Are You Intelligent Enought to Deserve Compassion? Aparently sheep aren’t!

My daughter wrote a comment on her Facebook page about how cute the sheep were and said it was a shame we ate them. A comment from her mother in law said it was the way things were meant to be. She said we were meant to be hunters. Another Facebook friend of my daughter’s said that sheep were stupid. (I felt like commenting that when one finger is pointing three are pointing back)
I wanted to stop eating meat as soon as I found out where meat came from. But I got a belting and the same meal was put in front of me for every meal until I ate the meat. My Mother told me that this was the way things should be and that I was really stupid. I refused to eat for a very long time when the meal served was one of our chickens. I had them all named and there was no way that I would eat “HennyPenny”!
I used to have nightmares that I was an animal at the slaughter house. Usually a cow. ( I don’t normally admit this because I can just imagine the jokes) These nightmares stopped once I stopped eating meat.
I was a vegetarian when my children were growing up but did not impose it on them or my husband. —————-

My Father’s family were farmers in Yorkshire. (UK) When I eventually became a vegetarian he asked me why. His actual comment was “What’s this about?” I told him that I was opposed to factory farming. He told me “We were one of the first family’s in England to have battery hens.”  Thanks Dad!

I love my Dad (Deceased a decade now) He was a very caring person and I remember how he disliked having to slaughter the chickens.

The following was my comment on Facebook. —-
“Yesterday I refrained from commenting to be polite! But stuff it.

Firstly the people who own the house next door to me are sheep farmers and they think that their sheep are intelligent. But the IQ of a creature doesn’t affect my compassion.

Secondly the excuse that this is the way it is meant to be has been used to perpetuate injustice and discrimination for as long as I’ve been alive! In the 70’s when I joined Women’s lib.; Animal lib. & Greenpeace I got sick of hearing people say this.

Thirdly there is no “HUNT” hence no adrenalin rush. The animals just queue up & watch the rest of their family being slaughtered. And the horror stories I’ve heard about the abattoirs would take too much room. The RSPCA do nothing! One thing that I have been aware of for almost half a century is that new born are just left to die of dehydration and starvation. This still happens!
Having campaigned for animal rights I am pleased to see many changes for the better in my life. Hopefully one day ( Not when I am alive) all humans will be vegetarian and look back to these carnivorous days in horror.
With campaigning for equal rights for women I think it has gone to the extreme. Men require liberating now. M ind you some women are such mindless bimbo’s I just think to myself “Why did I campaign for equality for the likes of you?”

OOps! I am a witch not a bitch. Well sometimes a bitch!  😛animal lib

Blessed Be

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