Better To Light One Small Candle Than to Curse The Darkness

After my “Another Depressing Blog from The Witch” I wonder what to do to make a difference?

Blog from October “A Few Of Us Are Sending Healing” is still on going.

But seriously zero population growth is the thing.

Many people who actually care about the environment baulk at the idea of zero population growth.

One of the complaints is “Babies are left to die in China”—Seriously this doesn’t have to happen.

For some it is against their religion and others have taken on these religious ideas as part of our culture.

No disrespect to The Church of Rome

 When Constantine took over Christianity, I suspect his motives were to use it to control the empire.

There was a meeting in Nicaea in AD325 to decide what to put in the bible and what to leave out.

Yet there was a prohibition forbidding translation of the bible into native languages.

If I remember history, Lutheranism was started because the people were not allowed to read the bible?

The prohibition against contraception and abortion was implemented because Constantine wanted soldiers for his armies:

One of the reasons for the early witch hunts was to get rid of the women herbalist who offered contraception – the other of course to get rid of The Old Religion.

These days I believe that part of the reason people are opposed to zero population growth is that a culture takes its norms and mores from the main religion and people who have no religious beliefs still confirms to these norms and mores.

I sometimes wonder if the “Powers That Be” (multinationals), prefer to have as many consumers as possible 😛

I think the people of the world need the  Louise Hay affirmation

“I am willing to change”

Blessed be

and be kind to non human life forms

Comic Relief

As a temporary respite from being a misery guts, I thought that I would write something funny.

So please note that this is intended to be amusing and not serious.

Last century I would voice this theory that our reality is a virtual reality  —  Long before the movie the Matrix came out.

To be honest it wasn’t an original idea: It came from an episode of Star Trek The Next Generation: “Ship in a Bottle”

Computer: End Programme!

For part of this century I have thought maybe we are characters in a video game.

I am not really qualified to use this analogy as I have never played any sort of video game: I am THAT OLD 😛 !

I attempted once in 1989 at Semaphore Fun Park:

It doesn’t look like the room with games is there any more:

(In 1989 some man with a child in tow stood behind me and criticized everything that I did: And as I had no idea what I was doing he never shut up: If I could turn back time I would go back and tell him how fucking rude and stupid he was.)

Presuming video games have a plot and story:

We are characters in this game:

Say it is a two-person game:

I presume that this is an option?

 The goal for one player is to stop all the original thinkers who are attempting to improve the quality of life for others: save non-human life forms and restore the ecology.

And the other player’s goal is to help the original thinkers succeed.

I can see which player is winning.

Blessed be

And be kind to non human life forms

The following short story I published at the beginning of April 2017:

Intended as social satire — well maybe sympathetic magic

Healing and Empowerment to Non Human Life

When I was young I believed that a few people could make a difference and from a sociological point of view the more people that want something to change  the more likely the change will happen.

But I have learned over the years that multinationals rule the world and humans believe that they are the only species that matters and the only species that has feelings ☹

Population control as in zero population growth is essential.

There are 7.7 billion humans

Humans make up 99 percent of the of the world population.

 Hence only one percent is wildlife.

Kungfutz (Confucius) say:

“Better to light one small candle than to curse the darkness.”

Taking advice from Confucius I started this in April2018

Thankyou to everyone that is participating

This is a much shorter version than my original request:

Please send healing: nourishment: fulfilment: shelter and empowerment to all non human life forms.

If you wish to join in send healing (or pray if you have religious beliefs) at 8pm /2000hrs South Australian time:

A minute a day?

Similar endeavours have succeeded in the past on a smaller scale.

Even if you cannot send every day send on the days that you can.

If you’re are overseas and able join in just calculate the time. e.g. UK would be 10.30am—Australia has daylight saving.

 For those who would be asleep at 2000 South Australian time, just send when you are able.

 It is intent that matters and empowers.

Blessed be

I published this short sci fi in April 2017

My non fiction book is popular and I have had excellent feedback


Well in will be in 72 hours 😛

Check out this web page: I wrote the sci fi story before I saw this video.

I have been getting positive feedback for my non fiction.

Enjoy your weekend and be kind to non human life forms

Blessed Be

Tree Meditation


This mediation is adapted from “Plant Meditation”  “Mother Wit” by Diane Mariechild.

The only means that I have of recording these days is using the video on my phone which would be fine excepting that it kept cutting out.

So I recorded 2 videos and then recorded them onto the PC:
I don’t have a microphone for P C so  this was the only way I could make a recording that was audible.

Here’s hoping?

Happy Face

Blessed be

and be kind to non human life forms  —

(Humanity’s continued existence depends on it.)


Another Depressing Blog from The Witch

I can stay happy as long as I keep my head in the sand 😛

I can handle 10 years of pain a sleep deprivation: and physical injuries that prevent my coping with basic stuff like changing a light globe.

What I cannot handle is seeing humans continue to make all other life forms extinct.

The human population is 7.7 billion:

We make up ninety nine percent of this planets population:

Once humans have made all other life extinct they will become extinct.

In 2012 I was sitting at the computer reading something about 2012 being the end of the world (and thinking what a load of crap).

The date on my computer came up as 2027 excepting the 2027 filled the screen!


Being human  I tend to attribute meanings to things:

There may not be any.

So I thought 2027 cannot be the end of the world maybe it is when I die.

I am starting to think maybe it is the end?

This picture of baby magpies were put onto the PC  at this time: Check the date!


I guess I am like some one standing on a soap box saying “The end is  nigh!”

Whereas in the seventies myself and others thought a few people could make a difference.

Now I know we cannot.

The population constantly increasing:

and our cultural norms are based on the premise that humans are the only species that matter:

Hence people do so much damage to other life forms every day just keeping “their” homes and gardens tidy.

not yours4

Humans are encouraged to breed and in this country they are financially rewarded for doing so.

When I wrote and published a sci fi short story in May 2017  the world population was 7.4 billion.

Toward the end of last year it was 7.7 billion.

Real estate development wipes out vegetation hence the  homes and food for other life forms.

Not to mention plants and trees are essential for oxygen and filtering the air.

We  are told to clear trees in case of fires:

Trees don’t light fires humans do.

We kill insect rodent and other creature we call pests.

We kill Corellas and other cockatoos because they are noisy or striping trees.

They’ll soon have no trees to strip. Hence extinct.

This has been commented on and satirized in books and movies for as long as I remember but the “powers that be “ make sure this is info is ridiculed or ignored:

as they can no longer have those concerned publicly executed.

I would die happy knowing humans had become extinct  before all other life became extinct.

But it wont happen that way.

Blessed be

and be kind to non human life forms


The Meaning Of Life

monty pythons meaning of life

We as humans tend to search for meaning.

The Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy implies that we are asking the wrong questions?

If we do not have a concept of something it doesn’t exist for us so we may be asking the wrong questions or there may not be a meaning?


I promised myself that I would write happy blogs—Didn’t last.

We humans make up 99% of the planets population. And we refuse to change!

i. e. implement zero population growth:

Respect non human life.

Books movies and television shows have satirised human stupidity in not caring for the planet.

I was initially surprised at the criticism and insults re the movie “Avatar”:

But then the multi nationals: (mining companies; pharmaceutical companies: real estate companies etc.) that control the world, want us to believe that other life forms such as cats and rats etc. are destroying the planet.

And that cultures that live in harmony with the environment are “primitive” and therefore  inferior.

We haven’t really changed much as a species:

Centuries past, people who questioned the status quo were publicly executed:

At least James Cameron only has to suffer abuse.

The TV series the Orville in an episode called– “Krill “—-  satirized  our cultural attitude to non human life.

Religions moulds a culture and even an atheist in our culture has the attitude satirized–

(The admiral of a colony that had barely survived a Krill attack explains”   The Krill’s religion puts them above all other life: When they attack they don’t see it as evil: It is their divine right.”

2nd in command of the Orville says:  “God created plants and animals solely for the use of man”)

not yours4

I would feel better knowing humans will be extinct before this century ends excepting that they will have made all other life forms extinct first!

Re meaning:

I have had a few theories not so much about the meaning of life but about our reality in general.

The first came from Gene Roddenberry’s Star Trek  — We could all be living in an huge holodeck.

The other ideas just came from my imagination.

I looked at humans and thought we cannot be indigenous to the planet.

So  I theorised that we were genetically engineered.

The following is fiction and from my sci fi short story:


“Arawn was correct, of course.

Some did perceive him as the Antichrist:

The majority thought that it was a hoax!

Thoughts and words filtered up to him such as “I’ve killed numerous deer like you”

Those that believed him became hysterical.

Some accused him of genocide and rightly so.

But then humans don’t label it genocide when they cull other species.

What’s the difference?

Some did think him god!

Arawn answered!

“There is no such creature.

The concept was created by those in power. To control you.

This universe was/is a creative endeavour .

The closest analogy within your limited understanding is that I am the writer, producer and director  of a movie. I also  designed the set and choose the actors.

Or using an analogy from a sci fi television series: I am a technician creating an holodeck programme.

The Nirahns whom I  look like; did not give you reproductive organs.

They intended you to die out after a life span of a thousand years.

The original design of humans were seven to eight foot tall and you were vegetarian.


The old “gods” were different E. T. ‘s. With their own agenda.

They were from the constellation of Scorpius:

These beings enabled you to reproduce.

They were “growing” you as a food source.

Where do you think the idea of human sacrifices came from.?

And your vampire myths?   ” END QUOTE

I realize this bog even if someone reads it wont make any difference:

Humans don’t even show respect to one another so how can they respect non human species.

In the Flower power era I believed that a few people could make a difference.

From my flower power generation “Make love not war” — but don’t procreate 😛

flower power

Blessed be

and be kind to non human life forms.






A Silent Scream



I look at my own blogs and think what a misery

and a pessimist!

I used to be an optimist.

I used to want to fit in and agree with the status quo.

But knowing that humans will cause all flora and fauna to become extinct before they themselves become extinct is horrifying.


And I realize that so many thinking people know this and have done long before I ever did:

What can we do?

The multinationals rule the world and of course the politicians.

Giraffes are now on the endangered species list as are koalas and numerous flora and fauna

This link is for Australian flora and fauna

and this one about population growth

Personally, my life is good but whereas in the seventies when I was involved in environmental groups, we thought a few people could make a difference:

I now realize we cannot:

I still do what I can in the microcosm.

Instead of spending a fortune on New Year fireworks, frightening ( and sometimes to death) flora and fauna we could use this money toward projects that would help the ecology.

But where is the profit in that 😛

tree friend


I wrote this sci fi short story to release my own frustrations about human stupidity and I tell myself that  it is sympathetic magic 😛




I have had positive feed back from people who have read my non fiction book:

This book doesn’t give any answers to the meaning of life:

Just more questions.


Blessed be

and be kind to non human life forms


My Sci Fi Short Story

Until now I haven’t bothered promoting my sci fi short story which I published long before my non fiction book: I wasn’t happy with my character development: I removed it from publication and then put it back under another title.


Blessed be and be kind to non human life forms





PLEASE CHECK OUT THIS BOOK 😀 I am not interested in converting anyone nor do I want attention or recognition (I am an introvert): Nor is it the money I get just over a dollar per book: I just wanted to tell my story 😀 If you follow the link then click on “Look inside” above my not so recent photo you may read a free sample.


Have a great day and be kind to non human life forms. —p.s I found out why I am not receiving any money from Amazon — they pay monthly but only if I earn over $100 USD ($140 AUD) — although it isn’t about the money this is annoying 😦



Early this morning there was a baby galah sitting on the road:

A quick glance in the rear vision mirror showed the car coming the other way drove around it:

Coming back I noticed it was gone: most of the locals do care about wild life:

Sadly, there was a bird completely squashed on another road ☹

When I was growing up the population of the whole of Australia was 9 million and the suburbs in South Australia were like country towns:

There was large gaps between each town.

I remember going to the UK in 1959 and wondering how they knew which town/city was which because there was no gap between them.   😛

Growing up I was aware of the trees and wildlife disappearing as the population increased.

What I missed the most was wanderer butterflies which were once plentiful.


I have lived in Goolwa for more than 20 years and have noticed once again the trees and wildlife disappearing as the human plague increases.

New Agers think we are here to learn?

All I have learned  is there are too many humans.

I though of having the following put on my headstone but realized the family would NOT approve!



Have a great day and be kind to non human life forms.




Check out my blog “A Few Of Us Are Sending Healing”




Keep It Real


This above all; to thine own self be true,


And it must follow, as night follows day,


Thou canst not then be false to any man,


Hamlet Act 1, scene 3, 78–82


Being true to ones self is much more than just being honest.

This Shakespeare quote is how I try to live my life.


Our culture operates on the assumption that people are honest and truthful yet this often isn’t so.

On a “white lie” level; how often do people say what they think the other person wants to hear or lie to get attention & make themselves feel important.

Lying; cheating; stealing and scams are rampant.

Sadly we genuine clairvoyants  are often put in the same category.

The way to avoid being conned is to trust ones “gut”!

To quote or maybe paraphrase Dr. Deepak Chopra:” We should always trust our “gut”. Every cell in our bodies has neuropeptides which means every cell thinks. It is better to trust your “gut” because it hasn’t learned to doubt what it thinks.”

I feel so strongly about telling the truth as I believe it to be that even if I accidentally lie, I feel guilty.


With my clairvoyance I genuinely “see” and “hear “people  who are no longer in this reality.

If I cannot “read” for someone I will say so.

And to comments like “You should have known that.”

I am clairvoyant not omniscient .


Despite my clairvoyant awareness and experiences I do not claim to understand the nature of reality.

I have my theories but am also aware that these theories are limited by the cultural and personal concepts that I have.

I published a book about my clairvoyant experiences with Amazon.

It is deliberately just a short story:

Buy it for yourself or as a gift:

It costs $8 Australian plus postage.

I am also offering email readings for $30.

I can still link with people that have passed over on an email reading: I have had good feedback from these readings plus someone suggested that I offer gift vouchers.

Just send a recent photo to

I will send you an invoice and then will do your reading.

Gift vouchers available

These gift vouchers have no time limit on when they are used.

Blessed be

and be kind to non human life forms.