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It is Samhain/Halloween here in OZ

The sabbats are seasonal:

so in the southern hemisphere it is Samhain/Halloween

In the northern hemisphere it is May Day/Beltane.

Beltane was a fertility festival where the villages would come together:

This way “in- breeding” – in the same village was lessened.

A child conceived at Beltane was considered special.

We witches in the days before Wicca became popular; and before “political correctness” ;

jokingly called it the “Nookie Festival.”

Bright Nookie!  😀

Wiccan 2nd 0001

This is me at the very first Australian Wiccan conference

Where I heard the song “Burning Times” by Charlie Murphy:

My favourite version is by Spiral Dance:

Burning Times by Spiral Dance

Blessed Be

and be kind and respectful of non human life forms

–the continued existence of all life depends on it

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