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It is Beltane here 😀 The sabbats are seasonal: so in the southern hemisphere it is Beltane (MayDay) In the northern hemisphere it is Samhain (Halloween) Beltane was a fertility festival where the villages would come together: This way “in- breeding” – in the… Continue Reading “Beltane”


Last century I did many past life regressions:  (damn that sentence sounds grammatically incorrect?) In one I was a monk in an orange robe. I acknowledge that I do not understand the nature of reality: But maybe a “past” life explains some of my… Continue Reading “SHARING”


I was going to make another video to advertise my “on line” clairvoyant readings – I wanted to video this outside  by the trees but it is very windy: Hence am using this old one that I made for my Facebook page: I give… Continue Reading “CLAIRVOYANT MEDIUM”


My Dad now deceased grew up on a farm in Yorkshire. I remember so many of my his sayings: “Why worry If you worry you die If you don’t worry you die So why worry.” “Count your blessings” “Put wood in th’ole” = shut… Continue Reading “SELF PRAISE”


I realise that you know objectively that religion defines a culture: Even atheists conform to the norms, mores and concepts created by religion. I believe Jesus was a teacher and although there was a meeting in Nicaea in AD 325 to decide what to… Continue Reading “RELIGION DEFINES A CULTURE”


MISCONCEPTIONS I realize some people still equate witches with evil people who sacrifice animals. Not us! This is the first page of  my Book of Shadows started in 1983 “Eight words the Wiccan Rede fulfil An it harm NONE Do what thou will” The… Continue Reading “WICCA”


I get free delivery if I spend approx. $50 on books So better to buy more books than pay postage on one.  Some to give away  to friends in Australia:  I will have one “Creating Utopia”  Three “Clairvoyant Experiences of a Sceptic”   One… Continue Reading “A FEW FREE BOOKS”


I blogged that two of my books were not available to be posted to Australia: Yet one of them was? I only just noticed the small  U S of A  flag at the top of the web page: I changed the web page to… Continue Reading “WELL THAT WAS SILLY”


I have been sitting in the sunshine reading the sci fi that I wrote — to refresh my memory in writing the sequel/prequel. I wrote and published this sci fi short story a few years ago when the human population was only 7.4 billion:… Continue Reading “A SHORT STORY”


This was originally much longer but I edited it so that I would fit in 😛 Even when I was young I thought our culture was wrong. I try my best to adhere to  Ahimsa but it is close to impossible. Our culture labels… Continue Reading “I’M A MISFIT”