For Anyone Interested In Sending Healing To Our Beautiful Blue Planet


This was started in April 2018

Thankyou to everyone that is participating

The non human life forms appreciate you Namaste —–


A few of us are sending healing at the same time each evening to the Earth and all birds, animals, reptiles, insects, trees, plants, molluscs, arachnids, sea life and to the bees which are now an endangered species.

(I include livestock and laboratory animals being freed and inhumane practices abolished)

If you wish to join in, send healing (or pray if you have religious beliefs) at 8pm /2000hrs South Australian time: Just five minutes ( or less) a night.

Similar endeavours have succeeded in the past on a smaller scale.

Even if you cannot send every night send on the evenings that you can.

If you’re are overseas and able join in just calculate the time. e.g. UK would be 11.30am

Please include a protection around the Great Australian Bight to prevent oil drilling!

I also “ask” for the world wide introduction of zero population growth.

Humans are way over plague proportions: Continually destroying the homes and food sources of other creatures:

Removing trees and vegetation.

To those of you who go into horror at this, it doesn’t mean you cannot have a child!

Re sending healing- It is your “intent” that matters, so send the healing to those issues that are important  to you.

Happy Face

If the sun is shining where you are; when you have a the time ( presuming you exist in linear time 😛  ) go sit outside and read my very short non fiction book  😀

Amendment: As I don’t like being pushy,  may I suggest you go sit outside and read my very short non fiction book: Not only will your read some true stories about clairvoyance, Wicca, past life regression and healing but you will  learn somethings about the “olden days” .


Enjoy your day

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