I have been sitting in the sunshine reading the sci fi that I wrote — to refresh my memory in writing the sequel/prequel.

I wrote and published this sci fi short story a few years ago when the human population was only 7.4 billion:

It is now more than 7.8billion.

Our cultural norms and the Protestant Ethic are causing the extinction of all life.

(I thought my ideas in this book were original:

it has been pointed out to me – since published – that at least some have been used before.   😛 )

This one and Psychic Development classes cannot be posted to Australia because of covid 19

but “The Clairvoyant Experiences of a Sceptic” can be posted

–go figure?

They are available as eBooks

Because of my “life experience”  I have no self-confidence (or self-esteem) but as I was reading the sci fi again I thought – it is rather good for a short story.

Still my Dad (died 2004) would say “Self Praise is no recommendation”

my Dad


I have to confess when I first started WordPress I had no idea what I was doing:

I didn’t know how to find comments

and people thought they were being ignored.

I think I am addicted to WordPress:

I enjoy reading other people posts

It has changed my attitude from thinking that  humans are either mindless automatons

or ( the so-called successful ones) sociopaths:


 there are some interesting and creative

 original thinkers.

Being decrepitly old I seem to have a different attitude to social media than some.

I only use Facebook (and WordPress)

Don’t know how to use Twitter

but I am on Twitter to promote my blogs

and hence my “clairvoyant readings” and books.

My eldest granddaughter (like me) is herself on social media

but another family members (whom I love dearly)

has this “keeping up appearances” attitude to social media.

Enjoy your day and maintain

social distancing

In 1979 this poem was in a workers union news letter:

In 1979 this poem was in a workers union news letter:

I do not know who the author is so I am unable to give them the credit 😦

It still makes me laugh four decades later

but I wondered if it was appropriate at this time (covid19)

Then decided “I am not here to “people please”

and am sure that some will get a laugh from reading it”.

It was crisis day in the parliament

The house was hushed and still.

A member rose with a question

“Are we doomed to go downhill?”

I am confident of an upturn”,

The PM made reply.

“If workers pay is held at bay,

Well all be home and dry.”

“How true, how true”, cried the workers.

Let’s end this wicked strike.

We don’t want a rise in wages,

They can stick it where they like.”

“Thank God, Thank God”, sobbed the bosses.

“There’s faith on the factory floor.

And now we’ve got this extra lot

We’ll give it to the poor.”

They filled their pockets with money

And ran with eager feet

Pressing their surplus profits

On the people in the street.

They moved among the dole queues

And boarded every bus

With streaming eyes and heartfelt cries

You need it more than us”.

Soon all the people prospered

And the devil became a saint

Now the sober unions

Had exercised restraint.

The cities were filled with singing

And the sound of laughter spread

As hand took hand in the golden land

and pigs flew overhead.

Have a great day


I love this photo — took it on Kangaroo Island last century — makes me cry at times when I think of the bush fires that were deliberately lit

“All the world ‘s a stage, and all the men and women merely players”

Am sure everyone realizes that the title is a Shakespeare quote 😀

Or maybe a better analogy is:

We exist in this huge holodeck?

I used this analogy last century long before “The Matrix” came out :

Understandable that I received numerous phone calls telling me to watch this movie.

(just realized that The Matrix came out more than 20 years ago — am definitely old –feels-like yesterday)

The idea wasn’t an original one:

It came from Star Trek Next Generation:

Season six “Ship In A Bottle”.

I also know that if we don’t have a concept for something it doesn’t exist for us.

I presume that most humans search for a meaning to life.

I don’t know the answer:

I’m clairvoyant not omniscient: 😛

(and my concept of reality is limited by my programming)

I would love to adhere to Ahimsa:

but it is impossible in this holodeck.

I believe everything survives what we call death:

It has nothing to do with a god concept:

I asked “clairvoyantly” ( of my guides)

about life and death:

I was “asked” “Can you conceptualize no linear time”

When I answered “NO”

I was told that “they” couldn’t explain.

The incident that convinced me that clairvoyance was a reality happened at work.

I was a student nurse in an institution for people with an intellectual disability

We later were re-classified:

The “powers that be” finally realized that people with an intellectual disability are not sick.

 I was washing dishes with a male staff nurse.

 We didn’t have kitchen hands in those days.

 Kym was six feet tall and rather heavy set and had longish blonde hair.

 A man (deceased) flashed in

 (When I “see” or “hear” they flash in a fraction of a second as if they are out of phase.)

 He had Kym’s high forehead and similar features but wore a suit with a crepe ribbon and a cross and had a short back and sides haircut and dark hair.

 I asked Kym if his father was a minister. He asked me why and initially I would not answer.

 I eventually told him what I saw and Kym told me that it was his uncle. He asked me what denomination his uncle was.

 I did not know.

 After Kym left the kitchen I asked his uncle, whom I could no longer “see”, what he had died of.  The words were that fast all I could make out was “sclerosis”.

 Because we were with the intellectually disabled I thought “tubular sclerosis?” Then I realized it must be multiple sclerosis.

 When we were having a tea break Kym told me that his uncle died of multiple sclerosis.

 I was amazed and said that his uncle had “told” me this!

 Kym said “Get more”!

 I informed him that I couldn’t.

 But I “saw” panama hats and monkeys.

 I said “He was a missionary in South America”

 Kym said “Yes”.

I then saw masks and a jungle and said he was also a missionary in New Guinea.

Kym told me this wasn’t so.

When Kym came to work the next day, he said that his mother had confirmed that her brother was a missionary in New Guinea.

This showed that I wasn’t just reading Kym’s mind.



For tree lovers there is an audio meditation to link with a tree.

Please turn up the volume

I cannot record on my phone:

It is old:

and it wont allow the sound recorder download:

I recorded this on the laptop but it requires the volume turning up.

This is para phrased from “Mother Wit”

 by Diane Mariechild

hers was a plant meditation

Blessed be

and be kind to non humans

and to copy Ellen (someone that I admire) – be kind to one another.


This was originally much longer but I edited it so that I would fit in 😛

Even when I was young I thought our culture was wrong.

I try my best to adhere to  Ahimsa but it is close to impossible.

Our culture labels cultures that live in harmony with the environment primitive.

We kill other life forms constantly because they are vermin: dangerous:

 make concrete look untidy.

Humans are wasteful:

Just about everything goes down the drain.

When I was young

  women had no rights or status:

 and children were to be “seen and not heard”:

these have changed

as has the respect for the ecology —- hope it isn’t too late.

We make up 99% of the planet’s population.

Multinationals rule the world:

And money is god?

Something expensive is considered good

And inexpensive is “cheap”

Over the years peope have told me that I should put my prices up

to double or triple what I charge:

But I find it rewarding to know that I am really “seeing

and communicating” with people who are “no longer in this reality”

And some people have paid me double or triple what I charge 😀

Plus I almost always get feed back.

We search for the meaning of life:

But as Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy has implied –

We are asking the wrong questions.

I asked this question of my “guides”

I was “asked” “Can you conceptualize no linear time

When I answered “no

I was told “they” couldn’t explain.

blessed be




This is a visualization meditation

You create  a sacred space which you use for healing

talking with friends

solving problems

creating anything that you wish

I recorded this guided meditation for a psychic development group that I  was running, at participants request

I have put it  in writing if you need it to refer to.

The colours and numbers take your consciousness to alpha.


Relax: centre: and protect yourself.

Breathe deeper and slower that you normally would.

Visualize the colour RED and know that you are becoming more relaxed.

Now visualize ORANGE

BLUE: you are very relaxed and calm now.



You are now on a beach. Feel the sand between your toes. Smell the sea air. Hear the seagulls and the thunder of the waves. Stay here a while relaxing.

You see an hole in the cliff face and start walking toward this.

You enter and find yourself in a cave lit by phosphorescent fungi.

There are steps going down.

You descend these steps.


There is a door in front of you.

You open this door.

This is your sacred space:

You create this yourself.

The more that you use this meditation the more powerful it will become.

Have an elevator to the right at the back to bring people down for healing; problems solving; or just to talk to.

Always send them back up.

The first time you go to you sacred space you bring down a male & female guide.

They stay here. You do not send THEM back.

Create a door to the back left to go on astral journeys.

A clock and calendar to change the date & time. — or these days a computer would do.

Anything that you feel that you require for healing

Anything you wish

I have a “natural” mineral pool because I like nature:

You could have a spar

Or a medical bed like they have in Star Trek 😛

Remember that your guides stay in this sacred space awaiting you.

When you are ready go back the way that you came.



Blessed be

be kind to non humans

and to copy Ellen (whom I admire)

be kind to one another


I was getting organised for a reading

(after writing previous blog)

and thought

I never say on WordPress that

I will do readings on Skype

Or Facebook messenger


my first husband made these for me in 1980

still half price —$40 Australian

Unable to use Face time

both my phone and ipad are so old

cannot upload or update aps

I am ceridwen2 on Skype:

email me to make sure that Skype is switched on:


Blessed be


this art work is by Chris Parmenter

hugs and laughter

I have to confess when I first started WordPress I didn’t now how to find comments

and people thought they were being ignored

I just learned through trial and error.

Now I prefer WordPress to Facebook

Far more interesting reading

I still don’t know how to use Twitter

A wise friend posted this on  Facebook some time ago- re covid 19 isolating:-

“ humans are intrinsically social creatures and removal from others is used as a form of torture.  Also touch is a basic human need..(babies will die if left untouched)”

I remember learning this when I studied psychology

And we all need a laugh.

I sometimes play this to make myself laugh

It was taken in 2015

My son lives in North Queensland

and I live in South Australia

The first video taken that day fortunately couldn’t be salvaged

(phone was damaged)

When he first walked in my front door

I just couldn’t stop crying

And he was videoing me on his phone

Blessed be


Since I found out Stewart Farrar’s book “The life and Times of a Modern Witch”:

For which I filled out a questionnaire and some of my answers were included

costs $1960.24 US dollars,

I have been wondering –does this mean I am an antique?


Not practicing what I preach  today.

Am in myI hate humans” mood:

The gods are sadists”:

One Christian friend said he believed that I had become an atheist because I have suffered a life time of physical and mental abuse:

I told him  –“That’s not the reason”.

I have decided that  I was born to into the wrong  culture:

Or the wrong species:

Or on the wrong planet.

my driveway

I am sure that I that I am considered “white trash” because my property looks like native bush:

I get lectured that I have too many trees:

that they are fire hazard etc:

I have never seen a tree go around with a cigarette lighter lighting fires.

Decided to advertise my book:

(Since the GST was changed for overseas companies — I haven’t received a cent in royalties (on 3 books) and am guessing it’s related to this GST)

But I wrote this sci fi short story as “sympathetic magic”:

Money is not my motivation.

 I thought that I would quote a few lines  from this short story:

(Kunnapip teased Arawn re communicating with the humans

‘They won’t take any notice of you!

You’re not humanoid: And you don’t speak!

So you are of no consequence’

 “Oh they will take notice of me:

 They will “hear words” and think I am speaking)

I chose the name Kunnapipi as she was an Australian aboriginal mother goddess:

But this story is not about the “real” Kunnapipi.

Blessed be