Friday 13th

friday 13th two

Decades ago I researched the “Inquisition” as part of a lecture I was giving on Wicca.

After the emperor Constantine made Christianity the religion of Rome there was a meeting at Nicaea to decide what to put in the New Testament and what to leave out.

With a huge empire it was easier to control the masses with a religion.

Hence the Inquisition to get rid of the Old Religion and the women healers who had– herbal remedies: contraception and abortion and replace them with men who used leeches and blood-letting:

Couldn’t have contraception if you wanted to populate armies.

It started out as a means of getting rid of the Old Religion and the women herbalist who were replaced by male doctors.

It became a money-making concern not only were the torturers and executioners paid but some one who wanted someone else property or position would accuse this person of being a witch and they would be tortured:

Even the pope would confess to the accusations after the third degree of the torture:

This torture and execution apparently continued for six centuries.

The picture is from Facebook but I agree that Friday 13th should be a spiritual day.

I first heard this song Burning Times by Charlie Murphy in the very early 1980’s

This version is by Spiral Dance

Blessed be

and be kind to non humans


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