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THIS IS A REBLOG BUT MY MOTIVATION THIS TIME IS DIFFERENT I am having trouble leaving the house and am trying to psychoanalyse why: (Any one whose fight and flight response is dysfunctional knows that it is difficult to know if there is a… Continue Reading “PTSD”


I was motivated to blog this because an acquaintance complained about her husband’s depression and anxiety: Claimed she just couldn’t understand why people were like this. PTSD and PND were not acknowledged in my day I had 63 years of abuse starting when I… Continue Reading “PTSD”


I originally entitled this self esteem and was advised that this title wasn’t allowed? The late Louise Hay advised people to love themselves: But so many of us don’t. (regardless of age group: sex or race.) One of the few good psychologists told me… Continue Reading “SOME ADVICE GIVEN TO ME”