Sci Fi E Book 15th Installment



I have started a “sequel” from this e book entitled Kunapipi in Lemuria: I write because I love it but it would be nice to have someone purchase my eBook (A Short Story About Healing The Blue Planet): It is the cost of a small coffee.

I get excellent response from my blogs: The reason I stopped comments was because of ONE persistent nasty person! With my eBook I console myself by thinking it will probably be popular when I am dead   😛    Neither Monty Python nor Star Trek were liked by the masses in my day.

(P.S. plan to include sex and violence in my new book  — that should help 😛  )

Blessed be

E Book continued:

‘Time decreases with velocity as you know but with the spiral dance we just get up enough speed until we are in no time and visualize the time period we wish to get to. Intent is what matters. Our subconscious with do the maths and get us to the time we wish. And we can use this spiral dance to get back as well.  If you are by yourself just spin but a group can dance a cone of power.’


You’ll arrive at your destination sky clad so try and visualize somewhere where you can grab clothing. 0r maybe arrive at a nudist beach.

I also recommend that you go backward not forward at least in the beginning.’

“So, we could go back into the past and change things?”

‘Yes, but on a small scale — not enough to save the planet from the human plague!’

Wendy enquired?                                                                                                                                               “I’d like to visit the Nirahns just in their space ship for now. If I astral project and leave my physical body behind, I presume this is possible?”

‘See! You are all original thinkers. Of course, it is possible.’

‘Well there will be a few less crowding around the computer, the television and DVD player.

Satya: Ahimsa.’ said Kunapipi using Enil’s form of greeting.

Iris, Thomas, Robert, William, Mary James and Darlene joined Kunapipi in time travel.

‘Decide when and where each of you would like to go and change something or re-experience something good.

We will all go together this “time” while it is a new experience.’

Kunapipi said the she would like to go back and help all the animals and wild life but as Arawn had actually done that in the here and now she chose to go 1953 to help herself Anne. And stop her mother who caused irreparable damage to Anne’s life and self-confidence. As well as horrific physical emotional damage to two other children whom Anne had left in this woman’s care. Simply because she loved her mother and had not consciously acknowledge how evil she was.

This would also empower Anne to achieve more for the planet and its human and non-human life forms than she had. Although Anne had achieved much to help in many important areas.

‘So, get your gear off! All join hands for the cone of power. We will go to November 8th 1953 in South Australia first. We can land in a paddock because there are few houses and wide open spaces: the door to the house shouldn’t be locked so we can find some sort of clothing.’

They started to spin and could see a spiral of light; They astral projected and pulled in their physical bodies and road the spiral to November 8th 1953 Kunapipi/ Anne knew the time and place and the others just visualizing Kunapipi.

They landed in a paddock which had once been for sheep. Now there were houses scattered here and there.

They walked inside a rectangular building made of asbestos to find a slim woman, with protruding and uneven teeth, screaming at a little girl that she was “useless; a failure; a disappointment; neither use nor ornament. You cannot do anything right!” And shoving her into the wood burning part of a wood stove (which was lit) and locking the door!

wood stove

Kunapipi told the others to look for clothing and went straight to the stove: letting the child out and wrapping her in a blanket, which was fortunately on a nearby chair. Once she had put out the flames she ripped off young Anne’s clothing; yelling out to Mary to find something soft for Anne to wear and something for herself.                                                                                                                               Anne had only first degree burns to forty percent of her body but it was very painful. Kunapipi channelled healing to the child as she carried her.

She said to the girl, ‘ I know that you love your mother as well as fear her but we are taking you to the police station I want you to tell them honestly what happened.’

Not at any time did the child speak; she just looked down so she didn’t have to make eye contact.

Anne’s mother had disappeared but Kunapipi didn’t care where she was.

Robert asked why they didn’t just phone the police to come to the house.

‘There are no public phones boxes near here and few people have phones in their homes

We will walk there I remember where it is.’

‘And Robert would you please tell the police that someone at Anne’s school had told us they often saw bruising on her so we were just calling in when we saw her being pushed into the fire?’

“Why don’t you tell them? I don’t lie very well!”

‘I am a woman. We have no status nor rights in this time period! I will just be ignored!’

‘Even though Anne is four she has already been at school for a year. Her mother was able to start her early so that she could go to work.’

When they arrived at the police station Robert sounded very convincing explaining why they were there and what they saw.

The policeman asked Anne what had happen and she said “I crawled into the oven!”

Kunapipi spoke then:

‘I know you are afraid of your mother’s reaction if you tell them honestly what happened: I know you think you deserve the abuse, because she tells you that you do. But she never changes and she lives a very long life!  She literally ruins your life while she has people convinced she is lovely and you’re a lazy half whit!’

The police man snapped at Kunapipi saying, “You! Looney! should mind your own business! We will take the child home. Do you know the address Anne?”

Anne nodded

The policeman drove Anne, Robert and Kunapipi back to Anne’s home. The others walked.

As the police car pulled up Anne’s mother was sitting on the step crying crocodile tears and told the policeman that someone had stolen her daughter!

The policeman told Kunapipi and Robert they if they didn’t get off the property he would arrest them for trespassing!

“Now what?” said Robert

‘We walk away and meet up with the others then we will wait around nearby until Anne’s father comes home from work.

dad northfield

To be continued:



Sci Fi E Book 11th Instalment

Star Trek also gave the idea that matter and energy are interchange able.

Add to this, that time is just a dimension.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       That once something is created it gains a consciousness of its own. This would happen in the old world/system when people created thought forms, usually unknowingly.

I am not god! Not even the boss!’

‘There is no hierarchical structure: you would not be here if you weren’t caring honest people who would do their best for other humans and other species.’

‘With different projects there will be those with more know-how and experience than others therefore they will take the lead giving others directions advice and help.’

Several days later Kunapipi was contacted by Bullai.                                                                                (Telepathically and with humour.)

“Well I chose the best humans to incarnate as!”

‘Yes! They call you a parrot’

Ignoring the comment Bullai continued, “My ten husbands are part of the survivors.

I haven’t time to go “walk about” to see them but I can translocate to each one.

My people will have no problem learning translocating, as  most can astral project. And it is just an extension on this.

This land mass hasn’t been this green since it was called Lemuria – You were with me then  – sending a smile:”

“As we are neighbours:” continued Bullai:

“Live by same river:”


“I thought our peoples could get together and share ideas and have fun too.

That is what I love about my people. Everything is fun!”

“I just love your idea about a reality where trees use humans for food, slave labour and experimentation. I suggested one where the mice and insects are able to torture white people.”


‘Ha! Ha! “Parrot”, most of my group will have no problem with translocating as the majority are pagans and witches:’

“What about warlocks?”

‘Male witches are called witches. I thought you were omniscient?’

“Not in human form!”

‘The term warlock refers to those involved in evil practices: They got their ideas from the inquisitors and Malleus Malefucarum in the 14th century— oops! they should call me parrot!

And; Yes:  I could use your help.’

Soon the billabong had visitors. Those who would once have been called indigenous Australians.

Kunapipi called out verbally and mentally to the people at the Billabong.

‘Those of you that would like to teleport to pets that have lost their humans join us.’

Not everyone joined in. Some wished to keep working on various projects important to the settlement: Including making clay bricks; and starting the central meeting hall. (Where they would  by putting solar panels, and installing electricity, so as to play DVD’s and other data saved from before the change.)

‘How many of you are able to astral project at will?’

There were only five that could not do this.

Those that could include the people who had been wheel chair bound and the couple that had suffered with Downs Syndrome.

“Being wheel chair bound motivates one to astral project.” shared Thomas.

‘Those of you who are able to astral project, block out my voice and leave your physical bodies.      Wait while I talk the other through this. Please make a simulacrum for this astral travel!’

To the five:

‘Before the world changed even being taught this wouldn’t guarantee your success first try:  But now you will succeed first time!’

The mediation included chakra balancing and grounding:

Creating a simulacrum for astral projection: and transferring their consciousness to the simulacrum.

——to be continued:


Sci Fi Book 9th Instalment

There will be many animals who were pets that no longer have a human but they do have “angels” as do the sheep cattle and pigs.

When we are practicing translocation; if you would like, we can visit the animals?

Pet birds were set free:  Some chose to be around humans.


Cattle and sheep are staying with their herd grazing and wandering:


Pigs are so happy to be free!AG00211_

Fish from tanks have been returned to the water be it sea or river.’

“You told us that crocodiles and snakes have been removed because they were not part of the original programme? Humans were not part of the original program yet some of us are still here?” questioned Wendy. Wendy was 29 years old and had been a nurse prior to this change.

‘Before I incarnated I had advocated for the humans to stay. Arawn chose to allow only those that respected other life forms to remain.’

After I became human I was horrified at the way humans treated the planet and other life forms: Present company excepted!’

‘I am probably telling you things that you already know but it doesn’t hurt to remind ourselves.                 We OWN nothing. This concept is a perversion.’

‘You will have to learn to share; not only with one another but with all other life forms:’

At this gathering Kunapipi noticed several people trying to swat flies.

‘You may brush  them away: Don’t kill anything!

You can ask them not to land on you.’

“Out loud? “inquired a boy approximately eight years old.

‘James, yes! You may ask verbally, or mentally. Most of you will feel comfortable asking verbally.  Eventually you will just transfer concepts mentally.

You were always telepathic: You will find you can use this ability easily.’

Iris said, “I love nature and the planet but am so used to having all the comforts and convenience of the world that we have just left. I am not sure I can adjust.”

‘I am confident that you will!’

‘We have enough resources to manage and Arawn kept items from your previous lives to help limit the culture shock: including your personal items, like jewellery, paintings, books; even some photographs.’

James asked “How about a shower? Where do we shower?

We will wash in the river.’

“Isn’t that where we are getting our drinking water?”

‘Yes but the river is flowing.’

“What about soap and shampoo?”

‘We have a few “Soap Trees”  (Red Ash.)’

James had another question.

“How long do we live? Are we immortal now?”

‘You now may live for as long as you wish but you will start to age once this blue planet has circled Sol a thousand times.’

“Why didn’t you just say a thousand years?”

I guess it is because I am thinking as Kunapipi and not Anne. Anne was my human incarnation.’

‘It will be exciting for us all.

You will learn how to trans locate to other places, including other planets.

Exploring and learning will be more exciting than killing and fighting.

A myth had been perpetuated that without conflicts life would be boring.

I seriously don’t see the logic in that.’

“What if we don’t have the know how to cope without all the things we used to take for granted?” asked Christine.

‘Each settlement has books on acupuncture: herbs and growing herbs and vegetables:

We have a television; DVD  player and DVDs.

Arawn looked into your minds to see what you would like to bring with you:

Computers but no internet.

We will set up a small building with electricity using solar power. We have solar panels and necessary wiring etc. to set up a small area for  these appliances.

We have kettles; a hotplate as well as saucepans; cups, plates, bowls and cutlery.

We have chairs and tables: A telescope; a spinning wheel . (Please use this for plant fibre only.)

We have a loom; a treadle sewing machine. (It was Anne’s): Knitting needles; shovels, spades, rakes and wheel barrows: Knives; including large knives.

Mining is not allowed. It is too damaging to the planet. But we can collect loose rocks; plus, the river often washes up ore.

We have both books and a DVD on how to separate metals, plus an insulated container that can withstand temperatures of up to 2600 degrees for smelting.

And the most important item:  said Kunapipi laughing; a long drop toilet! Well a roof less building with the necessary things for you to make a long drop toilet.

You will have to dig this. Bacteria, not chemicals will break down the excrement and we will move it at regular intervals to help feed the soil.

Of course it will be away from our actual settlement site!

You have been listening to me too long.

Let’s get up and make this billabong our home.’


‘Choose what tasks you wish to do.

Don’t all fight for the privilege of digging the loo.’



I will continue to blog this E Book until the end of the story 😀


The Meaning of Life —I don’t think there is one!

monty pythons meaning of life

This blog is just my personal opinion and certainly a broad generalization.


I respect people’s right to their religious beliefs but this doesn’t extend to “New Age” yuppies: Actually, considering the definition of “yuppie” new age posers would claim they are not “yuppies” because they are not materialistic but I think it fits their description perfectly.

I label religion as fascist because it is an absolute ideology: but your average mindless automaton patronisingly spouting new age crap is equally fascist because they don’t allow people to dis agree.

I don’t believe in karma. Karma, like god is a way of stopping the peasants from revolting. If one believes God will change things or what goes around comes around they will not try to change things themselves. And karma is the Hindi word for work: e.g. karma sutra. – a form of work I am sure most would enjoy.


Another new age philosophy which infuriates me is that we should thank abusers, sociopaths and psychopaths for teaching us something. Certainly, fits in with a culture that supports and glorifies criminals and tell victims that they must have deserved it!

This theory is based on the “New Age” assumption that we are here to learn.

Really! What I have learned in my almost three score years and ten is that to fit in one is required to be a mindless automaton: to succeed it is necessary to be a sociopath and a narcissist!

I realize we as humans try to find a meaning to life and I am not sure that there is one.                              I don’t disagree with everything that is now labelled “New Age”.

I agree with positive thinking and in “spiritual” healing.  I have “seen” healing energy swirling electric blue and auras expand. In my opinion, our thoughts and words do have power.

I like sceptics — people who question what they are told. (Including my blogs)

Long ago, a lecturer at college told me that I was an original thinking. I realize it was a compliment but although “original thinkers”  can no longer be put to death, we certainly don’t fit in.

No wonder I am anthrophobic.


Be blessed

Following  is my own advert –for my eBook

In primary school the class was asked to write an essay entitled “My Wish”

I wrote that I wished people would care more about looking after nature and the planet than money.

Seeing that this is never going to happen in my life time or possibly ever!

I wrote this short story for myself and as sympathetic magick

A Short Story About Healing The Blue Planet Kindle


The Beginning of my Quest


I explained the clairvoyant experience that convinced me clairvoyance is genuine in: “ Surviving Death”: the following stories pre date this:

My first experience was seeing someone’s aura at the Gawler institute:                              I also attended a psychic group run by the lady who ran the meetings at the Gawler Institute.          


                                                                                                                                                                       At one of these group sessions she supposedly went into trance. (Now called channelling) It was so Fake!
I was very sceptical in those days and viewing a phony trance didn’t help give me confidence in this philosophy. But instead of just giving up I was able to get into a Spiritualist psychic development group run by a lady by the name of Stella Darwood.

Stella paid a lot of attention to me. Trying to help develop my clairvoyance.  The other older ladies in the group were not impressed. Just as now a days when this now so called “New Age” philosophy is the flavour of the century. Most people were coming from ego and  “one up man ship”.

At one session Stella said to me “What are you seeing?” And I said “Nothing”. Stella told me exactly what I was seeing!

It was a man wearing 19th century clothing and a flat cap with a peek; pulling a wooden wheel barrow. This amazed me because still being extremely sceptical I thought that what I was seeing, I was imagining.

Plus the image just flashed onto my mind & was gone.

This quick flash tied in with a theory put forth in a book that I had read before pursuing the Spiritualist path. That many realities exist in the same space but because the electrons are revolving at different speeds (per each reality) around the protons & neutrons the other realities are out of phase.

I have thought since the late eighties that we are in a “virtual reality”. Well, I consider this the best analogy for something I know I cannot understand.

If we don’t have a concept for something it doesn’t exist for us. I therefore just have to accept that there are many things beyond my understanding.

The first time Stella went into trance I saw her face change to a Mongolian looking man. I said nothing but the man next to me described exactly what I saw after the trance was over.

Stella had a Siamese cat who sat with the psychic development group. I noticed in future sessions that if someone was in genuine trance the cat would sit upright & pay attention. If it was fake the cat would not be interested.

There was one lady in Stella’s classes that went into genuine “trance”. Her face changed to an American Indian Sharman. I could see “him” holding what looked like a rattle. And ofcourse the cat paid attention.

Despite my experiences thus far and even though I saw guides with everyone in the room I was still sceptical and thought that I had an over active imagination.

In another group run by a lady named Blanche, I ‘saw’ a man (deceased) wearing wire rim circular glasses standing between Blanche and a lady named Cath.    When I described this man Blanche said he was her father.

This man showed me what I thought was a china ornament of “Cinderella”. My view of this ornament was changed so that I could see “wheels” underneath and a key in “her” back.     Blanche was crying she said that it was the last thing her father had bought for her that he used to call her (Blanche) the dancing lady. Blanche told me that it wasn’t a china ornament. That it was plastic.

I found this picture but there was no prince: just a lady that I thought was Cinderella.

windup toys

I used to run psychic development groups and can empathize when someone genuinely  “sees” something! It is so exciting! I have stopped running them. Whereas once people would ask me to run another and just want to keep the class going my last couple of attempts to start a group have failed.