“For Who Grew Up Tall And Proud In The Shadow Of The Mushroom Cloud”

I have always liked “Queen”

They’re my age group.

We grew up in the shadow of the mushroom cloud.

We are the “Flower Power” generation.

Back in the days when we thought atomic bombs would kill us.

And there weren’t seven point seven billion humans thoughtlessly destroying all life on this planet and hence ourselves.

I have “We Are the Champions” as the ringtone on my mobile (oops smart phone).


I wasn’t sure that I would like the movie “Bohemian Rhapsody” despite it getting rave reviews.

I recently hired it on DVD (for $2).

Excellent movie:

Rami Malek was excellent but then I always have liked him as an actor:

He has a charisma of his own.

Loved the cats. And instantly like anyone who loves cats.

Cried near the end.


Blessed be

And be kind to non-human life forms




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