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Everyone IS Clairvoyant

Every one is clairvoyant: The ability atrophies because our culture that tells us there is no such thing! My mentor taught us that clairvoyance is a natural ability: an extension of our five senses! To get this ability back, just use it: I am… Continue Reading “Everyone IS Clairvoyant”

Surviving Death

  People tend to believe that a belief in God and heaven is necessary for a belief in and “afterlife” Surviving death isn’t synonymous with a religious belief. We do not understand the nature of reality. It appears we exist in an alternate reality… Continue Reading “Surviving Death”

What is the Nature of Reality?

When I first became interested in clairvoyance in the seventies there were only the Spiritualists. They called channelling trance. The first time I saw/ heard this it was a fake. I was fortunate enough to be accepted into a psychic development group run by… Continue Reading “What is the Nature of Reality?”