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What are angels!


So I Googled!

“An angel is generally a supernatural being found in various religions and mythologies. In Abrahamic religions and Zoroastrianism, angels are often depicted as benevolent celestial beings who act as intermediaries between God or Heaven and Humanity. Wikipedia”

I have no idea what an angel is but I see them as white light.

I don’t believe in a god nor heaven so I only have theories? Which may be utter crap 😛                       In one of my sci fic short stories I use an analogy of this universe/reality being an holodeck programme and say angels are entities that live outside this reality but visit.

In this particular sci fi I think my ideas are good but I just don’t give enough depth to the characters, hence I never published it as a paper back. I also didn’t include any sex or violence: Well apart from culling seven billion humans 😛


I have communicated with “angels” for over forty years. And I am sceptical or maybe discerning is a better description these day about clairvoyance etc—

Wow —a good name for a web page 😛

What ever they/angels  are they have a sense of humour.

In “The Craft” we either invoke the Lords of the Winds or the archangels: I tend to use the archangels.

In the early nineties when this so called “New Age” stuff started to become popular I read several articles where the archangel Michael was supposedly channelled.                 So I “asked” him about this and he said laughingly  “Coz I can”! “And it’s my job!” “I am omnipresent”!                                                                                                                                       This was actual clairaudience—so the words just flashed quickly.                                          And I admit to not knowing if it was actually the archangel Michael answering me.

I work with my guides for clairvoyance and healing and I have had proof that they are real: Whether they are another aspect of my multidimensional being or someone just come to help I do not know.

In recent years I have been “told” to also work with my higher self: to whom I gave a name 😛

This isn’t spiritual oneupmanship. Detest such crap. Not into hierarchical structures:

Mankind’s downfall!?


“Hierarchy is a way to structure an organization using different levels of authority and a vertical link, or chain of command, between superior and subordinate levels of the organization. Higher levels control lower levels of the hierarchy. You can think of an organizational hierarchy as a pyramid.”

(I am editing a day later: I do know that hierarchical structures are necessary to our culture and efficient: There are way too many homo sapiens for communism to work. Hierarchy sadly effects how we see thing. We label some as inferior.)

Three of these photos, including the first one, were taken with a non digital camera at a full moon ritual at Encounter Bay at the beginning of this century.

The night the pictures were taken there was complete cloud cover so there was no moon light filtering through.


I was just clicking the camera to use up the film.


When I initially got the photos back I thought there was a camera fault. – Apparently not.


The interesting thing is that we do a spiral dance as part of the full moon ritual and there is a spiral in the photos.

matt with matt

The other photo is of my grandson: Taken quite a few years ago.

Photos with the sphere seem to be a common occurrence. Other people have shown me similar.


Re the photos taken at the full moon ritual  I sent them to Janet Farrar: wife of the late Stewart Farrar: and her partner replied saying that they had similar.


(Off on a tangent here– In the 1980’s I filled out a questionnaire for one of Stewart Farrar’s books entitled “The Life and Times of a Modern Day Witch”  I loaned my copy of this and as often happened with loaned books, it was never returned. Suffice to say I no longer lend books. I found a copy on Ebay only to be informed that the copy was too damaged and had gone to recycling. If you actually manage to read a copy of this book I am “Kate”.)

As a promotion I will give a free reading via email to anyone who purchases my non fiction  book “The Clairvoyant Experiences of a Sceptic” Available in paperback: Or my sci fi short story now renamed as “Creating Utopia”:  Only available as an E Book:  Just send a recent photo of yourself and your given name to  I can usually pick up auras from the photo and sometimes connect with those who have passed over.  – I offered this on my last blog but still applys up to and including 13/8/18


Blessed be



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