Month: January 2022


In the 1970 when I studied sociology I became aware of a term “social psychopath”  The stereotype given of a “social psychopath” was a used car salesman Someone without a moral conscience I always presumed the term sociopath was an Americanisation of “social psychopath”… Continue Reading “SOCIOPATH OR PSYCHOPATH?”


I have several friends who don’t believe in clairvoyance or surviving death On the rare occasions I mention a clairvoyant experience that amazed me they just look at me with disdain or make some comment implying that I am either making it up or… Continue Reading “LIFE AFTER DEATH”


I believed we created our own reality by our thoughts words and of course actions in the 1970s: I taught “would be witches” how to manifest! Last year I spat the dummy and thought: “What a load of crock! If I created reality my… Continue Reading “Magic”

“IF” by Rudyard Kipling

My Dad used to quote Rudyard Kiplings “IF” — not politically corrct but the sentiment fits IF…..   IF you can keep your head when all about youAre losing theirs and blaming it on you,If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you,But… Continue Reading ““IF” by Rudyard Kipling”


I know that many people realize that our cultural norms are a major factor in causing the extinction of all life. But still conform to these social norms: Not because they are worried about what others think:  but because these attitudes are “hard wired”.… Continue Reading “CHALLENGING CULTURAL NORMS”


Wow my IN BOX in OUTLOOK is just filled with notifications from WORDPRESS — first time in years  (since I change to Hotmail) Thankyou WordPress for sorting this out This is great Although I could check comments on my blog I wasn’t aware or often… Continue Reading “THANK YOU WORDPRESS”


I wasn’t aware of the concept EMPATH until this century —with the exception of Deanna Troi in Star Trek next gen — but it fits me: it is one of the reasons I don’t socialize: the other is of course my anxiety disorder: Sometimes… Continue Reading “EMPATH”


I decided to put both the healing properties and the magical properties of an herb on my clairvoyance Facebook page then decide to make it a blog:  Chose the herb at random by opening the page: Basil : Healing properties: Antispasmodic Appetizer Carminative Galactagogic… Continue Reading “AN HERB CALLED BASIL”


CREATIVE CONSCIOUSNESS MEDITATION I recorded Creative Consciousness meditation earlier this century at the request of a psychic development group that I was running at the time. TREE MEDITATION paraphrased from Mother Wit by Diane Mariechild —- it is a great book if you can… Continue Reading “Four AUDIO MEDITATIONS”