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This is intended as “tongue in cheek” Googled “The root of this word is luna, which means moon. That’s because lunatic originally meant someone who went crazy with every phase of the moon, kind of like a werewolf. Most people these days don’t believe… Continue Reading “LUNA TICK”


I blogged that two of my books were not available to be posted to Australia: Yet one of them was? I only just noticed the small  U S of A  flag at the top of the web page: I changed the web page to… Continue Reading “WELL THAT WAS SILLY”


This is a visualization meditation You create  a sacred space which you use for healing talking with friends solving problems creating anything that you wish I recorded this guided meditation for a psychic development group that I  was running, at participants request I have… Continue Reading “A CREATIVE MEDITATION”

hugs and laughter

I have to confess when I first started WordPress I didn’t now how to find comments and people thought they were being ignored I just learned through trial and error. Now I prefer WordPress to Facebook Far more interesting reading I still don’t know… Continue Reading “hugs and laughter”