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This heritage bushland was set alight: Soon after it was real estate development: Real Estate companies pay the fines associated with destroying heritage bush land because they make heaps more money than the fine. In this case they were not fined at all because… Continue Reading “KUNGFUTZ SAY”


I was recently asked for my date of birth –which I gave And said “I AM FLOWER POWER GENERATION“ The young lady replied “Lucky you” I said“NO –LUCKY YOU” My generation were responsible for social change: (that is all that I said –the rest… Continue Reading “CHANGES FOR THE BETTER”


Last century I watched a video (tape) of Louise Hay, Wayne Dyer and Deepak Chopra I find them interesting I don’t necessarily believe everything any one of them teaches But I appreciate their wisdom A chemist friend told me (last century) that when testing… Continue Reading “LOUISE HAY”