When I first became interested in clairvoyance in the seventies there were only the Spiritualists who assisted with psychic development.

They called channelling— “trance”.

The first time I saw/ heard this; it was a fake.

I was fortunate enough to be accepted into a psychic development group run by a lady called Stella Darwood.

The first time Stella went into trance I saw her face change to a Mongolian looking man.

I said nothing but the man next to me described exactly what I saw after the trance was over.

Stella had a Siamese cat who sat with the psychic development group. I noticed in future sessions that if someone was in genuine trance the cat would sit upright and pay attention. If it was fake the cat would not be interested.

There was one lady in Stella’s classes that went into genuine “trance”. Her face changed to an American Indian Sharman. I could see “him” holding what looked like a rattle. And of course, the cat paid attention.

The guide others saw with me; communicated with; and described was Nubian

who “said” that he lived in Egypt before we consider that Egypt existed.

He was/is approximately 8ft tall with blue black skin.

This  guide that I have been aware of since I started with the spiritual groups has given me proof of who he is.

He has taken me on astral journeys with him in his life time.

We were in an Egyptian reed canoe.

Which I later checked in the library because my idea of Egypt came from the movie “Cleopatra” and I was expecting lavish barges.

I brought myself out of this “astral journey?” because it was too violent for me. We were in a battle zone.

One thing that really amazed me:

Back in the seventies pyramid power was a fad.

I asked my guide  about pyramids.

He told me that “pyramids refract electromagnetic waves as a prism refracts light.”

I had no idea what electromagnetic waves were and in the nineteen seventies it was difficult to find information.


I believe everything that exist has a consciousness.

I believe non-human life forms survive death. To me this makes sense.


I have been “told” that if I could understand that time was a dimension and there wasn’t linear time “he” would have an easier job of getting concepts across to me.

I understand that time decreases with velocity thanks to Einstein but that there is no past or future is a problem for me.

Re channelling myself:

Not something  that I am comfortable doing:

I feel as if I am faking.

Words and concepts come into me head but it could just be my imagination?

On one of the few occasions I was “encouraged” ( pressured would be more accurate)  to try channelling, my guide came through

and said”Shalom” which didn’t make sense to me consideration his heritage?

Although one could argue that a derivation of this word may go way back?

I am used to being ridiculed re clairvoyance:

Doesn’t bother me.

There are always people who ridicule me about being a vegetarian.

(This does annoy me because it shows that the most dangerous species on this planet thinks it is the only species that matters)

My standard remark in the early eighties was: “I don’t eat rotting flesh.”

A pagan friend teased me and he said

“But you bite into live apples”.

If everything has a consciousness as I tend to believe am I hurting live fruit and vegetables?

By just breathing we are killing the microscopic life forms as we breathe in.

Not something that I can dwell on and stay sane.

Blessed be

and be kind and respectful to non human life





I was trying different techniques to help myself and decided to record a couple for my blog:

Unfortunately when recording on my laptop it is too faint:

so I used  the video on my phone:

I apologise for mistakes —–  I am in a lot of pain

and it affects my concentration


The following  one is removing cords from each “body”

Physical:  emotional: mental: spiritual: etheric: astral: akashic: harmonic: universal dynamic


Many of those who follow the so called “new age” philosophy make people think it is their fault that they are sick –including the late Wayne Dyer – who was one of my favourite writers and speakers.

 Seriously it is horrible enough being sick without having people imply that you deserve it.

Most of my health issues are medical and surgical mistakes.

 Woe betide anyone who tells me  that I deserve it



blessed be

and  be kind to non human life




witch hunts


In the macrocosm —-Western medicine started at the time of the Inquisition:

Women herbalists were put to death and replace by male doctors.

Western medicine supports drug companies that not only test on animals but make some drugs by torturing animals.

They have the abattoirs leave all new borns to die of dehydration and starvation so they can harvest the hormones that this death produces.

How do I know this?

In 1982 the husband of a staff member asked that I report to the RSPCA that new born calves were left to die of dehydration and starvation:

The RSPCA staff called me a liar and a trouble maker:

I put something in writing and it was ignored.

Presumably the RSPCA is funded by drug companies and the meat industry.

Over the years since I have learned from people who work at the abattoirs or collect stock from them that all new borns are left to die this way and that the drug companies ask for this.

It was my podiatrist who told me why –“That the drug companies harvest the hormones.”

I presume most people know how drug companies collect Premarin = pregnant mares urine.


Another broad generalization:

If you have a 50% chance of survival and you are an organ donor kiss your chances good bye.

In the microcosm —-

I suffer from medical and surgical mistakes and know numerous others who have:
Most of whom are dead now.

I considered elaborating but there are  more than half a century of stories

so I will just include some from this century.

(Please note Doctors  are taught psychology according to Freud whose test subjects were 12 Jewish middle class women:

Freud came to the conclusion that all women were neurotic and have “penis envy”)

I have noticed how dramatically  differently I am treated when I am slim and  look attractive to when I am over weight (caused by medication) and unhealthy (by doctors of both sexes).

There are a few caring competent doctors who are treated with contempt by there peers who feel threatened by them.

At the beginning of this century I was prescribed Mecolomide 1200mg straight up: for depression.

It made me feel indescribably  horrible:

I reduced the dose

but it wasn’t until years later that a doctor told me that I should never have been on it!

It contributed to sleep deprivation and changed my personality.

I did pharmacology in the 70’s when Meclobomide didn’t exist so I wasn’t aware that it was an anti psychotic.

I was put on continuous Tramadol for pain relief and when I complained that I felt like the walking dead doctors either laughed or ignored me.

In the early  1990’s after an hysterectomy (that I shouldn’t have had) the anaesthetist told me that I was allergic to morphine.

Since then I  have found I cannot take any strong pain relief nor can I  take asprin because of ulceration.

In 2007 I had a gynae a repair and a hernia removed. (separate surgeries)

In 2011 after a CT scan and examination, my then doctor told me that the gynaecologist who had done the repair had made mistakes: This doctor told me that she and another doctor had report this gynaecologist in the past and that in her opinion he was dangerous.

I was referred to another gynaecologist to have this damage repaired but I didn’t have private health cover and could not afford same.

This year and at the moment the pain is worse than ever –

I can stand the pain from osteoarthritis.

It is the internal pain, adhesions, nerve damage and structural damage: (which I am presuming is worse because of my  increased weight.)

It is so bad that I sometimes scream involuntarily and death would be preferable except that I don’t trust western medicine to write my death certificate.

Part of the reason was  because I “came to” under anaesthetic last century.***

I have avoided going to the doctor a for over a year now.

I have PTSD  caused by several major traumas — starting when I was a child —which wasn’t diagnosed until the late 1990s.

I am anthro phobic (not agro phobic as people insist that it must be)

Hence I had to be really sick to drag myself to the doctor where  generally I am treated with contempt and told that there is nothing wrong with me.


It has taken me ages to write this blog  because of said pain affecting concentration

***In 1974 I came too under anaesthetic.

I was frozen so it was ages before anaesthetist noticed that I was conscious.

I had been reading a book called The Romeo Error by Lyall Watson (which when I googled  – it was 1st published January 1974)

There are more stories but this blog is already way too long

(plus I am going to have to lie down)

Blessed be

and be kind to non human life


check out this web site

and my sci fi short story

and or my  non fiction short story









Hearing about more  bush fires  has triggered my “hate humans”mantra.

(Yes I know I am a human

My youngest granddaughter pointed this out to me a decade ago when I was complaining about all the damage humans have done)

The media tell us about houses being  destroyed?

What about the flora and fauna?

We are told to clear trees to be bushfire safe


I have written blogs entitled why are humans so stupid.

I don’t think humans are stupid.

Multi nationals rule the word and make changing things seemingly impossible.

The media treat us like fungi/mushrooms

Kept in the dark and fed shit.


Blessed be

and be kind and respectful to non humanlife





A wise friend pointed out to me how rare it is for people to give feedback on a book— I am so blessed.

I posted the following on FB 17th April

“I received a letter — well to be pedantic it was a card with a seascape — giving me positive feedback on my non fiction book today.

On Monday someone took the time to tell me how helpful and interesting my book was for them.

I have almost always had feedback on my clairvoyant readings but had not had many re book until now:

It has made me so happy I am crying— Yeah I know that I am weird. 😛 ”


The following review has apparently been on my non fiction book since August 2018.

I only noticed recently


“Most helpful customer reviews on 5.0 out of 5 stars 1 reviews

margaret Lane

5.0 out of 5 starsAstounding read!

16 August 2018 – Published on

Verified Purchase

Wonderful yet sad bits. But it is a testament to her life. I cry for the abuse she suffered. Horrific times. Bright Blessings to you Kathleen.”


image006 image006 image006 image006 image006

And yesterday I received a text from a friend that “ doesn’t believe in this stuff” giving me positive feed back on my book and telling me that she used to have flying dreams.

With my sci fi short story I did it properly with a story out line etc.

With the non fiction I wrote the first part in one sitting for something to do because I couldn’t stand up.


I omitted numerous interesting stories so as not to break client confidentiality.


And the second half I wrote as therapy for myself and wasn’t going to include it because I know that generally speaking people just don’t want to know about abuse.

I was also shaking while writing the second half:

partly because of a life time of people telling me not to blame my problems on my mother and or “you must have deserved it”.

I didn’t include much of the abuse and didn’t include any from my husbands.


My sci fi is social satire:


Sadly humans  are continuing to make all life extinct  because of cultural norms; the Protestant ethic and the concept that only humans matter.


Blessed be

and be kind and respectful to non human life




Instead of my usual “THE END IS NIGH” blog:

this morning I feel that there is hope for the flora, fauna, ecology: and us 😀

Hopefully this is a clairvoyant concept and not just wishful thinking.

I believe it is the former:

Be nice to see the thinking, caring people overthrowing the corporate sociopaths.

Books, movies and Nobel prize winners have been telling us to care for as long as I remember.

 Our cultural norms of clearing trees, poisonings ‘weeds” and killing “pests”:

Industrial waste: real-estate development: the overall attitude that only humans matter

and our population of more than 7.7 Billion ‘are’ (soon to be ‘were’ 😀  ) destroying all life.

the gods themselves


From The Day The Earth Stood Still

From The Matrix



Blessed be

and be kind and respectful of non human life



For those who care about other lifeforms and like sci fi  you may like this short story

The following is quoted from the book:

(Where are you?’


“I am in a cloaked space ship orbiting earth.

I am with the species from Ophiuchus constellation: The Nirahns”

‘So, you are neither humanoid nor air breathing?

What now?’


“Although I will not be fully in linear time, I will free all indigenous life forms and will communicate with the humans: “

( I have omitted a paragraph)


The two main characters were still in conversation:

Kunapipi teased Arawn re communicating with the humans.


‘They won’t take any notice of you!

You’re not humanoid. And you don’t speak!

So you are of no consequence.’


“Oh they will take notice of me:

They will “hear words” and think I am speaking.

They will perceive me as the Antichrist or devil because the devil in western mythology has horns: as do I, as a Nirahn!)



Blessed be

and be kind and respectful to non human life