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It is Beltane here in OZ

The sabbats are seasonal:

so in the southern hemisphere it is Beltane (MayDay)

In the northern hemisphere it is Samhain (Halloween)

Beltane was a fertility festival where the villages would come together:

This way “in- breeding” – in the same village was lessened.

A child conceived at Beltane was considered special.

We witches in the days before Wicca became popular; and before “political correctness” ;

jokingly called it the “Nookie Festival.”

Bright Nookie!  😀

Wiccan 2nd 0001

This is me at the very first Australian Wiccan conference in 1984. At spring equinox:

Where I heard the song “Burning Times” by Charlie Murphy:

My favourite version is by Spiral Dance:

Enjoy your celebrations:

Blessed Be

and be kind and respectful of non human life forms

–the continued existence of all life depends on it


As you can see this is an old book of mine:

Australian psychologist and hypnotherapist, Peter Ramster created a television documentary in 1981 He also wrote a book that was published in 1980 Called “The Truth About Reincarnation” where he regresses subjects to past lives for which  he is able to check details.

I have experienced many past life regressions am only going to share three.

The first past life regression that I experienced was at a psychic group at Kent Town SA. (I think it was 1980)

Instead of a guided meditation the man running this group took us back to our very last life.

Only four of us achieved this and everyone else complained that it was supposed to be a meditation.

I wrote mine down in an exercise book as soon as I got home.  I kept this book for years but it disappeared last century when my 2nd husband moved out. Pity!

I still remember much of the information from this regression.

I was an American Marine in Borneo either during or just after the Second World War. At the time I had no idea the war went to Borneo. I checked all the information that I could in the library. I also didn’t like the “Yanks” back then so had no desire to be one. I have since visited the USA and know how friendly and welcoming Americans are.

I died when the b12 I was in (using the gun; not the pilot) was shot down. This sensation of spinning downwards to my death was brought back to me in this present incarnation when a pilot friend took me up in a Victor (two seater aeroplane)  cut the motors and spun the plane downwards without warning me. (He was trying to show off.)

 I was 19; male and the middle child of three boys. My name was Harold. I saw my home but not my parents. 

As I was born this life in February 1949 I would have come straight back after I died. But knowing that I do not understand the nature of reality and accepting that time doesn’t really exist anything is possible.

A friend of mine took me to a past life.

I was walking toward a well in a cobblestone courtyard.

As soon as I appeared everyone else scattered.

Immediately I came back to waking reality and couldn’t stop laughing.

I said “I don’t know who I was but they didn’t like me.” (I may have been a leper?)

I was a nun at the time of the “Inquisition”: burned to death for advocating for women who were being tortured until they confessed to being witches and then put to death.

I have used this “meditation” with my Wiccan groups

and my psychic development groups

If you don’t “see’ in this meditation just acknowledge how you feel and concepts that come into your mind.

(another clairvoyant old me years ago that the reason I “see” is that I wouldn’t believe it if i didn’t”

Which is true!)

If you want to “see”persevere and you will!

Blessed be

and be kind to non humans

I took this on Kangaroo Island last century


I no longer get scam calls, nuisance calls or telemarketing:

I have this magic spell 😛

have a great day

and be kind and respectful to non humans



It is Beltane here 😀

The sabbats are seasonal:

so in the southern hemisphere it is Beltane (MayDay)

In the northern hemisphere it is Samhain (Halloween)

Beltane was a fertility festival where the villages would come together:

This way “in- breeding” – in the same village was lessened.

A child conceived at Beltane was considered special.

We witches in the days before Wicca became popular; and before “political correctness” ;

jokingly called it the “Nookie Festival.”

Bright Nookie!  😀

Wiccan 2nd 0001

This is me at the very first Australian Wiccan conference in 1984. At spring equinox:

I heard the song Burning Times by Charlie Murphy: My favourite version is by Spiral Dance:

My eldest granddaughter is the make artist for these Halloween faces:

Enjoy your celebrations:

Blessed Be

and be kind to non human life forms


On a happy note

Because my last blog was so depressing I wanted to write a happy blog.

I still love where I live.

There are still some flora and fauna left but no where near what there was when I first moved here:

but as this is a happy blog will not dwell on this.

When my dog and I were younger we would walk on the beach every morning and around the artificial lake in the afternoon

Last time we walked around the atrificial lake there was a mother duck and tiny ducklings next to the path:

Riley didn’t bother them  😃

unfortunately I hadn’t taken my phone so couldn’t take a picture.

I have the best children and grandchildren:

Only my children are pictured

Didn’t want to bore people too much 😛

they both

are the best:

they cheer me up when I am “down”

They both have a clever sense of humour and my son is excellent at mimicking voices:

This isn’t a particularly good example but it is the only time that I recorded him

enjoy your day


As this blog is sad I am putting happy pictures

I am pleased that these days’ children have rights and are able to report abuse:

But how many will?

I know I wouldn’t have even if asked:

I thought my mother was more beautiful and intelligent than anyone else’s mother and that I deserved  abuse.

I start shaking whenever I have to write or mention my abuse.

 but hope  it helps make others aware and hopefully notice if children or adults are being abused.

Many people have said to me that their mother was only mentally abusive.

I think mental abuse is worse.

When I was young I had no sibling: no  extended family

and television didn’t come to South Australia until 1959:

so I had no idea that my mother’s behaviour wasn’t normal.

Throughout my life If I mentioned my abuse either from my mother or husbands people told me that I must have deserved it.

I thought I was the problem for half a century.

“New Age” gurus like that late Wayne Dyer said “don’t blame your problems on your mother”

It wasn’t until I was in my early fifties, a psychologist explained that my mother was the cause of my problems, that I stopped thinking everything was my fault.

I have blocked out a lot of memories and some abuse that I do remember I cannot retell because I don’t want to think about it.

I just want to give a few examples:

The examples that

I am giving are physical abuse:

The mental abuse was worse and continued up to and including the week mother died.

I have flash backs to when I was still in my cot in a “two up:two down” terrace house in Lancashire.

taken with a box camera

I don’t know how old I was

but I was standing up in my cot.

I also don’t know what happened

I just remember her screaming abuse at me.

I know that with my first child, mother told me that if she cried, to just put her in her cot and let her cry herself to sleep

In Australia, when at age four,  I was already going to school

my mother pushed me into the wood burning part of the wood stove when it was lit

shut the door:

She then pulled me out:

 wrapped me in a blanket

and told people that she had saved my life after I crawled in.

 I had first degree burns.

When I was ten my mother was bashing me with a scrubbing brush

and had also washed my mouth out with soap.

I said to her “I haven’t done anything wrong”

and she told me that she just felt like bashing me

Despite this, for over half a century I believed that I deserved abuse because this is what everyone told me.

The bashings continued  even when I was an adult

 on Christmas day a month after I had an hysterectomy

she kicked and bashed me for no apparent reason.

This century her physical abuse was limited to slapping me across the face when she felt like it.

I have been chased with an axe and had my teeth knocked out several times from my first husband

My second husband’s first wife told me that he was “past master” of mental cruelty

And mental cruelty is far worse.

I have looked after children who have suffered far worse than I with no chance of recovery,

mentally or emotionally.

I hope that in this day and age someone will notice before it gets to this stage.

On this cheery note 😛

enjoy your Sun day

And be kind and respectful of non humans

and those humans who deserve your respect.


I found this picture years ago but do not know who to give the credit to.

This is a reblog with a bit added

In South Australia in the 1970’s and 80’s vegetarians and vegans were not catered for.

There was a cafe on the corner of Hindmarsh Square and Rundle Street Adelaide, called “Carrots” :

one restaurant that catered for vegans

and  a Lebanese restaurant  that offered a vegetarian platter.

The only vegetarian food one could buy was by Sanitarium

which was, and am guessing still is, owned by the Seventh-day Adventist church.

(And very much appreciated — Thank you Seventh Day Adventists)

We were ridiculed and abused by those in pubs, restaurants and people generally.

I made my own burghers using lentils, vegetable and bread crumbs and at a surprise birthday party for my (now ex) husband all the carnivores were eating these:

not realizing they had no meat.

I didn’t insist my family were vegetarian

I would make a vegetarian dish to share

and also cook meat.

If I ate meat I would have night mares about being an animal in a slaughter house.

I object to factory farming and production line slaughter.

Of course the reason the setup is this way is there are way to many humans.

I didn’t want to eat meat as a child:

for refusing I received a bashing from  my mother:

she threatened to have me put in a mental institution

and served me the same meal for breakfast lunch and tea until I ate it.

I have allowed myself to eat meat on a few occasions over the years usually because I was anaemic

The night mares return plus my digestive system doesn’t handle meat.

In this day and age when there are so many vegans, I never expected to be ridiculed but it has happened on several occasions.

I complimented one woman on having soy milk in her coffee and she abuse the hell out of me:
Said that she wasn’t vegan (which according to her is worse than leprosy ) she had soy milk because she liked it.

It is important to me that I am always honest so I must confess that sadly  I have only been  a part time vegan— but l ways vegetarian:

Hoping this time around I will stay vegan.

If I ate eggs I bought those produced locally as I have been to the farm where the chickens are and I would live where they live  😀

I cannot watch cooking shows:

Haven’t cooked meat for anyone since 1998

I am horrified that people think eating creature that is boiled alive is a treat.

A friend asked me why vegans avoid dairy :

I explained that the cows are kept continually pregnant:

the calves go to slaughter and their mothers know.

In my opinion the drug companies are worse than the meat industry.

In 1982 the husband of one of my staff asked me to report that suckie calves were left to die of dehydration & starvation.

I was told by someone who bought stock that

all new borns are just left to die that way.

In 1982 I reported what was told to me to the RSPCA who called me a liar and a trouble maker.

I put something inwriting but it was ignored.

Animal Liberation told me to write to my politician.


Years later an acquaintance who had worked in the abattoirs told me that the drug companies ask for this.

And my podiatrist  (an animal activist) told me that the drug companies collect hormones from this type of death.

People just don’t want to know.

Taken on Kangaroo Island last century

Sadly I am in no position to judge carnivores:

My Dad (whom I believe I inherited my love of animals from) told me that his family were one of the first in the UK to have battery hens. (Dad died 2004)

My youngest grandson now works in the abattoirs 😦


I do not get notified of “comments” or “likes” so am usually late noticing

I spoke to WordPress asking if they were going to an old email address and was told they were going to the correct one.

That was some time ago and I still do not get notification emails from WordPress?

I have always found WordPress helpful

which is unusual this day and age 😛

I am not complaining about WordPress staff:

Just apologising incase people think that I am ignoring them.

(And yes I check “junkmail”)

enjoy your day


This heritage bushland was set alight:

Soon after it was real estate development:

Real Estate companies pay the fines associated with destroying heritage bush land because they make heaps more money than the fine.

In this case they were not fined at all because it was supposedly an accident.

When I was young I believed that a few people could make a difference and from a sociological point of view the more people that want something to change  the more likely the change will happen.

But I have learned over the years that multinationals rule the world and humans believe that they are the only species that matters and the only species that has feelings ☹

Our consumer society

and the industrial revolution have done so much damage:

along with this cultural attitude that only humans matter.

I wont kill anything:

I get upset when insects die.

I thank the wind, the rain and the vegetables etc that I eat:

One Christian woman patronisingly told me I should be thanking god (back in the days when didn’t have the self confidence to defend myself)

I believe everything that exists has a consciousness and deserves respect.

Population control as in zero population growth is essential.

Humans make up 99 percent of the of the world population.

 Hence only one percent is wildlife.

When I wrote and published my sci fi short story April 2017 the human population was 7.4 billion

It is now almost 8 billion.


Kungfutz say: “Better to light one small candle than to curse the darkness.”  

Taking advice from Confucius  I started this in April 2018


A few of us are sending healing and empowerment at the same time each evening to all non human life

Please join in:

Send whenever you are able or at 2000hours South Australian daylight saving time; which is when we are sending.

This motivated me to get others to send healing or pray

from What The “Bleep”

enjoy your day

and respect non humans

I took this on Kangaroo Island last century

Thank God I am an Atheist: Pun Intended

I have used this title a few times

the first was 2014 then 2016

and again when the high court over turned George Pell’s conviction.  

Several of my friends have told me that I am not an athiest

They may be correct:

I do not really have a god concept:

if I did it would be Pantheism.

Since I was 60 I have gone back to church services a few times because I like the ritual and Jesus teachings.

But the fascism

and people who claim to know God’s will

makes me leave.

One group of ladies came to my house and told me what had to be thrown out.

One was a poster with amazing art work called Astral circus.

They went through my book cases and told me my anthropology books were evil.

I have the greatest respect for Jesus but believe him to be a teacher not a god.

After Constantine stopped throwing Christians to the lions and made Christianity the religion of Rome there was a meeting at Nicaea to decide what to leave in the bible and what to take out.

If “God” is a loving god why would it desire worship?

Religion is what influences a culture.

Our culture believes other life forms don’t feel and have no soul.

We have destroyed the ecology and continue to make all life extinct.

I tried to practice ahimsa before I was aware of this word and concept:

People ridiculed and abused me for this:

some told me I was anthropomorphising animals and other life forms.

As if I would wish any creature to be human 😛

If we credit some “Being” as having created this reality, this “Being” would have to be a sadistic psychopath.

Every creature has to deprive another life form of its existence in order to survive. ( Its called eating)

Just breathing kills other life forms! As we breathe in micro organisms.

I believe everything that exists has a consciousness: And because of my clairvoyant experiences I believe everything survives beyond physical death.

I asked clairvoyantly about “the meaning of life” which strangely enough isn’t 42 (Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy)

The answer I got was more a concept than words but translated, I was asked if I could conceptualize NO linear time and when I said “No” I was told that “they” couldn’t explain.