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The video really isn’t relevant to my bog excepting that probably only my age group would remember Catweasel.

I had to Google this —- These labels meant nothing to me — probably because I rarely watch the idiot box —

Ha ha Baby Boomers are probably the only ones that call the television an idiot box.


Gen Z, iGen, or Centennials: Born 1996 – TBD.

Millennials or Gen Y: Born 1977 – 1995.

Generation X: Born 1965 – 1976.

Baby Boomers: Born 1946 – 1964.

Traditionalists or Silent Generation: Born 1945 and before.


Well baby boomers were also the “Flower Power” generation so you may thank us for all the positive changes to western culture   😛    😛   😛


There was an interview on the idiot box (that I claim I rarely watch) re us oldies being bored in our retirement.

I worked for 46 years and would still be working if I were well enough but I am not bored.

I am fortunate enough to live somewhere that isn’t yet all tar and cement so I am blessed with being able to walk amidst trees and wild life or on our beautiful beach.

This is an artificial lake:


The bad attitude to us oldies is because of our culture which is based on the protestant ethic.

Hence the idea that when something is new it is good and when something is old it is to be discarded.

Prior to the Industrial revolution one’s status went up with one’s age.

In plain language — The older you were the more important you were.

It is a cultural norm to ask “How are you?” and “What do you do”

The correct response to “How are you?” is “Good thankyou”’ and woe be tide anyone who answers otherwise.


People don’t want to know how you are but they do want to know what you do.

That way they can ascertain your social status and whether you are more important than they.

So when one is retired and says so – immediately we are put at the bottom of the status hierarchy.

When I was younger and believed a few people could make a difference:

I was in Animal Liberation:

Women’s Liberation:


and Trees For life.

Now that I am old and wise I know that I cannot change our culture nor save all life from extinction.

I do what I can in the microcosm

In the following you can see how dry it is here:

I cannot remember when we last had a decent rain.



I feed the magpies and have for more than two decades:

(I am told by the average mindless automaton that magpies should find their own food: or that they are noisy or bother their children or dogs and should be culled.)

Thanks to humans there isn’t enough food for other life forms and all the larger birds: crows: magpies: kookaburras etc kill other birds for food.


I thought I would have “One Down 7.7 billion to go” put on my grave stone.

😛 😛 😛

Blessed be

and be kind to non-human life forms



And now for the ads 😛




I have had excellent feedback from the email readings:

And I am offering email readings at half price from now until the end of the financial year:

$30 Australian

Even though it is an email reading I am still able to see some aura colours and see and communicate with people that are no longer in this time space (“passed over”)

Just send a recent photo of yourself .

Contact me via email



On several occasions people have emailed me a picture and request for reading and I haven’t received their email  😦

So either email me at and or phone me on 0885550040 — if you call me on the land line and get the answering machine please leave a message  😀

Do I Buy Food Or Pay Bills?

I am having to cancel my Word Press “Premium”  because of my financial situation    😦

May as well include a video  while a can.

This is me with my son after I broke my arm: this way you can see me and I am not just words on a page.

Last century before the GST I paid more tax per fortnight than I get for my pension now.

But now all my savings are gone and I am no longer well enough to work.  😦

I never imagined that I would go back to wondering how I was going to afford food in my old age.


In the early years of my first marriage we were really struggling.

My husband frequently fought with his various bosses and quit:

There was no social security or “Centrelink’ in those days.

I had had to give up a government job, working with computers- that were the size of wardrobes- in refrigerated rooms: because married women were not allowed to hold government jobs. So I sold “Avon” door to door and worked as a drink waitress in a pub in the evening.

When the laws about married women working for the government changed I worked for the PMG taking telegrams over the phone and also operating the telex.


I worked for the weather bureau at Townsville (North Queensland) airport.

In the mid 1970’s I  attended teachers college as a mature student because when Gough Whitlam was PM uni was free.

I dropped out in my last six months with only two units to go because my husband’s brother had given us his boys to look after and hubby as usual had a fight with his boss and quit.

I took a job with the intellectually disabled, wishing to work as unqualified staff but they put me in nursing: Years later the “powers that be” realised that people with an intellectual disability were not sick: so didn’t need a nurse: We were required to go to uni and get a diploma or degree in “Developmental Disabilities”

(Prior to this I had taken a position at a general hospital to study general nursing. I returned to working with disabilities.)

play school


For a short while I had a job that I loved and was so rewarding:

When I worked with the intellectually disabled and before the budget cuts stopped everything.               I designed and taught communications skill for people with aphasia.

If you “Google” aphasia, it says that people with aphasia do not understand.

I assure you that they have receptive language.

I was hired to design behaviour modification programs and skills training but my “boss” told me that I could have a project of my choice as well.  I chose communication because the philosophy of the establishment where I worked said that the residents had autonomy.

How can one have autonomy if one cannot communicate?

I taught those that were able to use signing “Makaton” now called “Key Word Sign”.

I also taught the staff “signing”.

I went on an holiday for a fortnight and a university student took over some of my projects.

He taught the staff in one villa to sign the “Play School” song.

“There’s a bear in there and people with games” etc. When they signed “Open wide: Come inside!” the signs were “R” rated. (I will leave it to your imagination)!

Suffice to say from then on, I could not hear the “Playschool” song without laughing.

I will not bore you with more of my employment history:

I worked for 46 years and would still be working if I were well enough.

Now for the ads  😛

Maybe I can earn enough to continue  the “Premium” plan: buy food, petrol and pay the mortgage and bills?


Thankyou to everyone who has given me positive feedback on my email readings: This is almost every email reading that I have done thus far (except one)

I truly appreciate the feedback.

I have been doing reading since the late 1970s

My Dad was a Spiritualist and I was trained by a lovely Spiritualist lady and brilliant clairvoyant; Stella Darwood:

I am genuine and I “see” and communicate with those we term “passed over”

I always ask that they prove who they are by “showing” me something – my clairvoyance is clearer than my clairaudience, so visuals are better.

Everything flashes in a fraction of a second; so with your own clairvoyance be aware of this and don’t dismiss “flashes’

I love doing readings or more accurately communicating with those who have “passed over”

Even though I have been doing this for 41 years I am still thrilled when I get clear accurate info from those no longer in this “reality”

If you would like a reading and or communicate with some one who has died                  Send a recent photo of yourself to or

Even though it is an email reading I am still able to communicate with those no longer in this reality.

I believe the reason is that time and space are not as we perceive them.

I am sometimes able to connect with pets that have passed:

As I “see” better than “hear” I am able to get “proof of who the “pet” is.

I use runes for divination.


Readings are $60 Australian  — because I am using PayPal I am able to accept payment for overseas readings.

Herewith the link to my non fiction book.

I am not making any money out of this: My royalties are supposedly $1.46 and I have sold quite a few but for 2 years in a row I have received just over $4 for the year. Amazon take tax  and other fees. (Amazon pay monthly if I earn over $100 in royalties for the month: Be nice to be selling that many)

It is an interesting read and a true story (and only a short story).

Blessed be

and be kind to non human life forms





Thankyou to all the people who have given me positive feedback on my non fiction short story.

I noticed mistakes and thinking the proof reading missed them I checked the original. There were none?  Weird?!


Thankyou to everyone who is  joining in with sending healing to non human life forms at 2000 hrs South Australian time.

not yours4

And thankyou to everyone who has given me feedback on my email readings: This is almost every email reading that I have done thus far (except one)

I truly appreciate the feedback.

Because of my upbringing and life history I lack self confidence so the feedback gives me confidence Thankyou again.


gift voucher 2

The art work was by Chris Parmenter (last century)

Blessed be

and be kind to non human life forms


If Only I were Confident And Had Self Esteem

I respect everyone regardless of age, social status, sex, sexual preferences, race, disability etc.

My motives have always been to help people: ( and non-human life forms)

When I was younger, I was told that I was naive:

I took people at face value.

I put up with insults and abuse for most of my life because I believed that I deserved it.

Considering that I am now 70  I doubt that I am all of a sudden  going to be confident and have self-esteem.

If only I could stand up for myself the way I advocate for others.

I know why I haven’t any confidence: I had almost 64 years of abuse from the person that gave birth to me.

People that are aware of her physical abuse are horrified: Mental abuse is far worse.

An MD whom I used to see, who had similar experiences as me, said  “When you are told how useless, stupid, ugly, you are etc it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.”

I remember earlier this century commenting on something being a self-fulfilling prophecy in a support group and the next person that spoke ridiculed me and said it was hairy fairy nonsense. It is actually a socio psychological reality.

Understandably I don’t like support” groups.

maslows hierachy

With Maslow’s Hierarchy

I have food & shelter ( I was taught this in lieu physiological)


I have love/belonging but on my “poor me” days I think no one has ever loved me and I don’t belong.

I love this video it reminds me that I definitely have love/belonging with my children:


I have never understood why people are spiteful or con artists.

In my working days I preferred teaching and nursing to office work.

With my clairvoyance I ran the classes for $5 per class.

The handouts would have cost me more.

And in the last 41 years I have given many readings for free to help those who have lost a loved one or those who felt they needed direction.

No good deed goes on punished.

Some presume that my classes are no good (Despite praise from those who have attended same) because they are not expensive.

The same with my clairvoyant readings:

I was told that anyone who charges less than $80 isn’t any good.

But what really gets me is people who are all sweetness and light to my face and then tell lies behind my back.

Before I whinge further I must clarify that I have 6 true friends: Some I have known for over 40 years and one for 65 years.

Two of these friends are clairvoyants.

I wrote to Dawn Hill in 1983 after reading “Reaching For The Other Side”

She answered and was both helpful and supportive.

Back to complaining:

Good communication skills mean telling people to their face if you have a problem.

This rarely happens.

It could be cultural programming that causes people to feel threatened: Tells lies and constantly play “One up man ship”?

Early this century when I was starting psychic development groups in Goolwa a person who was supposedly a friend phoned all the people that were planning to attend my classes and told them not to go because I didn’t know what I was talking about.

I know this because two people, one my clairvoyant friend, told me so. Many cancelled!

There are more examples.

But I wont bore you.

I do readings to help and even though I have been doing this for 41 years I am still thrilled when I get clear accurate info from those no longer in this “reality”.

I wrote my book because I wanted to tell my story.

I write blogs because  love writing.

Friends often encourage me to paint after seeing a painting that I did of my first husbands baby photo.

peter painting

But paining isn’t what I want to do.

Writing and clairvoyance are what I love doing.

So although I may not have “self esteem”.

I believe I do have self-actualization.

Blessed be

and be kind to non human life forms



If you would like a reading and or communication from some one who has died                  Send a recent photo of yourself to

Even though it is an email reading I am still able to communicate with those no longer in this reality.

I believe the reason is that time and space are not as we perceive them.

I am sometimes able to connect with pets that have passed:

I wrote this to tell my story: It is only a short story.




50th Anniversary of Woodstock

I originally called this blog SEX but found that it was not acceptable:

I understand this:

I certainly  don’t wish to attract any creeps to my blog page.

Unfortunately I was not at Woodstock but I certainly remember hearing about it.

Here with sex education by John Cleese:


When I was growing up: as well as having no rights nor status: women were not expected to enjoy sex.

A woman was expected to stay a virgin until she was married:

A man was expected to be promiscuous:

Never understood how that worked:

When  I was in high school we were discussing sex at lunch time and I said that there were double standards.

Several girls said  “That is the way it is meant to be” —

What does that mean???  —  (In actuality, it meant that it was a cultural norm.)

Once married the chances of a women climaxing was rather slim as (most) men of my age group are proficient at “wham bam thankyou mam!”



Gays could stop pretending that they were heterosexual.  😀

And women could enjoy sex.

Before political correctness my first husband used to say that women who were in a bad mood  were suffering from “lack of nookie”.

Embarrassed to say that I laughed but I also saw that this could be just as easily applied to men

I haven’t googled the health benefits of sex but I know there are many.

It is also great exercise and a fun way to loose weight.

Also ladies there is always B O B = Battery Operated Boyfriend:                                              and to be politically correct there should be a B O G.– for the ladies, not the gents 😛

I have never read 50 shades – partly because I never read a “Mills and Boons” and was told that “50 Shades of Grey” is like a Mills and Boons novel but with sex:

Partly because I have “been there; done that”: who needs to read about it:
and partly because it is popular 😛

(I have never watched a soapie or a reality tv show or read a love story, as in “Mills and Boons”)

These days the younger generation think they are shocking me by saying that they are gay or bi —- Seriously I am Flower Power Generation

This August it will be the 50th anniversary of Woodstock:

Even if I could have afforded to fly to the U S of A it would not have been an option as I had just given birth to my second child and was still in hospital.

Writing about Woodstock caused me to think about nudity:

My Wiccan tradition works skyclad (naked):

When I used  to go to our local nudist beach: people would be both disgusted and horrified.

Maslin Beach

I would say “Yes! If God wanted us to be naked we would have been born that way.”

On each occasion I was just given a blank look:

Seriously, who wasn’t born naked ?

I have not  been to this beach in a long time:

In the days that I went there everyone was friendly, like people in a country town, but apparently, and sadly, these days, it has a few creeps with binoculars sitting on the cliffs.

Most things have changed for the better in my life time:

The problem is that there are too many humans,   so unless we change our attitude soon we will make all life extinct including ourselves.

Blessed be

and be kind to non human life forms


And now for the ads.



I am offering email readings for $60 Australian:

Please check out my previous blog “I See Dead People”

And preview or buy this book.









I have never wanted to support the Protestant ethic :

(German sociologist Max Weber, in The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism (1904–05), held that the Protestant ethic was an important factor in the economic success of Protestant groups in the early stages of European capitalism; because worldly success could be interpreted as a sign of eternal salvation)

When I was in primary school we were asked to write an essay entitled “My Wish”

I wrote that I wished that people would care more about the planet and other life forms than about money:

The headmaster wrote “Good girl” on this essay:  I was so embarrassed that I didn’t think like everyone else in the class who had written about items they wish they had.

In the last 41 years of my doing readings I was perfectly happy to do freebies or at least not charge much.

It saddens me that I now have to charge for something I love doing.

Facebook constantly ask me to advertise my Clairvoyant page for $3 per day:

Which I cannot afford.

To advertise my book on Amazon I would be charged  a similar daily fee.

Amazon have paid me an average of $4  a year, for the last 2 year ☹

Sadly I have to have money in this WASP culture. (White Anglo Saxon Protestant)


I worked 46 years and would still be working if I were well enough.

I worked with computers that were the size of wardrobes in refrigerated rooms for my first job.

I had to resign from this job when I married:

Married women were not allowed to hold government  jobs.

I ended up still having to work because my husband kept quitting his job.  For this I was frequently abused by other women for working when my children were little.

At one stage I suggest that my  husband join the “forces” so that he couldn’t just quit.

This he eventually did but because he was “screwing” his sergeant’s wife his sergeant frequently put him in cells without pay.

Having bought out two husbands – paid solicitors  – and had to give up work for health reasons  I no longer have money to fall back on.

I was told by an RN at Flinders Medical Centre that she was supporting me because she paid tax.

I replied that I had worked for 46 years and paid almost a $1000 in tax each fortnight before the GST came in.

Someone else told me that I should be a self funded retiree.

I wish!

The pension isn’t enough to live on so I have to do something.


Email readings help financially  and I have had excellent feedback for same.

I have put the price up out of necessity.

I am able to communicate with people who have “passed over” even though it is an email reading.

Email readings are available for $60 Australian

I can still communicate with those who have passed over with an email reading and occasionally “see” peoples pets.

Send a recent photo of yourself to or

If you don’t hear from me within 2 days please phone 0400941141 0r leave a message: there have been times when I haven’t received emails:
I was blaming it on iinet but apparently it is just the NBN? in the Goolwa area.

gift voucher 2

(This is a gift voucher that I offered last Christmas.

The art work was done decades ago by  Chris Parmenter.)

I will send you an invoice via PayPal and you may pay with credit card, debit card or PayPal: this also means I am able to accept overseas clients.

(The reason for email readings:

I am unable to use my home and don’t have a venue.

Using a venue would affect costs)


I am in an altered state of consciousness when I am communicating with those who have passed over and have always been susceptible to other  people’s energies.

A wise young lady a few years ago suggested that I was an empath and this fits.

Until recent years I have been able to cope with the few spiteful or abusive people – unfortunately and for reasons I understand  if someone upsets me  these days my adrenalin starts dripping and it is a couple of days before I can do another reading☹

I prefer sceptics to people that make things fit.

In the nineteen nineties I was working 12 hour shifts and a lady left a message on my answering machine saying—”If you were clairvoyant you would be here because you would know that I was going to phone”

(In those days I had a room with a separate entrance that I used for readings and classes.

Now I live in a small 2-bedroom holiday house)

When this lady came for her reading, she sat through it with her arms folded and a blank expression.

Once I had finished her reading she asked if I did photographs to which I replied “Yes” and picked up what I could from the photos – partly psychometry: partly just looking at the person photographed.

This lady told me that she had never had a reading before and was flabbergasted.

I am not sure what I was charging back then either $10 or $20

I would love to hear from you

Blessed be

and be kind to non human life forms



Are Humans Indigenous To The Planet?

yeti2 \

Are humans indigenous to the planet?

In my sci fi short story humans were genetically engineered to mine gold by E T’s

These humans were between seven and eight-foot-tall and vegetarian.

I visualised them as Yeti.

They were androgynous.

It was intended that they live approximately a thousand years and die out.

Now this is purely fiction but I was motivated by the fact that humans do not fit with the ecology.

Humans have no respect for other life forms and think that they are they are the only species that matter.

In an encyclopedia year book in the seventies there was an article about archaeologists finding the skeletons of a branch of homo sapiens now extinct.

These homo sapiens were between seven and ten feet tall and vegetarians.

It was so long ago I cannot remember whether the article associated  them with the Yeti or I did.

If I Google Yeti it is claims that Yeti and Big Food are a myth?


Most myths have a basis in truth.

I believe that there were dragons.

Most cultures have a dragon “myth”.

There is even a mention of a dragon I the bible (In Job)


I continue to stand on my soap box saying save non human life and we save ourselves even though I am preaching to the converted.

For you few converts 😛

Population control as in zero population growth is essential.

Humans make up 99 percent of the of the world population.

Hence only one percent is wildlife.

Kungfutz say: “Better to light one small candle than to curse the darkness.”

Taking advice from Confucius this was started in April 2018

Thankyou to everyone that is participating

A few of us are sending healing at the same time each evening to all non human life forms.

If you wish to join in send healing (or pray if you have religious beliefs) at 8pm /2000hrs South Australian time:

Less than five minutes a night/day.

Similar endeavours have succeeded in the past on a smaller scale.

Even if you cannot send every day send on the days that you can.

If you’re are overseas and able join in just calculate the time. e.g. UK would be 10.30am—Australia still has daylight saving.

For those who would be asleep at 2000 S A time just send when you are able.

It is intent that matters and empowers.

Blessed be

and be kind to non human life forms.


Please read my non fiction: