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Turned the idiot box on this morning but turned it off as “they” were blaming cats for killing the wild life. Humans kill more wild life directly –  through road kill: hunting: culling:realestate development:mining:bushfires –and indirectly because of cultural norms, than any cat. Kookaburras… Continue Reading “DON’T LOOK UP”


This is a reblog — I am so encouraged these day by the number of people who care about other life forms In the holiday season i get more upset than usual re the meat industry — in the 1970s Animal Liberation would send… Continue Reading “VEGAN”


Just heard a government sponsored ad advising victims not to tolerate abuse: so decided to reblog this The attitude in my day was “you must have deserved it“ or “I dont want to know” I spent half a century believing that i deserved abuse.… Continue Reading “CHANGES FOR THE BETTER”


I was recently asked for my date of birth –which I gave And said “I AM FLOWER POWER GENERATION“ The young lady replied “Lucky you” I said“NO –LUCKY YOU” My generation were responsible for social change: (that is all that I said –the rest… Continue Reading “CHANGES FOR THE BETTER”


I don’t  believe in karma – but would love it to be so. (people of western cultures interpret karma as reward and punihment and even google “says” this — but when I studied world religions years ago it isnt what karma means?) I do… Continue Reading “OLD CRONE”


It is Beltane here “Down Under” The sabbats are seasonal: so in the southern hemisphere it is Beltane (MayDay) In the northern hemisphere it is Samhain (Halloween) Beltane was a fertility festival where the villages would come together: This way “in- breeding” – in… Continue Reading “HALLOWEEN/MAY DAY”


This is a reblog — I am so encouraged these day by the number of people who care about other life forms In South Australia in the 1970’s and 80’s vegetarians and vegans were not catered for. There was a cafe on the corner… Continue Reading “VEGAN”


I noticed this was listed as my most popular post? So reposting I believe in respecting people’s religious beliefs but the Right to Life campaigners will cause the extinction of all life on this planet including humans. We make up 99% of the planet’s… Continue Reading “EVERY SPERM IS SACRED”


It will soon be mid winter “down under” Yule MISCONCEPTIONS I realize some people still equate witches with evil people who sacrifice animals. Not us! This is the first page of  my Book of Shadows started in 1983 “Eight words the Wiccan Rede fulfil… Continue Reading “WICCA”


I was motivated to re blog this by “news” about a child care subsidy. The younger generation have no idea of the cultural attitude to women, gays or people that were not white despite movies and tv shows that try to portray these attitudes.… Continue Reading “CHANGES FOR THE BETTER”