Month: June 2021


This is a visualization meditation You create  a sacred space which you use for healing talking with friends solving problems creating anything that you wish I recorded this guided meditation for a psychic development group that I  was running, at participants request I have… Continue Reading “A CREATIVE MEDITATION”


I have just heard that there is a The Matrix 4: The original “The Matrix” is the best — in my opinion: Creatively brilliant on so many levels: and I love the social satire: My favourite — as you may have noticed if you… Continue Reading “THE MOVIE “THE MATRIX””


I am so happy to be doing readings again: thankyou to those who chose me as their clairvoyant medium and thankyou to those who recommend me TRUST YOUR OWN CLAIRVOYANCE. EVERYONE HAS CLAIRVOYANT ABILITY IT ATROPHIES BECAUSE OUR CULTURE TELLS US IT DOESN’T EXIST.… Continue Reading “EVERYONE HAS CLAIRVOYANT ABILITY”


I find it encouraging seeing posts like the above (and similar) on Facebook: More people are becoming aware of the damage humans have done and are doing to the ecology. I was aware of this in the 1970s when I joined the original Greenpeace… Continue Reading “INTELLIGENT?”