Hug A Tree Today


This is a re blog, altered slightly. Previous blog was called “Trees”

A neighbour recently told me with pride. “I don’t have leaves in my driveway!’

And another neighbour who has now moved used to vacuum the concrete. This man worked for “Trees For Life”. Which reinforces my belief that these now impotent environmental groups are populated by people who think its trendy. His property was mostly concrete and gravel: Not a tree insight!

I am opposed to absolute ideologies (fascism) so I do not impose my ideas on others.

But I am tired of others imposing their views on me.

I am sick of people telling me to get rid of trees.


Trees are essential for the air and soil.


Real-estate development removes millions of trees destroying the homes and food source of other life forms and effecting both the soil and air.


So instead of chopping down trees lets bring in harsher penalties for arsonists.


And build our homes in harmony with the environment.

Oops I forgot: People believe that cultures that live in harmony with the environment and don’t worship money are primitive and therefore inferior.                                                I am probably considered “white trash” because of my beliefs.


I no longer belong to “Trees for Life” because they are now just an impotent bureaucracy.

Not only do the multinationals rule the world they have the masses “brain washed”.


Hug a tree today 😀


And Blessed Be


This link takes you to my book which is now in paperback.



Readings are $60 (Australian) and I am able to see and communicate with those who have passed over even though it is “on line”



Thought that I may make a lollipop sign with the above picture: taken when I was 46:          So that people know it is still me.


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