For original thinkers and those who don’t believe that humans are the only species that matter



For original thinkers and those who don’t believe that humans are the only species that matter:

Although you can no longer be put to death for not conforming to the status quo you may be ridiculed abused and treated with contempt.

It used to worry me that I didn’t fit in: but I couldn’t even pretend to believe as everyone else apparently did.

When I was younger women had no rights nor status and children were to be “seen and not heard”.

Men were expected to be promiscuous and women were expected to be virgins.

And when (in high school) I commented on the double standards and said “So how is that supposed to work”? I was told by my peers that that was the way thing were meant to be.

I was involved with women’s lib and we were ridiculed by other women.

Gays were put in mental institutions until 1955 even after this was stopped they were considered deviant.

I had and still have gay friends of both sexes.

And people whose skin wasn’t white were considered the lowest of the low.

Because I treated indigenous Australians with respect I was abused and labelled a “gin” lover

(gin didn’t refer to a drink 😛  )

I recycled in the 1970s and was ridiculed for this.

I was in animal liberation and a vegetarian (sadly not vegan)

I was ridiculed and abused for this.

As a child when I refused to eat meat my mother would serve up the same meal for breakfast lunch and tea until I ate it:

Accompanied by a belting for not eating what I was given:

And threatened with being put in a mental institution which could have been done in those days.

The reason I am telling you my stuff is that if you don’t fit in you are probably “ahead of your time”.

I sometimes question whether humans are indigenous to this planet.

Other life forms will not reproduce if there is not enough food for their offspring.

Other lifeforms communicate they just don’t talk:

And  I wonder if there isn’t some collective consciousness connecting all life on this planet (excepting for humans)

If humans don’t “pull their heads out of their backsides” soon all life on this planet will be extinct.

I still try to do what I can in the microcosm:

I wrote this short sci fi story.

If you have religious beliefs:

Or you think humans are the only species that matter you will definitely not like the story:

In my sci fi short story humans were genetically engineered by E T’s  (using pig and Orangutan DNA) to mine gold on this planet which these E T’s used as an anti fungal for coral like plants on their planet .

These humans were not able to reproduce so would have died out after their life span of a thousand years.

Other E Ts enabled humans to reproduce and shortened their life span;

Theses E T’s were growing humans as livestock:

These E T’s were the gods.


Blessed be

and be kind and respectful of non human lifeforms

the continued existence of life on this planet depends on it




readings card

I know that I no longer look like this  ( I had someone who hadn’t seen me for more than a decade say “You used to be beautiful” Couldn’t decide if it was an insult or a compliment

*********************Since first offering email readings I have had excellent feedback.


They are $60 Australian. (concessions available)


They are inexpensive because I do not believe in the Protestant Ethic of turning everything into a money-making venture: this attitude has contributed to the extinction of many species: trees, plants, insects, reptiles, sea life, animals etc

I still do” freebies” but sadly in my old age I sometimes haven’t enough money for food or to pay bills.


I am still able to see and communicate with people that have passed over on an email reading.


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I am able to accept overseas clients.


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I saw an ad for John Edward coming here in November which said “Is someone waiting to talk to you?”

Thought I may plagiarise that line except I “see” more than “hear”.


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