I Like Sceptics

.sceptic noun

a person inclined to question or doubt accepted opinions.



a person who believes that people are motivated purely by self-interest rather than acting for honourable or unselfish reasons.

I like sceptics but not cynics: cynics are as fascist about their opinion as a religious person is about theirs.

More than forty years ago I was a sceptic I have had experiences that have convinced me of the validity of surviving death and clairvoyance.

I have written blogs about when I first started developing my clairvoyance and how I was determined not to believe anything that wasn’t proven to me. “To thine own self be true” etc.


I much prefer people who don’t make clairvoyant messages “fit”.

I started consciously “seeing” ‘dead’ people etc in the seventies and we were most definitely the lunatic fringe back them: along with people that cared about the environment and animals –I was in Greenpeace ( which actually cared about the ecology back then and Animal liberation — ditto ) And  in Women’s Liberation; Women were still an inferior sub culture with no rights nor status ( one’s status came from ones husband)

I rarely told people about clairvoyance to avoid ridicule.

Clairvoyance and clairaudience flash in a fraction of a second: I read a book in the seventies that stated all realities are in the same place but the electrons are moving at a different speed around the protons and neutrons– hence out of phase. Makes me think that where this communication is coming from is “faster”?


In the late seventies I was working 12 hour shifts; I turned up at a barbecue one Saturday night after work and was met by the owner of the house ( whom I had never met before) Who started ridiculing me ( I had previously “seen” and “communicated” with the grandfather of my husbands best friend. Granddad didn’t like this man’s father. And I was shown a wedding. This was all I got and I said so. My husbands friend thought that I knew everything: His father had never married his mother—Definitely taboo in his mothers day. Husbands best friend must have told this story before I arrived at the party. Hence the ridicule: I told my ridiculer his occupation and “picked up his (deceased) Dad.

 The incident that convinced me that clairvoyance was a reality happened at work in the late seventies.  I was washing dishes with a male staff nurse. We didn’t have kitchen hands in those days.  The male nurse that I was working with was 6 ft tall and rather heavy set. He had long blonde hair and dressed “Flower Power” style. A man (deceased) flashed in (when I see or hear things they flash in a fraction of a second) He had Kym’s high forehead and similar features but wore a suit with a crepe ribbon and a cross and had a short back and sides hair cut and dark hair.

I asked Kym if his father was a minister. He asked me why and initially I would not answer. I eventually told him what I saw and Kym told me that it was his uncle. He asked me what denomination his uncle was.

I did not know.

After Kym left the kitchen I asked his uncle what he had died of.  The words were that fast all I could make out was sclerosis. Because we were with the intellectually disabled I thought “tubular sclerosis?” Then I realized it was multiple sclerosis.

 When we were having a tea break Kym told me that his uncle died of multiple sclerosis. I was amazed and said that his uncle had “told” me this!

Kym said “Get more”! I informed him that I couldn’t.

But I saw panama hats and monkeys. I said “He was a missionary in South America” Kym said “Yes”. I then saw masks and a jungle and said he was also a missionary in New Guinea. Kym told me this wasn’t so.  When Kym came to work the next day he said that his mother had confirmed that her brother was a missionary in New Guinea. This showed that I wasn’t just reading Kim’s mind.


I am not interested in converting people. People are free to believe as they choose as long as “it harms none” I respect peoples right to a belief in god or religion even though I am now an athiest

I had a belief in god but it was a cultural norm when I was a child. I went to Sunday school – actually I taught Sunday school.

Prayers work not because god answers them but because many people are putting out the concept that a certain thing happens.

I accept that I do not understand the nature of reality but work at what I do know.

I had the idea that the best analogy for this reality is that of a virtual reality or more like the “holodeck” from Star Trek – long before the movie “The Matrix” came out.

Question everything

Blessed be



Healing Our Home


I joke that there are only two species on this planet that I don’t like: Crocodiles and homo sapiens: There are some caring thinking people – some original thinkers (as in genius) – but as the human infestation increases, good manners, caring and thoughtfulness decrease.

Many humans are so self centred and so thoughtless ; to them, only themselves  and money matter!

Someone who worked in a laboratory that used animal testing defended same by saying how many humans it saved. This thinking is based on the assumption that humans are the only species that matter.


An acquaintance/neighbour of mine had caught a possum that he claimed upset his dog. He wanted me to take it to Hindmarsh Island so that the possum could not get back here:    I refused and said that the possum belonged here and humans didn’t. Possums are territorial and the possums on Hindmarsh Island would kill it. SOME ONE ELSE MOVED THE POSSUM FOR HIM!

Real estate development and mining do so much damage to the natural environment but the media likes to blame it on cats !

And then there is those who deliberately run over birds animals and reptiles!!!


I have been told off for feeding the magpies and other birds. One mindless bimbo told me that I was stopping them from finding their own food. HELL the human infestation has removed the homes and food sources of all other life forms.

Another thing that upsets me ( as much as the meat industry) is pest control and insect sprays. If all the insects left the planet, the planet would die: If all the humans left the planet the planet would thrive!


If zero population growth was implemented planet wide the ecology would start to heal!     A friend of my youngest granddaughter wrote a paper on biodiversity researching this. Unfortunately such a sensible action is socially unacceptable!

I do not believe in god or karma but having been involved in Wicca since 1978 and having trained would be witches: I do know that we can create our reality. BUT there are far more variables than the average “New Age” guru would have you believe. The essence of creating is intent:

The witches pyramid :

to know: to dare: to will and to keep silent:

From my Book of Shadows:



Because I know that there are humans that do care about this beautiful planet and other life forms: and the fact that the more people that intend something, then it will happen.

I would  ask that you work your magic to create an healthy ecology for this planet and an increase in all non human life forms: The human population drastically decreased via zero population growth ( this means one child per couple; not none!)

I know many people include this on their daily healing list: Thank you!



Be Blessed