I know that many bloggers write books

and can relate to having written something

then have someone else come up with the same idea.

I don’t claim to be good at writing

but it is what I love to do:

Many people have told me I should paint after seeing one painting I painted decades ago.

In this re blog decided to show the aforementioned painting which I had put in the shed

Two people offered to buy it when we had a garage sale so I brought it inside:

It wasn’t my favourite but the only one I hadn’t given away

I had copied my first husband’s baby photo.

But I love to write.

Last  century the first story I wrote was very similar to Stargate SG-1

My “villain” was even called Apophis.

I wrote it in 1995

I didn’t even attempt to set it out for publishing

In 2003 I wrote a sci fi where most of the humans were exterminated by nanites

Then came the remake of “The Day the Earth Stood Still”

My story was different in that the nanites were programmed to only eliminate humans

that way other lifeforms would survive and flourish.

Didn’t publish it.

I published a short sci  fi story as an E book on Amazon

the beginning of April 2017:
removed it.

and then republished it under a different title.

I have been writing the “sequel” to this short story  and then scrapping it and starting again; for some time.

In this “prequel” humans are being harvested as livestock by arachnid E.T. s and my heroin saves them.

At least I enjoy doing it and gives me something to do when I am in too much pain to move around.


In the following book I hope to help those who wish to develop their clairvoyant abilities.

In “The Clairvoyant Experiences Of A Sceptic” I told a few of my clairvoyant experiences.

Listening to others similar stories made me realize that

it is so much better if you can have these experiences first hand.

Not a literary masterpiece but a true story.

And there are so many amazing stories omitted so as not to break client confidentiality.

The second part I wrote as therapy and had not intended to include.

It wasn’t included in the original l publication

I wrote and published this sci fi short story a few years ago when the human population was only 7.4 billion:

It is now more than 7.7 billion.

Our cultural norms and the Protestant Ethic are causing the extinction of all life

I thought that I would quote a few lines  from this short story:

“The Nirahns whom could see close ups of the planet on their “view screen” saw people and buildings just disappear. One minute there were humans and buildings all over the planet. And then they were gone.                                                                                                                                                                     They watched vegetation grow at an accelerated speed.

Kunapipi/Anne awoke on the first day of the New Earth.

She had slept in a humpy and awakened to kookaburras laughing.”

this photo was taken by Matthew Blandford

I chose the name Kunapipi as she is an Indigenous Australian mother goddess:

But this story is not about the “real” Kunapipi.

Blessed be

and be kind to non humans

and to copy Ellen (someone that I admire) – be kind to one another.

I took this photo last century on Kangaroo Island

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