I decided to write this blog so I do not wallow in “poor me”

My Dad always said “Count your blessings”

Some of the “poor me stuff”:

I will soon have to give up my driver’s license

(which I have had since 1966)

 in a town where there is no public transport and taxis are a “no show” for $10 fares.

Over a decade of pain and sleep deprivation  is taking its toll

The worst of my chronic pain caused by surgical mistakes and damage (this was found in a CT scan and an examination)

Have difficulty with mobility  and doing housework and gardening.

I am  struggling to buy groceries and pay bills:

All my savings are gone:

I worked 46 years and paid 48% of my wages in tax in the 1990s (over $900)

Bought out two husbands:

I get an “Aged pension” but it isn’t enough to live on and I am still paying a small mortgage

One more whinge before I list the good stuff 😛

I have no self confidence and feel as if I have never been loved  because of sixty four years of physical and mental abuse from my mother.

This is far more common than I initially thought:

Especially in women of my age group:

When we were growing up women had no rights nor status:

Couldn’t have a bank account without husband or father counter signing:

Couldn’t buy an house:

Couldn’t rent anywhere  if separated from ones husband:

and there’s more!

A woman’s goal was to get a husband:

so other women were seen as a threat.

“A wife is a device that you screw onthe bed and it does the housework”

Now for the good stuff

I get an aged pension –

I live near the beach: the Murray Mouth and Coorong are not far away:

I have an old two bedroom house and lots of trees on my property.

Although I am no longer physically or financially well enough to have another pet

I have birds visiting;

Magpies: crows:  ibis: wattle birds: galas: honey eaters and more

My children and grandchildren help and support me:

As do friends.

some of my family ( 3 grandchildren not pictured)

I have difficulty walking but I manage,

I have had an interesting life and i am now qjuite comfortable being a misfit.

Have a great day

I am going outside to hug the trees





Who would want to be a mindless automaton

The media reporting on the mice plague motivated me to re blog this.

Original thinkers are no longer put to death

nor put in a mental institution:

People who see beyond cultural programming:

see that many of our cultural norms are wrong:

Multinationals control the world: the media and of course politicians.

Se my “Mice” blog

We are given one examples of the damage mice are doing:

When there were bushfires deliberately lit the media didn’t say – humans are deliberately lighting fires that destroy flora and fauna and people’s homes:

we have to cull this species.

they don’t even punish the arsonists.

I was surprised and pleased to get feed back from some one who agreed with this concept

“Most humans think that those who live in harmony with the environment are primitive and inferior. Actually they don’t think.

They just mindlessly conform to what those in power and their entertainment media tell them.

 They consider themselves superior to all other life forms because they talk:

They think if something or someone doesn’t talk they don’t understand.

They thoughtlessly destroy everything. They call some creatures vermin, when humans are the vermin. They kill insects and destroy all the trees despite the fact that insects and trees are essential.

And everything literally goes down the drain polluting the oceans instead of nourishing other life.”



I labelled this “Misfits Two” because my sci fi would not appeal to someone who is unable to abstract:

When I studied child development I read that children learn to abstract at age eight:

Yet throughout my life l have met so many people who seem unable to abstract.

The definition of fascism is an “absolute ideology:

Although religion no longer controls the way everyone think

s the media does

and many peole view reality in absolutes.

I know none of my books are literary masterpieces:

I majored in sociology not literature.

My sci fi (short story) I  wrote as social satire

and as sympathetic magic.

Last century I wrote a sci fi  that was so like STARGATE the series:

 (my villain was even called Apophis)

that I didn’t even finish  it.

The next one that I started I had humans culled using nanites

And then came the remake of THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL.




I haven’t received any emails from WordPress since Hotmail was my only email address as of 2019

And a few people have told me they sent an email that I never received

I check comments


And reader

But if you have ever emailed me and I didn’t reply please let me know  in “comments”

The fault lies with Outlook and hopefully will be fixed


photo taken Kangaroo Island last century

Remembrance Day

We used to say this poem (or part thereof) at assembly

when I was in primary school

For The Fallen


With proud thanksgiving, a mother for her children,

England mourns for her dead across the sea.

Flesh of her flesh they were, spirit of her spirit,

Fallen in the cause of the free.

Solemn the drums thrill; Death august and royal

Sings sorrow up into immortal spheres,

There is music in the midst of desolation

And a glory that shines upon our tears.

They went with songs to the battle, they were young,

Straight of limb, true of eye, steady and aglow.

They were staunch to the end against odds uncounted;

They fell with their faces to the foe.

They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old:

Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.

At the going down of the sun and in the morning


I will be standing out the front of my home at 1111hrs for a minutes silence


I was going to write a short blog:

Saying what follows;-

( but then found this old one  hence re blogging)

I have two good friends that think psychic stuff and life after death is untrue:

One said to me yesterday

“We are not floating in the clouds after we die”

I didn’t comment.

Surviving death is a question I have asked ‘my guides”

The answer that I got was

“Can you conceptualize non linear time?”

To which I answered “NO”

Their reply was

“Then we cannot explain”

I can objectively accept that time is a dimension

But not subjectively conceptualize

The late Riley dog and friends

The clairvoyant Experiences of a Sceptic is not a literary masterpiece

but a true story.

I dont know the meaning of life:

nor understand the nature of reality:

I do know physical death is not the end.

And there are so many amazing stories omitted so as not to break client confidentiality.

The second part I wrote as therapy and had not intended to include.

It wasn’t included in the original l publication

( I started shaking when I tried to write about the abuse so it is badly written and a great deal omitted)

I made another video that wouldn’t download so trying this



STELLA MEANS STAR as am sure you know

In the 1970’s when I was at teacher’s college as a mature student — I was only in my twenties

I was searching for meaning to life:

 I initially went back to Christianity

And did the “born again” thing — as in speaking in tongues:

I studied world religions as an elective:

And in my final year a friend took me to lectures at Gawler institute on what we would now call “New Age

My first experience of seeing someone’s aura was at the Gawler institute. I could see only one colour, green, over the woman’s shoulders. But I was thrilled to bits to see an aura!

 I also attended a psychic development group run by the lady who ran the meetings at the Gawler Institute.

 She supposedly went into trance.

It was so Fake!

 I was very sceptical in those days and viewing a phony trance didn’t help give me confidence in this philosophy.

In 1978 my Dad told me that he was a Spiritualist and clairvoyant

Instead of just giving up my search I was able to get into a Spiritualist psychic development group run by a lady by the name of Stella.

She was a genuine clairvoyant

And wise

She taught us to be ethical

And caring of others:

Stella told us not to tell anyone bad things unless we could tell them how to avoid same:

Because people could make it happen

A nocebo:

Although she of course wasn’t aware of the term:

Before the pandemic I “felt” that there would be a man made virus but only told one person because of Stellas teaching.

most of the ideas in my pyschic development book

(my daughtrer suggested that i write this)

were from Stella.

From the the 1990s onward I ran psychic development groups

The following audio was made for one particular group that asked for it

the first time we go though this visualization meditation we bring down guides

and as they had all done this it isnt included so have included it it in writing


Relax: centre: and protect yourself. Breathe deeper and slower that you normally would.

Visualize the colour RED and know that you are becoming more relaxed.

Now visualize ORANGE

BLUE: you are very relaxed and calm now.



You are now on a beach. Feel the sand between your toes. Smell the sea air. Hear the seagulls and the thunder of the waves. Stay here a while relaxing.

You see an hole in the cliff face and start walking toward this.

You enter and find yourself in a cave lit by phosphorescent fungi.

There are steps going down. You descend these steps. 12;11;10;9;8;7;6;5;4;3;2;1

There is a door in front of you. You open this door. This is your sacred space: You create this yourself. The more that you use this meditation the more powerful it will become.

Have an elevator to the right at the back to bring people down for healing; problems solving; or just to talk to. Always send them back up. The first time you go to you sacred space you bring down a male & female guide. They stay here. You do not send THEM back.

Create a door to the back left to go on astral journeys.

A clock and calendar to change the date & time. Anything that you feel that you require for healing.

these days you could include a computer in your sacred space.

Remember that your guides stay in this sacred space awaiting you.

When you are ready go back the way that you came.






I wasn’t aware of the concept EMPATH until this century—with the exception of Marina Sirtis  character Deanna Troi in Star Trek next gen

— but it fits me – it is one of the reasons that I don’t socialize – the other is of course my anxiety disorder-

Sometimes some people’s energies make me feel physically ill – it is when they are being malicious and not necessarily to me  — I have get up and leave

I believe everyone is clairvoyant but the ability atrophies because our culture teaches that it doesn’t exist or it is evil:

Yet it doesn’t seem that everyone is an empath:

It was only this morning (while writing this) that I reassessed something that happened a few years ago:

Four young ladies were booked in for a reading:

I only did the first reading:

With the second lady I was an horrific emotional wreck.

I always felt so guilty that I could not do the other readings after they had travelled so far

but I just couldn’t.

I blamed myself for being so emotional and letting them down.

The only bad thing I “saw” with the second lady was a relationship break up:

 which I didn’t pass on:

I “open myself” to connect with people who have passed over

and I had not put a protection around myself – which I normally do:

 in retrospect I must have “picked up” something?

(Earlier this century when I was doing readings in a local shop

 one lady whom I “read for” said that I “faded out of sight”

when communicating with those who have passed over:

Sounds a bit “looney tunes” but maybe I do?)

When I connect with people who have passed over who have had a traumatic death

I feel their emotional horror but not their physical pain.

And I think that  being an empath may have contributed to my being a vegetarian:

When I ate meat I would have re occurring  nightmares about being an animal in a slaughter house:


Have a great day



I was recently asked for my date of birth –which I gave


The young lady replied

“Lucky you”

I said

My generation were responsible for social change:

(that is all that I said –the rest is for the blog)

Women’s rights:

campaigning for animal rights:

caring for the ecology.

When I was growing up:

 as well as having no rights nor status:

women were not expected to enjoy sex.

A woman was expected to stay a virgin until she was married:

A man was expected to be promiscuous:

Never understood how that worked:

When  I was in high school we were discussing sex at lunch time and I said that there were double standards.

Several girls said  “That is the way it is meant to be” —

What does that mean???  —  (In actuality, it meant that it was a cultural norm.)

Once married the chances of a women climaxing was rather slim as (most) men of my age group are proficient at “wham bam thankyou mam!”



Gays could stop pretending that they were heterosexual.  😀

And women could enjoy sex.

Many things have changed for the better in my life time:

Children have rights:

People who don’t have white skin have rights:

But our culture still thinks humans are the only species that matters:

And that life forms that don’t talk are not sentient:

from Google


  1. able to perceive or feel things.”she had been instructed from birth in the equality of all sentient life forms”

Humans believe that cultures that live in harmony with the environment are primitive and inferior:

I tried to practice “ahimsa” before I was aware of the word:

Very difficult in western culture.

Humans cull other species

like the Kookaburras because they are eating other birds:

The reasons the larger carnivores kill other birds is that humans have destroyed their other food sources:



small reptiles

and humans put concrete on the soil so the birds cannot forage.

Davis Attenborough’s movie has got people’s attention

                BUT ARE THE MASSES MORE POWERFUL THAN THE MULTINATIONALS (that control this world)

Enjoy your day

and respect other life forms

I took this on Kangaroo Island last century


Before the Industrial Revolution ones  status went up with ones age— we were respected for our wisdom 😛


I don’t  believe in karma – but would love it to be so.

(people of western cultures interpret karma as reward and punihment and even google “says” this — but when I studied world religions years ago it isnt what karma means?)

I do believe in cause and effect.

The media has always fed us horror stories — some one commented to me yesterday “No news is good news”


There are so many caring people and so much beauty and joy on Mother Earth.

If more was made of kindness then kindness would increase.

From both a magical, sociological and psychological view point continually “reporting” violence and trauma increases same.

The late Louise Hay and other “New Age gurus” advise against saying things we don’t want to manifest –  like “kill two birds  with one stone” ( I delete this!)

In Marion Weinstein’s Positive Magic she advises that when we say something that we don’t want to manifest – say “Take this out of the Law (of cause and effect)

I have started saying “Delete”

Marion Weinstein also suggested that when we see or hear crime, car accidents: and in my case, bush fires and other life forms becoming extinct: on the media to say “take this out of the Law”.

When I was training “would be” witches I told them:

In manifesting – intent matters and emotions empower.

The media has been feeding us trauma and crime for as long as I remember:

I have avoided reading,watching or listening to the news for decades:

but still end up learning about the current horrors.

Thankyou to all the beautiful people that care about other life forms.

Blessed be

I took this photo on Kangaroo Island last century

P.S. I actually wrote this to remind myself!