Sci Fi E Book 15th Installment



I have started a “sequel” from this e book entitled Kunapipi in Lemuria: I write because I love it but it would be nice to have someone purchase my eBook (A Short Story About Healing The Blue Planet): It is the cost of a small coffee.

I get excellent response from my blogs: The reason I stopped comments was because of ONE persistent nasty person! With my eBook I console myself by thinking it will probably be popular when I am dead   😛    Neither Monty Python nor Star Trek were liked by the masses in my day.

(P.S. plan to include sex and violence in my new book  — that should help 😛  )

Blessed be

E Book continued:

‘Time decreases with velocity as you know but with the spiral dance we just get up enough speed until we are in no time and visualize the time period we wish to get to. Intent is what matters. Our subconscious with do the maths and get us to the time we wish. And we can use this spiral dance to get back as well.  If you are by yourself just spin but a group can dance a cone of power.’


You’ll arrive at your destination sky clad so try and visualize somewhere where you can grab clothing. 0r maybe arrive at a nudist beach.

I also recommend that you go backward not forward at least in the beginning.’

“So, we could go back into the past and change things?”

‘Yes, but on a small scale — not enough to save the planet from the human plague!’

Wendy enquired?                                                                                                                                               “I’d like to visit the Nirahns just in their space ship for now. If I astral project and leave my physical body behind, I presume this is possible?”

‘See! You are all original thinkers. Of course, it is possible.’

‘Well there will be a few less crowding around the computer, the television and DVD player.

Satya: Ahimsa.’ said Kunapipi using Enil’s form of greeting.

Iris, Thomas, Robert, William, Mary James and Darlene joined Kunapipi in time travel.

‘Decide when and where each of you would like to go and change something or re-experience something good.

We will all go together this “time” while it is a new experience.’

Kunapipi said the she would like to go back and help all the animals and wild life but as Arawn had actually done that in the here and now she chose to go 1953 to help herself Anne. And stop her mother who caused irreparable damage to Anne’s life and self-confidence. As well as horrific physical emotional damage to two other children whom Anne had left in this woman’s care. Simply because she loved her mother and had not consciously acknowledge how evil she was.

This would also empower Anne to achieve more for the planet and its human and non-human life forms than she had. Although Anne had achieved much to help in many important areas.

‘So, get your gear off! All join hands for the cone of power. We will go to November 8th 1953 in South Australia first. We can land in a paddock because there are few houses and wide open spaces: the door to the house shouldn’t be locked so we can find some sort of clothing.’

They started to spin and could see a spiral of light; They astral projected and pulled in their physical bodies and road the spiral to November 8th 1953 Kunapipi/ Anne knew the time and place and the others just visualizing Kunapipi.

They landed in a paddock which had once been for sheep. Now there were houses scattered here and there.

They walked inside a rectangular building made of asbestos to find a slim woman, with protruding and uneven teeth, screaming at a little girl that she was “useless; a failure; a disappointment; neither use nor ornament. You cannot do anything right!” And shoving her into the wood burning part of a wood stove (which was lit) and locking the door!

wood stove

Kunapipi told the others to look for clothing and went straight to the stove: letting the child out and wrapping her in a blanket, which was fortunately on a nearby chair. Once she had put out the flames she ripped off young Anne’s clothing; yelling out to Mary to find something soft for Anne to wear and something for herself.                                                                                                                               Anne had only first degree burns to forty percent of her body but it was very painful. Kunapipi channelled healing to the child as she carried her.

She said to the girl, ‘ I know that you love your mother as well as fear her but we are taking you to the police station I want you to tell them honestly what happened.’

Not at any time did the child speak; she just looked down so she didn’t have to make eye contact.

Anne’s mother had disappeared but Kunapipi didn’t care where she was.

Robert asked why they didn’t just phone the police to come to the house.

‘There are no public phones boxes near here and few people have phones in their homes

We will walk there I remember where it is.’

‘And Robert would you please tell the police that someone at Anne’s school had told us they often saw bruising on her so we were just calling in when we saw her being pushed into the fire?’

“Why don’t you tell them? I don’t lie very well!”

‘I am a woman. We have no status nor rights in this time period! I will just be ignored!’

‘Even though Anne is four she has already been at school for a year. Her mother was able to start her early so that she could go to work.’

When they arrived at the police station Robert sounded very convincing explaining why they were there and what they saw.

The policeman asked Anne what had happen and she said “I crawled into the oven!”

Kunapipi spoke then:

‘I know you are afraid of your mother’s reaction if you tell them honestly what happened: I know you think you deserve the abuse, because she tells you that you do. But she never changes and she lives a very long life!  She literally ruins your life while she has people convinced she is lovely and you’re a lazy half whit!’

The police man snapped at Kunapipi saying, “You! Looney! should mind your own business! We will take the child home. Do you know the address Anne?”

Anne nodded

The policeman drove Anne, Robert and Kunapipi back to Anne’s home. The others walked.

As the police car pulled up Anne’s mother was sitting on the step crying crocodile tears and told the policeman that someone had stolen her daughter!

The policeman told Kunapipi and Robert they if they didn’t get off the property he would arrest them for trespassing!

“Now what?” said Robert

‘We walk away and meet up with the others then we will wait around nearby until Anne’s father comes home from work.

dad northfield

To be continued:



Sci Fi E Book 13th Instalment

Bullai explained that there were twenty-five thousand humans in Australia so all the pets who wanted a home would find homes.

“Just take those that are drawn to you and vice a versa.”

‘Taking them back you will have to create a simulacrum for them and  assist them to transfer their physical bodies to this: Animals learn quickly and will assist with this: ‘

‘All you have to do is visualize where you live:

Just don’t get the pet roos mixed up with James!’

All were laughing!

Back at camp. Even though the new arrivals were mostly carnivores and predators they communicated to those who could understand that they would like to eat what the humans were eating until such time as they were allowed to hunt.

The main building was finished with solar panels on the roof and a door made from a couple of the replaced humpies in only a few weeks. Everyone had worked toward this and they deemed it time for a celebration.

There wasn’t any wine yet but there was cannabis.                                                                                            They made a vegetable stew.

Len played guitar (which had been part of his personal items saved by Arawn)

Many got up and danced.

Christine suggested that although the sabbats of their Wiccan tradition didn’t fit the Southern hemisphere, they could still celebrate the full moon  and the equinoxes and solstices?

“Only if you wish?”

Her husband and high priest answered, “Any excuse for a party!”

”I wasn’t asking you. I was asking the others of our commune.”

After some discussion, it was agreed that those who wanted to celebrate full moons and sabbats would and those that didn’t wish to at the time would abstain.

“Well that was easy and makes sense. “said Christopher.

The commune was getting into a rhythm or pattern where although nothing was said or organised some days they would all eat together in the main building. Other days they would eat separately and at different times as suited the work they were doing.

They were still making bricks for the individual homes.

The day came soon when they had electricity.

There was tea growing and coffee.

None was ready for harvest but they did have stocks of each saved from their “last” life thanks to Kunapipi’s request.

The first thing Kunapipi/Anne did was boil the urn: they had been using a “billy” which they would continue to use but the urn held six litres.

Robert turned on the computer to see what was on the hard drive while his brother looked through DVDs, along with several others, to see what they could watch on the TV. As many people, as could fit and see clearly stood behind Robert.

” So, no partying today?” joked Christopher.

While the small group were all together again Elsie asked if Kunapipi knew who had survived overseas.

‘Fifteen thousand in the U S of A and twenty thousand in Canada:  three thousand in New Zealand and five thousand in the UK’

‘Try to sense if those you are looking for survived.

Just see if you can sense/feel a link?  Smiling –  if you accidentally translocate to them at least you can get back.’

” We can do that! “said Elsie.

Elsie and George feeling confident of their ability to translocate, tried to sense relatives in what had been the UK. Once they made a connection, they announced that they were visiting the “UK” but would be back.

And they were gone.

Paul laughing said, “I imagine that I will soon get used to people just popping out.”

‘You can use the same technique to travel backwards or forwards through time if you wish.’ said Kunapipi!

‘Time is just a dimension!’

“So, is there karma, if we attempt revenge on horrible people from the past?” Asked Robert.



To be continued:


I’ve Discovered The Meaning Of Life — Not Really

This blog isn’t meant to be taken seriously!



We are in a video game: the goal is to see if we can restore the planet and other life forms to perfect health and abundance: by beating the system that is set up to destroy the planet.

When you agree to play this game, you think it is going to be simple to restore the planet to perfect health.


The characters in this video programme don’t see that there is a problem?

It is perfectly acceptable to torture and kill non-human life forms.

The characters in this video game believe that only humans matter. God said so!

They constantly chop down trees to build houses, make roads and highways and for any other petty excuse they can think of: They constantly kill insects which like trees are essential to the planet.

The characters in this video game kill arachnoids and reptiles because they are afraid of them.

They kill other life forms that they label vermin: further destroying the ecological balance.

They cull species that they consider have reached plague proportions.


It is also acceptable to murder anyone who doesn’t believe in the appropriate god. Some cultures in this program can kill you for threatening the status quo. The ones that don’t certainly ostracise you: treat you with contempt or may have you certified insane and locked in a mental institution.

The goal of the humans in  most of the cultures in this program is to accumulate money and possessions but this cannot be done if you follow the societal norms and mores.

In some cultures, women still have no rights nor status. They are expected to be virgins whereas men are expected to be promiscuous:  (I have no idea how this is supposed to work.   😛 )

Other life forms in this program limit reproducing when there are not enough resources to support them. Whereas the human infestation just keeps growing and destroying the homes and resources of other life forms and generally destroying the planet.

The multinationals and money rule the world: They control the politicians:

After finding that this game of restoring the planet to health is impossible to achieve: you decide to leave the game and change its parameters by causing the program to delete any human who harms another life form.

You then play the game again and win.


( I apologise that my recent blogs are negative but I’ve lost  hope that humans will care about this beautiful planet that is there home: When I was younger I thought I could make the world a better place: And had a Polly Anna outlook on life.)

light candle

I wrote my sci fi E Book  for me (and hopefully as sympathetic magic.) I am not expecting it to be popular because it doesn’t have sex or violence and threatens the status quo.




The following remark  is “Tongue in cheek” = an ironic manner, not meant to be taken seriously.


The longer I live the more I think Barbara Marciniak’s theories in “Bringers of the Dawn” are true!  That we are are controlled and manipulated by beings who feed off the emotions of fear and trauma!


Looking back on my own life all the positive changes that caring people try to make are thwarted– I was in Women’s Liberation because women had no rights and no status – All we wanted was to be treated as equals but now things have gone to such extremes men require liberating.


The groups that I belonged to, campaigning for animal rights or the ecology have been turned into impotent bureaucracies who not only achieve nothing but often make things worse!


Having been a victim of abuse from being a baby ( NOT by my father who was a wise and wonderful man) I am the first to applaud children being told they are not allowed to be abused but this has gone to the extreme where incorrigible brats cannot be disciplined!


The media feeds us violence via the news; movies and probably reality tv shows ( I have never watch a soapie or a reality tv show so cannot accurately comment.)

What about the violence in computer games !!!!?

Historically speaking original thinkers and those who questioned the status quo were put to death. Now social taboos and stigma prevents original thinkers from making the world a better place. At age seven it seemed to me that all so called problems were easily solved not realizing that money and multi nationals were omnipotent.

And then there are wars:  the threat of nuclear holocaust – or germ warfare:

There is the torture and mistreatment of other life forms by the meat industry, drug companies and cosmetic companies.

The destruction of wildlife and their habitat for property development and mining.

This is a beautiful planet. Why are we destroying it?


If you don’t already send healing to the planet, would you? From a sociological and psychic point of view that more people want things to change, the more likely it is to happen.

My “Bucket List” is to heal the planet. Not exactly achievable! So I wrote a sci fi E Book entitled  “A Short Story About Healing The Blue Planet”  Maybe it will be sympathetic magic?



Sci Fi E Book 12th Instalment


‘Before the world changed even being taught this wouldn’t guarantee your success first try:  But now you will succeed first time!’

The mediation included chakra balancing and grounding:

Creating a simulacrum for astral projection: and transferring their consciousness to the simulacrum.


‘Now everyone including “Parrot’s” people. We can only translocate to somewhere we have been or to someone we know.

As somewhere we have been no longer looks the same we will transfer to someone we know and that will be Bullai.’

Bullai, as a being from outside the universe, linked her consciousness to where the pets of Australia were and translocated there.

Kunapipi explained to everyone how to pull their physical being into the simulacrum

And they all did.

‘Now visualize Bullai and then take yourself to her!

Bullai: grinned as she watched people and one wallaby “pop” to where she was at the pet sanctuary.

The wallaby was James: The eight year old telepathed that he had always wanted to be a kangaroo; so he made his simulacrum as one.

He had intuited that this was possible and was how “shape changers” changed form.

“Now we should be able to do this instead of dying.”

‘You could and you can!’

“Well how was that?” said Christopher.  Referring to the translocation


Everyone else smiling, agreed!

They were not far from what had been called lake Eyre and near a river named Diamantina.

Naturally the lake and river were filled with beautiful  blue water and surrounded by abundant flora  and fauna.  Eucalyptus, wattle, kangaroo paw, bottlebrush  and what had been called Johnson grass trees: There were koalas, kangaroos and wombats, goannas and of course lots of dogs and cats!

William and Mary were hoping to find another pig for their pig “Hawking”

William had wanted to call the pig Einstein but Mary said “Too common and not a girl’s name””

And strangely enough there were a few “pet” pigs: They chose a female and Mary wanted to call it Molly.

“Did you know Molly means prostitute? “Explained Thomas.

“It’s a derivative of my name “Mary” but I have no objection to being labelled a prostitute! In the old world, it was a necessary profession: And I am guessing it was because the Romans after adopting Christianity labelled Jesus wife “Mary” as a whor

“None of this is relevant to now!” Interrupted William.

Bullai explained that there were twenty-five thousand humans in Australia so all the pets who wanted a home would find homes.

“Just take those that are drawn to you and vice a versa.”

‘Taking them back you will have to create a simulacrum for them and  assist them to transfer their physical bodies to this: Animals learn quickly and will assist with this: ‘

‘All you have to do is visualize where you live:

Just don’t get the pet roos mixed up with James!’

All were laughing!


To Be continued




Sci Fi E Book 11th Instalment

Star Trek also gave the idea that matter and energy are interchange able.

Add to this, that time is just a dimension.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       That once something is created it gains a consciousness of its own. This would happen in the old world/system when people created thought forms, usually unknowingly.

I am not god! Not even the boss!’

‘There is no hierarchical structure: you would not be here if you weren’t caring honest people who would do their best for other humans and other species.’

‘With different projects there will be those with more know-how and experience than others therefore they will take the lead giving others directions advice and help.’

Several days later Kunapipi was contacted by Bullai.                                                                                (Telepathically and with humour.)

“Well I chose the best humans to incarnate as!”

‘Yes! They call you a parrot’

Ignoring the comment Bullai continued, “My ten husbands are part of the survivors.

I haven’t time to go “walk about” to see them but I can translocate to each one.

My people will have no problem learning translocating, as  most can astral project. And it is just an extension on this.

This land mass hasn’t been this green since it was called Lemuria – You were with me then  – sending a smile:”

“As we are neighbours:” continued Bullai:

“Live by same river:”


“I thought our peoples could get together and share ideas and have fun too.

That is what I love about my people. Everything is fun!”

“I just love your idea about a reality where trees use humans for food, slave labour and experimentation. I suggested one where the mice and insects are able to torture white people.”


‘Ha! Ha! “Parrot”, most of my group will have no problem with translocating as the majority are pagans and witches:’

“What about warlocks?”

‘Male witches are called witches. I thought you were omniscient?’

“Not in human form!”

‘The term warlock refers to those involved in evil practices: They got their ideas from the inquisitors and Malleus Malefucarum in the 14th century— oops! they should call me parrot!

And; Yes:  I could use your help.’

Soon the billabong had visitors. Those who would once have been called indigenous Australians.

Kunapipi called out verbally and mentally to the people at the Billabong.

‘Those of you that would like to teleport to pets that have lost their humans join us.’

Not everyone joined in. Some wished to keep working on various projects important to the settlement: Including making clay bricks; and starting the central meeting hall. (Where they would  by putting solar panels, and installing electricity, so as to play DVD’s and other data saved from before the change.)

‘How many of you are able to astral project at will?’

There were only five that could not do this.

Those that could include the people who had been wheel chair bound and the couple that had suffered with Downs Syndrome.

“Being wheel chair bound motivates one to astral project.” shared Thomas.

‘Those of you who are able to astral project, block out my voice and leave your physical bodies.      Wait while I talk the other through this. Please make a simulacrum for this astral travel!’

To the five:

‘Before the world changed even being taught this wouldn’t guarantee your success first try:  But now you will succeed first time!’

The mediation included chakra balancing and grounding:

Creating a simulacrum for astral projection: and transferring their consciousness to the simulacrum.

——to be continued:


Sci Fi E Book 10th Instalment

Choose what tasks you wish to do.

Don’t all fight for the privilege of digging the loo.’


The people knew she was joking.

As Anne, Kunapipi often found that people just didn’t get her humour.

But this group did.

Before they left the gathering, someone had a question:

Half-jokingly Darlene (James Mother) asked:

“Are we still a reality TV show for between world?”

‘You never were! We participate rather than watch’

‘Oops! I guess there is an analogy with being a reality TV show. Not that I ever watched one!’

Beings from between worlds (that you humans have labelled angels) participate in this universe and sometimes incarnate as different creatures on this planet: very few wish to be human as they considered most humans stupid; with the exception of those cultures labelled primitive. Unfortunately, these no longer existed because of the W.A.S.P.s (As in White Anglo Saxon Protestant).

The Milky Way galaxy is very popular because it is a “feeling” galaxy.


Sadly the beings of Canis Major got hooked on feelings caused by trauma and pain! And they are partly responsible for the damage humans did because they influenced humans to be violent and destructive.’

Even though they were now working toward making the settlement home Kunapipi kept communicating both verbally and telepathically. This was her “Anne” personality, who of course had an anxiety disorder due her human (last) life experience.

While they were working, Paul who had been an electrician and was supervising the setup of the solar panels asked. “What about the nasty creatures from Canis Major? Will they be bothering us?”

‘They are not addicted to love and happiness.’ Kunapipi explained

“Why weren’t the creeps from Canis Major terminated? “Paul questioned.

‘We wanted to save the blue planet and the indigenous life. Removing humans was a last resort. It was either that or the planet would have died!

As I am sure you all realize, but cannot conceptualize, linear time is an illusion! Time is a dimension and in a probable future humans had completely destroyed the planet. And In a probable future the beings from Canis Major no longer were addicted to fear and pain.’

‘Even though those of you that remain, prefer nature to cities, the change is so drastic it can and will cause what your medical system labelled “post-traumatic stress disorder. P.T.S.D.

You have items from your past to help you keep some sort of connection.

You are not expected to change norms & mores.’

‘As I have already told you, you are able to survive on the sun’s energy but you will want to eat. There are vegetables, legumes, mushrooms, fruit, olive and almond trees growing in our immediate vicinity. Not planted in rows but scattered among the native flora.

Thank the plant when you take something. Everything has a consciousness Throw seeds on the earth. Only take what you need.

There are grape vines and hops so when these are ready you can make wine and beer. There are hemp plants for healing, for making rope etc. and you may use it recreationally.’


The following day Kunapipi worked quietly with the others no longer giving information – unless asked:

Someone asked about marriage.

‘If monogamy suits you stay with it:

If not say so.

Also there is no judgment re sexual preference as long as it is limited to your own species and consensual.

I am sure you intuitively know that.’

Elsie was in tears.

“My husband George died before Arawn came here. Is it possible to bring him back?”

‘Yes! I will ask George’s consent which I am sure he will give!’

Someone else questioned.

“If you can bring back the dead and Arawn created the universe doesn’t that make you gods?”

‘There is no such thing! The concept was inculcated to control you!’

‘I am unable to give you an analogy using concepts you have in your present linear time But I am guessing those of you who never watched Star Trek are aware of the ideas this TV series made popular.

So, consider someone created this huge holodeck and Arawn created a universe with all components therein. This is and was a creative endeavour on Arawn’s part. Like some human’s paint, write music etc.


Star Trek also gave the idea that matter and energy are interchange able.

Add to this that time is just a dimension.

That once something is created it gains a consciousness of its own. This would happen in the old world/system when people created thought forms, usually unknowingly.

I am not a god. Not even the boss!!’