The following remark is “Tongue in cheek” = an ironic manner, not meant to be taken seriously.

The longer I live the more I think Barbara Marciniak’s theories in “Bringers of the Dawn” are true!  😛  😛  😛


That we are are controlled and manipulated by beings who feed off the emotions of fear and trauma!?


Looking back on my own life all the positive changes that caring people try to make are thwarted– I was in Women’s Liberation because women had no rights and no status – All we wanted was to be treated as equals but now things have gone to such extremes men require liberating.

The groups that I belonged to, campaigning for animal rights or the ecology have been turned into impotent bureaucracies who not only achieve nothing but often make things worse!

Having been a victim of abuse from being a baby ( NOT by my father who was a wise and wonderful man) I am the first to applaud children being told they are not allowed to be abused but this has gone to the extreme where incorrigible brats cannot be disciplined!

The media feeds us violence via the news; movies and probably reality tv shows ( I have never watch a soapie or a reality tv show so cannot accurately comment.)

What about the violence in computer games !!!!?

Historically speaking original thinkers and those who questioned the status quo were put to death. Now social taboos and stigma prevents original thinkers from making the world a better place. At age seven it seemed to me that all so called problems were easily solved not realizing that money and multi nationals were omnipotent.

And then there are wars:  the threat of nuclear holocaust – or germ warfare:

And there is the torture and mistreatment of other life forms by the meat industry;  drug companies and cosmetic companies.

The destruction of wildlife and their habitat for property development and mining.


This  is a beautiful world Why are we destroying it?

If you don’t already send “healing” to the planet, would you please.

From both a sociological and psychic point of view the more people that want things to change the more likely it will happen.

My “Bucket List” if I had one would be to save the planet. This isn’t going to happen hence I wrote the Sci Fi E Book (as sympathetic magic?)


Blessed be


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