I first started developing my clairvoyance in a spiritualist group.                       My mentor was Stella Darwood: An amazing clairvoyant! (Years later I nursed her at the Royal Adelaide Hospital when she died. )

When I first attended these groups, I would see guides ( with my eyes open), with everyone in the room.

Still sceptical at the time I doubted what I was seeing; until in a different group, someone described the same guide that I had seen, with the same person, in Stella’s group.

In my experience guides are not angels:

I see angels as white light.

Just as I theorised, that, we live in a virtual reality– An idea that I got from Star Trek’s “holodeck” – I theorised that guides were us in past lives.                I have “learned” that this isn’t necessarily so.

Some Spiritualists teach that you only have one guide, who cannot appear to anyone else. This is so not true.

I was also told not to tell anyone else my guide’s name: I haven’t adhered to this but with my Wiccan background I prefer to “keep silent”

One guide whom I have been aware of since the late 70s gave me information; some of which I was able to check : including his name and tribal origins                    ( strangely enough from The Bible) And much more that I was/am unable to check! 

He has also been seen many times by others without any hints from me.

He is a Nubian/ Egyptian: pre-dating what recorded history we have of Egypt. Actually pre-dating 3500B.C. He also claimed to have lived to be over a thousand years old? He is very tall: possibly 8 foot and black, as in blue black.

In the 70s pyramids were a fad and I asked this guide about pyramids:

He said “Pyramids refract electromagnetic waves like a prism refracts light”. Now this was the seventies: I headed to the library, to find information on electro magnetic waves. I found some info: not much.

This guide also took me on a “journey”: I guess you could call it a meditation:     We were in an Egyptian reed canoe– This wasn’t what I was expecting — I had images of Egyptian barges in my mind from the movie Cleopatra but I was able to find a picture in an encyclopaedia afterwards; that’s how I know it was an Egyptian reed canoe!

We were in a battle and I wasn’t comfortable so brought myself out of the “mediation”. He told me that the Nubians were the ruling class in Egypt in his life time.

He also confirmed that he was me in another life!



Another guide I love and appreciate, came to me when I was very ill.                        (Every organ in my body was shutting down; which meant I was dying.

An amazing naturopath, whom I still see, saved my life.)

This guide told me “My name is Pila. I am here for support.” She has a great sense of humour.

She looked like a Polynesian priestess – or what I imagine a priestess would look like.

Pila told me when I asked, that she was NOT me in a past life but part of my multidimensional being? My thoughts were;- maybe me, in an alternate reality?

When I asked her to tell me more about herself she told me she was from what we call Rap Nui (Easter Island) That she wasn’t a priestess but what  would be considered an elder. She said her culture were matriarchal. She also practised polyandry. She had 8 husbands.


Of course years later I Googled this and read that they were cannibals.                 Pila told me that she was a vegetarian.

(I am a vegetarian and to me cannibalism isn’t much more horrifying than supporting the meat industry; with its factory farming and mass slaughter at abattoirs. Still I cannot be sure I didn’t imagine her answers considering my own feelings/ideas.)

Last century I was able to draw pictures of peoples guides.

This century I think I have just lost confidence in me.

Pila will help me with this.

Happy Face

With guides; unlike deceased love ones; I am unable to prove their authenticity.

I ask them for help and guidance and receive same: even though I may just be talking to other aspects of me; it works!

Blessed Be


The Beginning of my Quest


I explained the clairvoyant experience that convinced me clairvoyance is genuine in: “ Surviving Death”: the following stories pre date this:

My first experience was seeing someone’s aura at the Gawler institute:                              I also attended a psychic group run by the lady who ran the meetings at the Gawler Institute.          

aura                                                                                                                                                                 …

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Everyone IS Clairvoyant


Every one is clairvoyant:

The ability atrophies because our culture that tells us there is no such thing!

My mentor taught us that clairvoyance is a natural ability: an extension of our five senses!
To get this ability back, just use it:
I am including some really simple things to try:

Guess who is on the phone before you answer— oops this one is no good with mobiles or phones that show incoming caller! (I am showing my age here)

Have a friend give you the “given” name of someone that you do not know and visualize what this person looks like: Feel what their personality is like: their occupation etc.

If you are going somewhere that you have never been visualize this place before you go.

To see auras have someone sit in front of a pale coloured wall:                              you 
will only see colours or even the etheric over this person’s shoulders because clothes muffle the aura: (This is one of the reasons that some Wiccan traditions work skyclad)                                                                                  Most people see the etheric immediately it is a white two inch ( 5cms) band:

Every thing flashes in a fraction of a second: clairvoyance; clairaudience and clairsension:

There is a scientific explanation for us sensing someone who isn’t in our line of vision but looking at us: This same ability is often used to sense “discarnate” beings! These discarnate beings are just “out of phase”!

Proprioception. (prō’prē-ō-sěp’shən) The unconscious perception of movement and spatial orientation arising from stimuli within the body itself. In humans, these stimuli are detected by nerves within the body itself, as well as by the semicircular canals of the inner ear.

Life after death has nothing to do with God or heaven but quantum physics as in discarnate beings are in another reality where the electrons
are moving at a different speed around the protons and neutrons; than they are in this reality. Hence out of phase to us.

If you cannot find something, e.g. lost your car keys: are having difficulty making a decision; talk to yourself; or a guide; angel or God if you believe in one. I believe it is other aspects of our multidimensional being that give us answers:
I no longer run psychic development groups nor train would be witches. Up until the last couple of years I would be asked to run same and asked to keep them going because everyone enjoyed them so much. But the last couple of times i agreed to run a group they just “flopped”?

Another exercise to try:

Sit in front of a miror in a darkened room with a lit candle behind you:

you may burn incense if you wish:

In the mirror your face blanks out and then changes: I do not know what or why this is but you are welcome to observe if you are comfortable.

In the mirror “people” will build up behind your right or left shoulder                   ( reflection of)

You may call people in if you wish.

Spiritualists taught that calling people was unacceptable but if the ‘person’ you are calling doesn’t wish to appear they wont.

I communicate mostly by visual images: occasionally I “hear”: often concepts just pop into my head: so just note what is happening when or if you speak to people that “have passed over”

Have fun! it is a buzz when you succeed


Double Standards



Sadly I belong to the most dangerous species on the planet!

If I could change reality, I would change this world.

To begin with the human population would be vastly less than it is. All the damage we humans have done to this planet and the ecology would be healed and all the species we have made extinct would be restored.

The human plague problem is easily solved by implementing zero population growth i.e. one child per couple but this solution is culturally unacceptable. Azimof wrote a novel called the Gods themselves The social satire was that science had to provide a solution for a problem because humans refused to apply the simple and obvious one!

I realized long ago I must work in the microcosm before I can influence the macrocosm. I have done; and still am, doing what I can to change things that I believe to be wrong. I have seen some changes for the better. But nowhere near enough.

I In the 1970’s I was in Animal Liberation; Greenpeace; Women’s Liberation. Greenpeace informed us way back then that we had destroyed this planet beyond repair.

In later years I joined “Trees for Life”. All these organisations were started by people who really care but humans apparently mess everything up and the organisations end up money-making bureaucracies; with mindless automatons just giving lip service to the original principles, thinking it trendy.


I get told not to feed the magpies because I am stopping them from finding their own food. Well they eat mice but humans poison mice: The magpies eat worms but humans concrete their properties and bitumen the roads. So magpies have to kill other birds to eat; hence I feed then to prevent this.      A few nights ago a moth kept throwing itself against my kitchen window even though the curtains were closed. I turned off the light but the moth didn’t survive. It reminded me of when I was in primary school and we were learning about Albert Schweitzer. Our teacher told us that he used to be upset because the moths hurt themselves being attracted to lights. She found this strange. I feel the same. I must be strange!

When I was very young and found out where meat came from I refused to eat it. For this I received a bashing and my mother told me that I would end up in a mental institution for being strange. (Here’s that word again-“strange”?!). The same meal was put in front of me for breakfast, lunch and tea until I ate it.

 Carnivores tell me that the meat industry is nature. DER! There is no adrenaline rush from the hunt: No respect for the animal giving up its life: just queues of animals watching others being slaughtered!

I get emotional thinking of the scape goat. What an existence!

Factory farming is horrific. I just won’t start on that one!

Use of animals in laboratories even more horrifying!

Another thing that annoys me is “pest control”. Humans eradicate things they consider have reached plague proportion or are not indigenous.  Humans are way beyond plague proportions! White Anglo Saxon Protestants (WASPs) are certainly not indigenous to Australia or the United States of America!                                                                                                                     Locally they cull the Correllas (parrots) because they are annoying. Humans have removed almost all the trees these Correllas are able to feed from.

Insects are so important to the environment but humans just kill them because they can! I was given this quote but do not know the author. “If all the insects left the planet, the planet would die. If all the humans left the planet, the planet would thrive!”

If we deliberately ran over another person we would be up for murder but people are allowed to run over birds, animals and reptiles because they are on the road.  I just don’t get the arrogance of people thinking they are the only species that matters.

Humans are prosecuted for destroying property but destroying the environment is considered progress. Locally the real estate companies have destroyed heritage bushland by bulldozing or burning. They then sub divide and build houses so more of the most dangerous creatures on the planet can live here.

Movies like Avatar or The Day the Earth Stood Still are only preaching to the converted.

If anyone one has even read this far maybe you would join me in one or all of the affirmations that I do daily. Just from a psychological and sociological point of view the more people that believe in something, the better chance it has of happening.

Affirmation: “Humans show love and respect to all life forms especially their pets mother earth and one another” : “There is zero population growth of homo sapiens” “All humans are vegetarians”: “Factory farming and meat industry abolished; Laboratory use of animals abolished”


So mote it be and Namaste to planet Earth and Her life forms






The Clairvoyant Experience


This is taken from my answers to a questionnaire that my youngest grandson gave me a few years ago.


What has been your most memorable experience when giving a reading to someone?


There are of course many: I respect peoples confidentiality when doing a reading. Also I tend not to remember peoples readings: Other clairvoyants say the same. Probably to protect the client and also not to take on other people’s problems.

I will describe three: one very upsetting: one that I was told was wrong to begin with: and a funny one.

I while I was reading for a man (in Chantilly Place, Goolwa. SA) I picked up a friend of his who died in the Crimean War. The man I was reading for asked if the man had been killed or was he taken and tortured. As they had had to leave him behind. The man had been tortured. I did not feel the physical pain but the emotional horror.

I read for a lady whose son had died. Off on a tangent – (When this lady first came to me I told her she would have to come back in four months. Her son had only died two months ago the first time she came for a reading. Spiritualists had taught me that people had to be dead six months before they could make contact. This isn’t true. A year later I was reading for someone whose husband came through amazingly clearly. I asked how long he had been “passed over” and was told nine weeks.) Back to the story: One of the things this lady’s son did was point to the head of his grave.       She told me that there was nothing there! I pointed out to her that I wasn’t to know that her son had been buried. The following day I received a phone call from this lady. She told me that she had gone straight to the grave after her reading. Her son’s girlfriend had put a headstone on the grave saying “His loving Wife” and not mentioned any of the family!


I was reading for a young lady. Her father was one of the people that came through. He kept showing himself sitting on a long drop toilet: pants around his ankles; reading the paper and smoking. I didn’t feel comfortable “giving this off” !

But he insisted it was a family joke. When I told the girl, she explained that her grandfather had put “kero” down the long drop. Her dad got off the toilet throwing the cigarette butt in and blew up the building!



My Dad always told me that you shouldn’t charge for readings He believed it affected ones ability to be genuine.

But I have charged for readings for approximately 35 years. I do not charge very much! Several years ago a clairvoyant friend told me that I should charge $100 because I genuinely communicate with people who have ”passed over” At the time I was charging $30:  I now charge $50 and give a pensioners discount! I have realised since way back to the 1970’s that if I charged a fortune, people would think I was an excellent clairvoyant. Because our culture programs us to think this way.

John Edwards is genuine so I am not criticising people who charge high prices. It just isn’t how I wish to “work”!

When I genuinely communicate with someone that has passed over it is so exciting for me: even though I have done this for decades. It makes me realize that there is so little I understand about this reality and our existence.

Quantum physics fascinates me as it did my Dad. (It was called quantum mechanics in his day.)

I just “felt” I should include the following:

There was a short time when my clairvoyance was blocked.

It was caused by medication!                                                                                I was put on an antidepressant ( which in the MIMS was listed as an anti psychotic) When I changed doctors she told me that I should never have been put on this drug and to go off it “cold turkey”! It had caused sleep deprivation: changed my personality: It also made me feel horrible. I felt permanently hyper active. The words do not adequately describe the feeling.  

A few years ago I finally acknowledged to myself that I was an atheist.

Surviving death has nothing to to with worshipping a god.

I think we just move to an alternate reality.

Blessed be Kate