A Short Story About Healing The Blue Planet

I wrote this sci fi short story now called “Creating Utopia” before I wrote my non-fiction:

I first published it entitled  “A Short Story About Healing The Blue Planet”:

I had written sci fi before but this was the first time I published.

I wrote my first sci fi  at the beginning of the 1990’s  before Stargate the movie or the TV series came out.

It was so like Stargate the TV series, even my villain had the same name: Apophis:

In my story the “stargate’ was the Wiccan “cone of power”

I figured if I tried to publish – back in the days of double-spaced manuscripts – it would look like I was copying Stargate.

In the second sci fi, nanites were used to exterminate the humans – and then along came the remake of The Day the Earth Stood still”

Love this movie but ditto it would look like my sci fi story was copying it.

I like my published sci fi short story:

I realize my character development is not the best.

But I consider it sympathetic magic and read it to make myself feel better when human stupidity frustrates an infuriates me.

It will only appeal to thinking people who care about non-human life forms:

Off on a tangent – typical of me – It used to surprise and amaze me that a movie like “Avatar “ was/is criticised and ridiculed:

But it threatens the status quo –

which is that – humans are the only species that matter:

cultures that live in harmony with the environment are primitive and inferior:

Trees and vegetation, like other non human life don’t matter and should be removed:

and money is god.

Enjoy your day on this beautiful planet

And be kind to non human life forms.





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