What is the Nature of Reality?


When I first became interested in clairvoyance in the seventies there were only the Spiritualists. They called channelling trance. The first time I saw/ heard this it was a fake.
I was fortunate enough to be accepted into a psychic development group run by a lady called Stella Darwood. Stella went into trance the first time that I attended her classes. The features of a Mongolian man were superimposed over Stella’s face. I said nothing. Afterward the man sitting next to me described what I saw.
I believe that Jane Robert’s (deceased) channelling of Seth was genuine.
The guide that others saw/see with me and describe is/was Nubian. Extremely tall; possibly 8 feet. His skin bluish black.

I don’t “see” him but I communicate with him: And have had proof that this is a genuine communication. He lived in Egypt before we consider that Egypt existed. He told me his heritage and I was able to check this using the bible surprisingly enough.
In the seventies I asked him about pyramids. He told me that “pyramids refract electromagnetic waves like a prism refracts light”. I had no idea what electromagnetic waves were back then.
It was only at the beginning of this year that I acknowledged to myself that I was an atheist.                     I wrote a blog explaining why.
I also accept that I do not understand the nature of reality.
In the last 36 years I have only attempted to directly channel this guide twice and only succeeded the second attempt. On this occasion he greeted everyone saying “Shalom” which didn’t make sense to me as the word is Hebrew.
Despite my skepticism i have decided to channel and put the information on my blog.                              I will be asking people in my psychic development groups to ask my guide questions plus anyone who reads this is welcome to leave a question for me to put to him.
Bearing in mind that I was doing clairvoyant readings and a priestess of Wicca when most of the mindless masses  thought only what they were told to think; Women were still goods an shackle and only few of us cared about the planet or other life forms: so if you are going to leave a stupid or insulting question it won’t bother me it is just a reflection of who you are!
I would like to understand as best I am able what the nature of reality is.
He“told”me that if I could understand that time was a dimension and that linear time isn’t “real” he would have an easier job of getting concepts across to me.

I understand that time decreases with velocity thanks to Einstein but that there is no past or future is a problem for me;

To be continued

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