Hug A Tree Today


This is a re blog, altered slightly. Previous blog was called “Trees”

A neighbour recently told me with pride. “I don’t have leaves in my driveway!’

And another neighbour who has now moved used to vacuum the concrete. This man worked for “Trees For Life”. Which reinforces my belief that these now impotent environmental groups are populated by people who think its trendy. His property was mostly concrete and gravel: Not a tree insight!

I am opposed to absolute ideologies (fascism) so I do not impose my ideas on others.

But I am tired of others imposing their views on me.

I am sick of people telling me to get rid of trees.


Trees are essential for the air and soil.


Real-estate development removes millions of trees destroying the homes and food source of other life forms and effecting both the soil and air.


So instead of chopping down trees lets bring in harsher penalties for arsonists.


And build our homes in harmony with the environment.

Oops I forgot: People believe that cultures that live in harmony with the environment and don’t worship money are primitive and therefore inferior.                                                I am probably considered “white trash” because of my beliefs.


I no longer belong to “Trees for Life” because they are now just an impotent bureaucracy.

Not only do the multinationals rule the world they have the masses “brain washed”.


Hug a tree today 😀


And Blessed Be


This link takes you to my book which is now in paperback.



Readings are $60 (Australian) and I am able to see and communicate with those who have passed over even though it is “on line”



Thought that I may make a lollipop sign with the above picture: taken when I was 46:          So that people know it is still me.


Zero Population Growth



Zero population


“Zero population growth, sometimes abbreviated ZPG (also called the replacement level of fertility), is a condition of demographic balance where the number of people in a specified population neither grows nor declines, considered as a social aim by some.”

When I mention zero population growth most people go into horror?

And some tell me that babies are left to die in China: Babies should not be left to die!    This isn’t what zero population is about.

Seriously it doesn’t mean one cannot have children!

But limiting couples to one child temporarily would certainly help reduce the population.

And give the planet a chance to heal.



I joined Greenpeace in the late 70’s

We were considered a dangerous radical group back then.

The founders of Greenpeace, believed a few individuals could make a difference.

But they also thought that we humans had already damaged the planet beyond repair.

Nuclear waste being a contributing factor.

Unfortunately, multinationals rule the world and all the environmental groups and animal liberation have become impotent bureaucracies that people now join because it is trendy!


WASPS (White Anglo-Saxon Protestants) label cultures that live in harmony with the environment “primitive”.

Most people in our culture considered themselves superior to other life forms?

How intelligent are we when  our cultural goal is to accumulate money.

One cannot eat or drink money. While we still have paper money we could burn it to provide heat?

To fit into our culture all that is necessary is to be a mindless automaton.

To be successful one must be a sociopath.

(This is intended “tongue in cheek”. I don’t really believe all successful people are sociopaths)

AG00096_                                   AG00066_


The sociopaths and narcissists who don’t care about other life forms or the planet should realize that by chopping down trees and clearing land: covering it with tar and cement; they are depriving other life forms of their homes and food:  and with no photosynthesis from plant life where is the oxygen?



the process by which green plants and some other organisms use sunlight to synthesize nutrients from carbon dioxide and water. Photosynthesis in plants generally involves the green pigment chlorophyll and generates oxygen as a by-product.”


Destroying insects will destroy the planet if we don’t cease this practice!

“If all the insects left the planet the planet would die.

If all the humans left the planet the planet would thrive.”



Isaac Asimov’s “The Gods Themselves” was a social satire on the fact that humans expect science to find a solution to problems that wouldn’t be there if humans refrained from raping the planet.

the gods themselves


Humans are already way beyond plague proportions and sooner or later something will have to be done.

Many who object to zero population growth do so because of religious beliefs.

I doubt that their god would approve of them destroying this beautiful planet?

In the 1950’s humans lived in fear of a nuclear holocaust: I am loathed to think about the fact that this is still a possibility: especially because it destroys all life, not just homo sapiens.

Better if humans who insist on killing one another do so using a virus: one that presumably targets a specific genetic marker so only the “enemy” dies.

At the beginning of this century I wrote a sci fi novel where humans were culled using nanites; this was before the remake of “The Day The Earth Stood Still”.                         Unlike the movie the nanites in my story were programmed to cull only human carnivores not harming any other life forms  😛

In another more recent sci fi  story (that I actually published)  most of the humans  were just deleted using an holodeck programme as the analogy.


On this cheery note 😛

enjoy your day.

Happy Face


A few of us are sending healing at the same time each evening to mother Earth and all birds, animals, reptiles, insects, trees, plants, mollusc, arachnids etc.

(I include livestock and laboratory animals being freed and inhumane practices demolished)

If you wish to join in send healing (or pray if you have religious beliefs) at 8pm /2000hrs South Australian time: Just five minutes a night.

Similar endeavours have succeeded in the past on a smaller scale.

Even if you cannot send every night send on the evenings that you can.


If you’re are overseas and able join in just calculate the time. e.g. UK would be 11.30am




As you would imagine money isn’t my goal so readings are not expensive 😛

Blessed Be




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Thankyou to all the people who have bought my book     I only get $1.46 per book but my favourite son in his wisdom said you could sell a million ( He was joking — I wrote it because I love writing).

Thankyou to the people that have booked me for “online” readings this suits me better because I don’t have a venue (and I can still see auras and  see and communicate with those who have “passed over”)



Having put the picture of myself at 46 on both my book and business cards am satiated looking at it:

Don’t you love the jargon?

So some respite from my photo:

AG00311_          AG00301_     AG00315_witch

image002   Happy Face


Herewith info again:

And for readings:


Readings are $60 via Skype or Messenger and $50 for emails.

Be Blessed


Always Trust Your “Gut”

I chose this title because I have heard several storeys recently about “so called” clairvoyants running scams.

All the clairvoyants that I know are genuine. Dishonest and phoney people give the rest of us a bad name.

So to quote Deepak Chopra  “Every cell in your body has neuro peptides; so every cell thinks. Better to trust your gut because it hasn’t learned to doubt what it thinks.

I was told by someone that I read for that she and her friends believed that if someone charges less than $80 they are no good.

Another clairvoyant friend told me over a decade ago that I should put my prices up to over an hundred because I am able to communicate with those that have passed over.

I understand this thinking—If something is expensive it is good and cheap means not good.

But I don’t want to put my prices up. With my Dad being a Spiritualist and a clairvoyant, I was told that I shouldn’t charge.

Someone who is grieving or is just looking for guidance may not be able to afford   to pay a fortune!

The best and most amazing reading that I had was in the 1980’s and this lady used psychometry and charged me $5.

Some that are expensive are extremely good.   e.g. John Edward

But many are not genuine.


I tried to record this meditation as a video but it is too long:

I  know that I have blogged this before.

I learned this meditation in the early eighties:

It is creating a “sacred space” for healing and manifesting.

I recommend that you record it (as in verbally) so that you can play it for yourself and  meditate .



Relax: centre: and protect yourself.


Breathe deeper and slower that you normally would.


Visualize the colour RED and know that you are becoming more relaxed.


Now visualize ORANGE


Pause between each colour and say


“Breathe deeply and slowly and RELAX”


If you are unable to see the colour just pretend you are seeing it. You eventually will!








You are very relaxed and calm now.






You are now on a beach.


Feel the sand between your toes.


Smell the sea air.


Hear the seagulls and the splashing of the waves.


Stay here a while relaxing.


In the distance you see an hole in the cliff face:


Start walking toward this cliff face.


When you arrive you notice that it is a cave.


You enter and find yourself in a cave lit by phosphorescent fungi.


There are steps going down.


You descend these steps.














There is a door in front of you.


You open this door.

This is your sacred space:


You create this yourself.


The more that you use this meditation the more powerful it will become.

Create a device to cleanse your aura as you enter— I have a “sonic shower”. But a normal H2O shower will do fine.

Create an elevator to the right, at the back, to bring people down for healing; problem solving; or just to talk to.

( I actually have a transporter beam — I am still a trekkie 😛   )

Always send them back up.

The first time you go to you sacred space you bring down a male and female guide.

(The psychological aspect is that they are archetypes: your animus and anima )

They stay here. You do not send THEM back.

Create a door to the back left so you may go on astral journeys.

A clock and calendar to change the date & time.

Create anything that you feel that you require for healing and manifesting.

Remember that your guides stay in this sacred space awaiting you.

When you are ready go back the way that you came.




You climb out of the cave and on to the beach.



RED — you are wide awake and feel wonderful!





Something that you may wish to join in: even if only occasionally:

A few of us are sending healing at the same time each evening to Mother Earth and all birds, animals, reptiles, insects, trees, plants, molluscs arachnids. `


(I include livestock and laboratory animals being freed and inhumane practices demolished)


If you wish to join in sending healing (or pray if you have religious beliefs) at 8pm /2000hrs each evening. S A time for five minutes.


Similar endeavours have succeeded in the past on a smaller scale.


Even if you cannot send every night send on the evenings that you can.

If you are overseas and wish to join in just calculate the time difference: e.g. UK would be 11-30 am / 1130hrs

Please send healing and protection to The Great Australian Bight.


Be blessed

The following is a link to my book. It is $8 plus postage.


And this is a video that I made as a cover photo for my Clairvoyant Medium high priestess Wicca page.  Although the length fitted the set parameters every video that I tried was rejected — so it must be the pixels? This was one of them that I didn’t delete 




I am now set up to receive payment via PayPal You can pay online using your credit card, debit card or PayPal.” Just send me your email address for the invoice.

I am having to put the price up a little to cover my costs so online readings are now $60.00 (Australian) and emails $50 (With emails just email a recent photo).

Easiest way to contact me would be email =


Enjoy your day on our beautiful planet


Another Advert



Yippee! the paperback version of my book “The Clairvoyant Experiences of a Sceptic” is now available in Australia: It wasn’t when I put the last order in but it is now.  I am guessing it is because Amazon are stopping Aussies from buying overseas.    😀




The picture on my book and new business cards was taken when I was 46 years young                ( 23 years ago)

I have considered making a lollipop sign to hold over my face so that people know it is me.




I am now set up to receive payment via PayPal

You can pay online using your credit card, debit card or PayPal. Just send me your email address for the invoice.

I am having to put the price up a little to cover my costs so online readings are now $60.00 and emails $50 (With emails just email a recent photo)

I am still able to see some aura colours and see and communicate with people that have “passed over”.

Contact me via email

I made this as the cover photo for my Facebook  “Clairvoyant Medium high priestess Wicca” page: The length was within set parameters but it was rejected.                            Must have been the pixels.