Turned the idiot box on this morning but turned it off as “they” were blaming cats for killing the wild life.

Humans kill more wild life directly –  through road kill: hunting: culling:realestate development:mining:bushfires –and indirectly because of cultural norms, than any cat.

Kookaburras were culled because they were killing other birds

 but the reason Kookaburras and other larger carnivores (magpies and crows) kill other birds is because humans are depriving them of their other food sources





Scientists have been telling us that we are causing the extinction of all life since before I was born:

I didn’t like American humour until “Men In Black”

It was the first time I was aware of that they used social satire as humour:

“I’ve noticed an infestation:

Undeveloped: unevolved:

barely conscious pawn scum :

Totally convinced of their own superiority as they scurry about their short pointless lives.”

From “Men In Black”

 In a more recent  movie “Don’t Look Up” the satire  is  so true!

Me age 3 with Christie

When I was a child the population of Australia was 9 million

 In South Australia the suburbs were small country towns

When we went to the UK in 1959 I wondered how people knew when one town ended and another began because there was no gap between them.

So I have seen firsthand the human plague destroying the wild life.

I read Sci fi anthologies when I was young because Asimov wrote short stories

I  loved sci fi even at an early age

There was a short story ( not Asimov – I cannot remember the author  –was more than 60 years ago) where ET’s passing our planet noticed an infestation destroying the planet’s ecology so the ET’s exterminated the human infestation)

In 1972 Asimov published “The Gods Themselves”

a satire

 instead of just stopping what is causing  the problem 

humans expect scientists to find a solution

from Facebook

A tree meditation


I love the meaning of this word

The quote is from One of the most common translations of namasté is “The divine light in me bows to the divine light within you.”

One Comment on “DON’T LOOK UP

  1. Sounds great – except… trees give off oxygen (many people still don’t realize that truth).

    At the end of the day – oxygen is far more important to me.

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