates me.

It will only appeal to thinking people who care about non-human life forms:

Off on a tangent – typical of me – It used to surprise and amaze me that a movie like “Avatar “ was/is criticised and ridiculed:

But it threatens the status quo –

which is that – humans are the only species that matter:

cultures that live in harmony with the environment are primitive and inferior:

Trees and vegetation, like other non human life don’t matter and should be removed:

and money is god.

Enjoy your day on this beautiful planet

And be kind to non human life forms.





“For Who Grew Up Tall And Proud In The Shadow Of The Mushroom Cloud”

I have always liked “Queen”

They’re my age group.

We grew up in the shadow of the mushroom cloud.

We are the “Flower Power” generation.

Back in the days when we thought atomic bombs would kill us.

And there weren’t seven point seven billion humans thoughtlessly destroying all life on this planet and hence ourselves.

I have “We Are the Champions” as the ringtone on my mobile (oops smart phone).


I wasn’t sure that I would like the movie “Bohemian Rhapsody” despite it getting rave reviews.

I recently hired it on DVD (for $2).

Excellent movie:

Rami Malek was excellent but then I always have liked him as an actor:

He has a charisma of his own.

Loved the cats. And instantly like anyone who loves cats.

Cried near the end.


Blessed be

And be kind to non-human life forms





me after walking through sand hills

I do not like being called “Miss”!

I tell myself that this is petty!

And it is.

But as I haven’t an hope in hell of stopping humans from making all life on planet Earth extinct,

I figure that I may as well be petty.

I am often addressed as “Miss”

To my age group this is an insult.

You are labelling me an “old maid”.

I was involved in women’s lib in the 70’s because women had no rights and no status.

A women’s status came from her husband.

A woman couldn’t buy an house and landlords would not rent to separated women.

A woman couldn’t keep a child unless she were married.

Men who stayed single were admired.

The term bachelor was a complement.

Men were expected to be promiscuous:
and women were expected to be virgins:

I never understood how this worked.

If a woman complained of rape she was labelled a whore and told she must have deserved it.

A “joke” at the time –” There is no such thing as rape.                                                                  A woman can run faster with her dress up than a man with his pants down.”

Even though I realize where the “miss” stigma came from and should not react. I do.

An analogy that comes to mind is micro mini’s which were in fashion in the 60’s

and are no longer in fashion.

I certainly wouldn’t wear a micro mini now and not just because I am fat with various veins but

because it is no longer the fashion.

( Not sure this is an appropriate analogy?  Guess a better one would be  that it is cultural programming)

Having “bought out” two husbands I have no intention of ever marrying again.

The last time some one proposed to me was 2007

I said “I cannot think of anything worse.”

Obviously my brain and mouth weren’t connected : Or I would not have refused so tactlessly.

Surprise! Surprise! He has never spoken to me since.


Blessed be

And be kind to non human life forms



Please check out the book:

It is only a short story:

And true.


Email readings are available for $40 Australian.

Just send a recent photo of yourself to

( If I do not reply within two days try

I have occasionally not received emails at the iinet address. )

Despite the fact that they are inexpensive they are amazing.

I am able to communicate with people that have passed over.

I have had excellent feedback.

I use PayPal for the invoice so am able to take payment from overseas clients.

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