A Witch Hunt

witch hunts

(Burning of three witches in Baden, Switzerland (1585), by Johann Jakob Wick)

Decades ago I researched the “Inquisition” as part of a lecture I was giving on Wicca.

It started out as a means of getting rid of practitioners of the Old Religion and the women herbalists who were replaced by male doctors.

It became a money-making concern. Not only were the torturers and executioners paid but someone who wanted someone else property or position would accuse this person of being a witch and they would be tortured: even the pope would confess to the accusations after the third degree of the torture.

This torture and execution continued for several centuries.

I was in women’s liberation and I remember when, if a woman dared accuse some one of rape, she was portrayed in the law courts as a slut that deserved same.

There was a joke that there couldn’t be rape because “A woman can run faster with her dress up than a man with his pants down”.

So I was initially pleased when sexual assault accusations were taken seriously.

But this in my opinion has turned into a witch hunt, ruining celebrities lives.

Some of these celebrities are no doubt guilty but some, in my opinion, are not.

Even before I took screen studies (now called media studies ) in the seventies I was aware that the media could edit and alter both interviews and film footage to make it appear completely different than it originally was.


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Blessed Be  Kate

The photo on the book and now my business cards was taken when I was 46: Twenty three years ago.

This is me now: NO, not the dog 😛

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