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It is MOTHERS DAY in Australia Mother’s day was originally to celebrate the mother goddess When the Romans introduced Christianity they could not get rid of the pagan festivals so every church festival was originally  a pagan festival I do not object to those… Continue Reading “MOTHE’S DAY MAKES ME CRY”


My reason for writing this is twofold: To heal the resentments I have toward my Mother And to highlight the fact that it is not that long ago that women and children had no rights I always loved my Mother but it seemed that… Continue Reading “NAMASTE MUM”


THIS IS A REBLOG BUT MY MOTIVATION THIS TIME IS DIFFERENT I am having trouble leaving the house and am trying to psychoanalyse why: (Any one whose fight and flight response is dysfunctional knows that it is difficult to know if there is a… Continue Reading “PTSD”


I was motivated to blog this because an acquaintance complained about her husband’s depression and anxiety: Claimed she just couldn’t understand why people were like this. PTSD and PND were not acknowledged in my day I had 63 years of abuse starting when I… Continue Reading “PTSD”


I originally entitled this self esteem and was advised that this title wasn’t allowed? The late Louise Hay advised people to love themselves: But so many of us don’t. (regardless of age group: sex or race.) One of the few good psychologists told me… Continue Reading “SOME ADVICE GIVEN TO ME”