me after walking through sand hills

I do not like being called “Miss”!

I tell myself that this is petty!

And it is.

But as I haven’t an hope in hell of stopping humans from making all life on planet Earth extinct,

I figure that I may as well be petty.

I am often addressed as “Miss”

To my age group this is an insult.

You are labelling me an “old maid”.

I was involved in women’s lib in the 70’s because women had no rights and no status.

A women’s status came from her husband.

A woman couldn’t buy an house and landlords would not rent to separated women.

A woman couldn’t keep a child unless she were married.

Men who stayed single were admired.

The term bachelor was a complement.

Men were expected to be promiscuous:
and women were expected to be virgins:

I never understood how this worked.

If a woman complained of rape she was labelled a whore and told she must have deserved it.

A “joke” at the time  = “There is no such thing as rape.                                                                  A woman can run faster with her dress up than a man with his pants down.”

Even though I realize where the “miss” stigma came from and should not react. I do.

Having “bought out” two husbands I have no intention of ever marrying again.

The last time some one proposed to me was 2007

I said “I cannot think of anything worse.”

Obviously my brain and mouth weren’t connected : Or I would not have refused so tactlessly.

Surprise! Surprise! He has never spoken to me since.


Blessed be

And be kind to non human life forms

the continued existence of life on this planet depends on it



Please check out the book:

Not a literary masterpiece but a true story.

And there are so many amazing stories omitted so as not to break client confidentiality.

The second part I wrote as therapy and had not intended to include.

It wasn’t included in the original l publication



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