I know that I no longer look like this photo: Someone who hadn’t seen me for more than a decade said “You used to be beautiful”

Couldn’t decide if it was an insult or a compliment  😛


I posted the following on FB 17th April


A wise friend pointed out to me how rare it is for people to give feedback on a book— I am so blessed.


I posted the following on FB 17th April


“I received a letter — well to be pedantic it was a card with a seascape — giving me positive feedback on my non fiction book today.


On Monday someone took the time to tell me how helpful and interesting my book was for them.


I have almost always had feedback on my clairvoyant readings but had not had many re book until now:


It has made me so happy I am crying— Yeah I know that I am weird   😛 ”


The following review has apparently been on my non fiction book since August 2018.


I only noticed recently




“Most helpful customer reviews on 5.0 out of 5 stars 1 reviews


margaret Lane


5.0 out of 5 starsAstounding read!


16 August 2018 – Published on


Verified Purchase


Wonderful yet sad bits. But it is a testament to her life. I cry for the abuse she suffered. Horrific times. Bright Blessings to you Kathleen.



And yesterday I received a text from a friend that “ doesn’t believe in this stuff” giving me positive feed back on my book and telling me that she used to have flying dreams.




I have bragged about positive feedback on my book:  I think it only fair that I should share negative feedback;


Someone told me that they didn’t like my book:


that it was all over the place:

there were mistakes:

and that it looked like I thought of something and just wrote it down.

The criticism is valid:

I was going to republish with corrections but hadn’t saved the original template for the paperback;

With my sci fi short story I did it properly with a story out line etc.


With the non fiction I wrote the first part in one sitting for something to do because I couldn’t stand up:

So it definitely was NOT set out properly:

But the “all over the place” was deliberate.

And the second half I wrote as therapy for myself and wasn’t going to include it because I know that generally speaking people just don’t want to know about abuse.


Read it and see what you think.

It is a true story


This one is fiction:


If you think  that humans are the only species that matter you wont like this sci fi short story.


When I wrote this the human population was 7.4 billion: it is now well over 7.7.billion





Blessed be

and be kind to nonhumans

the continued existence of life on this planet depends on  it


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