This information is just to inform not undermine your spiritual beliefs :


Christmas was originally the pagan festival of Yule — Mid Winter — moved a few days: Every church festival was originally a pagan festival. The church of Rome incorporated them because they couldn’t get rid of same.

After the emperor Constantine made Christianity the religion of Rome there was a meeting at Niacea to decide what to put in the New Testament and what to leave out..

With a huge empire it was easier to control the masses with a religion. Hence the Inquisition to get rid of the Old Religion and the women healers who had– herbal remedies: contraception and abortion and replace the with men who used leeches and blood-letting: Couldn’t have contraception if you wanted to populate armies.

The Wheel of the Year  is from my Book of Shadows:


Have a Merry Christmas:  Blessed Yule:   or Blessed Litha (Summer Solstice)





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