Healing Our Home


I joke that there are only two species on this planet that I don’t like: Crocodiles and homo sapiens: There are some caring thinking people – some original thinkers (as in genius) – but as the human infestation increases, good manners, caring and thoughtfulness decrease.

Many humans are so self centred and so thoughtless ; to them, only themselves  and money matter!

Someone who worked in a laboratory that used animal testing defended same by saying how many humans it saved. This thinking is based on the assumption that humans are the only species that matter.


An acquaintance/neighbour of mine had caught a possum that he claimed upset his dog. He wanted me to take it to Hindmarsh Island so that the possum could not get back here:    I refused and said that the possum belonged here and humans didn’t. Possums are territorial and the possums on Hindmarsh Island would kill it. SOME ONE ELSE MOVED THE POSSUM FOR HIM!

Real estate development and mining do so much damage to the natural environment but the media likes to blame it on cats !

And then there is those who deliberately run over birds animals and reptiles!!!


I have been told off for feeding the magpies and other birds. One mindless bimbo told me that I was stopping them from finding their own food. HELL the human infestation has removed the homes and food sources of all other life forms.

Another thing that upsets me ( as much as the meat industry) is pest control and insect sprays. If all the insects left the planet, the planet would die: If all the humans left the planet the planet would thrive!


If zero population growth was implemented planet wide the ecology would start to heal!     A friend of my youngest granddaughter wrote a paper on biodiversity researching this. Unfortunately such a sensible action is socially unacceptable!

I do not believe in god or karma but having been involved in Wicca since 1978 and having trained would be witches: I do know that we can create our reality. BUT there are far more variables than the average “New Age” guru would have you believe. The essence of creating is intent:

The witches pyramid :

to know: to dare: to will and to keep silent:

From my Book of Shadows:



Because I know that there are humans that do care about this beautiful planet and other life forms: and the fact that the more people that intend something, then it will happen.

I would  ask that you work your magic to create an healthy ecology for this planet and an increase in all non human life forms: The human population drastically decreased via zero population growth ( this means one child per couple; not none!)

I know many people include this on their daily healing list: Thank you!



Be Blessed




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