Month: September 2020


I have been sitting in the sunshine reading “Revolution” by Russell Brand for the second time: My grandson loaned me a copy initially.  Last time I saw my naturopath he was singing the praises of Russell Brand and I said “I’ve read Revolution” I… Continue Reading “THE STATUS QUO”


I put this spell in my book of shadows in 1983 Firstly some associations with Bay Laurel: Planet = sun Element =fire Deities = Aesculapuis  Apollo Ceres Cerridwen Powers = Protection clairvoyance purification healing I always thank the leaves the charcoal  and the flame… Continue Reading “BAY LEAF SPELL”


This morning when I put the TV on for news I heard that a vegan had apparently said that she would NOT be an organ donor in case her organs went to an evil meat eater. Lunatic fringe? or misreported? It certainly isn’t the… Continue Reading “ORGAN DONOR?”


For tree lovers there is an audio meditation to link with a tree. Please turn up the volume I cannot record on my phone: It is old: and it wont allow the sound recorder download: I recorded this on the laptop but it requires… Continue Reading “HUG A TREE”


Last century I did many past life regressions:  (damn that sentence sounds grammatically incorrect?) In one I was a monk in an orange robe. I acknowledge that I do not understand the nature of reality: But maybe a “past” life explains some of my… Continue Reading “SHARING”


I was motivated to blog this because an acquaintance complained about her husband’s depression and anxiety: Claimed she just couldn’t understand why people were like this. PTSD and PND were not acknowledged in my day I had 63 years of abuse starting when I… Continue Reading “PTSD”


I was going to make another video to advertise my “on line” clairvoyant readings – I wanted to video this outside  by the trees but it is very windy: Hence am using this old one that I made for my Facebook page: I give… Continue Reading “CLAIRVOYANT MEDIUM”