I remember the moon landing.


“At 12.56 pm on 21 July 1969 Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST), mankind took its ‘one giant leap’ and 600 million people watched as Neil Armstrong walked on the Moon”


The  Moon landing was on a Monday.

Thinking of the moon landing: I remember the following:

I was 9 months pregnant:  huge and bottom heavy 😛


We had moved from South Australia to Victoria

(Husband in the air force)

S A people were friendly in those days: the suburbs were all like country towns.

Melbourne was a culture shock.

I wasn’t used to city  people.

The previous week I had slipped on a tram line and fell :

Being bottom heavy I couldn’t get back up:

The pusher with my baby daughter had gone sliding down the hill.

No one helped.

People just stepped over me.

I eventually got up and went looking for the pusher which fortunately someone had  stopped.


Watching man walk on the moon was beyond awesome:

I personally thought mankind was changing for the better.

I was wrong.

Blessed be

and be kind and respectful of non human life:




readings card

I know that I no longer look like this  ( I had someone who hadn’t seen me for more than a decade say “You used to be beautiful” Couldn’t decide if it was an insult or a compliment 

Since first offering email readings  I have had excellent feedback.


They are $60 Australian. (concessions available)


They are inexpensive for the same reason the classes are free.


I am still able to see and communicate with people that have passed over on an email reading.


Please send a recent photo of yourself


to katallen1949@hotmail.com


I am able to accept overseas clients.

You may use debit cards, credit cards or PayPal


Gift vouchers are available:


To purchase one just email me asking for same.


I saw an ad for John Edward  coming here in November which said “Is someone waiting to talk to you?”

Thought I may plagiarise that line  excepting  I “see” more than”hear”  😛


I started re reading my sci fi short story – and noticed I did a much better job of writing it than my nonfiction – Oh well to quote my Dad –“Self praise is no recommendation”.



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