My reason for writing this is twofold:

To heal the resentments I have toward my Mother

And to highlight the fact that it is not that long ago that women and children had no rights

Mum me  and Dad in 2003
Dad died 2004 he would be 101 on New years day if he were still alive DOB 1/1/21
Mum died 2012 she would be 102 this week  if still alive DOB 29/12/1919
Kathleen  still here (just) born 19/2/1949   😛

I always loved my Mother but it seemed that she didn’t love me

I have flashbacks to her screaming at me when I was still in my cot

Her physical abuse was scary and would have put her in prison in this day and age

She actually admitted that she bashed me because she felt like it

when at age ten I said “I haven’t done anything wrong”

 she said

“ I just felt like it”

Her mental abuse continued up to and including the week she died

The mental abuse has definitely programmed my brain’s “hard drive” as I have no confidence and I criticise myself continually.

I do not wish to feed my resentments further instead I wish to try and understand why.

Mum in Northfield in the 1950s

Mum was the second to youngest of ten

Three boys and seven girls

She came top in primary school and high school and won a scholarship to go to college

She wasn’t allowed to go.

She was sent to work in the cotton mills and a local shop and had to hand over her wages.

St Catherines Wigan

This is from my Dad’s eulogy

There is a beaut story of how Matt and Ada met. Ada had been invited to tea with a workmate Kathleen and her husband Stanley. When Ada got off the bus to walk to Kathleen’s place a fella got off at the same stop, and they proceeded to walk on separate sides of the road. He was going there too, just to drop in on his cousin Stanley. As you can imagine he focused some of his attention on Ada.

They were married on 12th January 1946 in St Catherine’s church in Wigan

When I was born Mum was raced to hospital because there were complications

but her doctor was playing golf and didn’t show.

She was in hospital for six months after my birth and (aunty) Kathleen looked after me.

Mum would have definitely had Post Natal depression – undiagnosed because it wasn’t even acknowledged

And Mum wouldn’t have told anyone that she was depresed because there was an horrific stigma to mental illness back then.

PND wasn’t even acknowledge in my day

I had PND with both my children

The first time I tried to  kill myself by overdosing

– my husband tipped salt water down my throat and I threw up.

With my second child I could feel the chemical change and took myself to the doctor saying I was depressed.

He said “You have nothing to be depressed about:

go home and  snap out of it!”

S S Strathnaver

We moved to Australia on the ten pound scheme.

Mum took a “pressure cooker” course as teacher but she gave up the job because she was ridiculed for her Lancashire accent and told she could not be understood.

She worked as a nurse assistant after that

A job she was good at and loved

I was able to communicate with Mum when she first passed over and she gave a message that I thought was about my cousin Ken

Ken said it was for Joe, whom Mum called Percy (his actual name) and whom she used to look after when he was little.

After that i just refused to communicate with her.

I (wrongly) blamed her for everything that was wrong in my life.

Now that I would like to “link” with her I seem unable to do so

me and Mum 2012




I love the meaning of this word

The quote is from

One of the most common translations of namasté is

“The divine light in me bows to the divine light within you.”

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