“The Medium is the Massage” with apologies to Marshall McLuchan.

media massage

This blog isn’t about the book, although it was required reading when I was a teachers college in the nineteen seventies.

I actually chose it because I just couldn’t think of an appropriate title for this blog.

I have avoided reading or watching the news for decades and rarely have the television on.

Last century I would be abused for not “taking an interest in current affairs”.

The media doesn’t necessarily give us accurate information.

Reporting crime in detail and ad nauseum causes the increase of crime from both a socio psychological point of view and from a “magical” point of view.

Multinationals rule the world and the media only tells the masses what the “powers that be” want us to know.

An acquaintance of mine who was a Spiritualist minister was interviewed by one of our television stations in the 1970’s. They edited the interview to make her look stupid.

Early this century a friend’s son fell off the balcony of the local pub after drinking too much at “Schoolies”.  Because his mother considered it more important to get him into an ambulance than speaking to the media they published a story saying that this boy had tried to commit suicide.

And then there was Lindy Chamberlain whose life the media ruined.

I was abused for defending her;

The mindless masses said

”She doesn’t cry!”

“A dingo wouldn’t kill a baby”

The media blames cats for killing wildlife:

Real-estate development, mining and humans generally are responsible for making non human life extinct.

More than 8 billion humans make up 99 percent of the planets population and we are destroying the homes and food sources of all other creatures.

As humans believe that humans are the only species that matters, we will soon make all life extinct, including ourselves.

In the1990’s when the so called new age stuff became popular a television station ( at a wiccan conference) asked to interview me because I was an high priestess

A radio station left a message on my answering machine to interview me re clairvoyance

And a magazine wanted to interview me regarding clairvoyance

I refused all three

The media/movies also has the average mindless automaton believing that attractive people are intelligent and the good guys which is dangerous because psychopaths are often very attractive people

We are programmed to believe that money is all that matters

And objects that are status symbols are important

not yours4

Blessed be

and be kind to non human life forms.


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