Month: September 2020


Last century I did many past life regressions:  (damn that sentence sounds grammatically incorrect?) In one I was a monk in an orange robe. I acknowledge that I do not understand the nature of reality: But maybe a “past” life explains some of my… Continue Reading “SHARING”


I was motivated to blog this because an acquaintance complained about her husband’s depression and anxiety: Claimed she just couldn’t understand why people were like this. PTSD and PND were not acknowledged in my day I had 63 years of abuse starting when I… Continue Reading “PTSD”


I was going to make another video to advertise my “on line” clairvoyant readings – I wanted to video this outside  by the trees but it is very windy: Hence am using this old one that I made for my Facebook page: I give… Continue Reading “CLAIRVOYANT MEDIUM”