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I have written three and an half sci fi books and one non fiction:

But have only published one sci fi short story and my non fiction.

Suffice to say that I like writing:

Several people have told me how much they like my non fiction book and one said that she liked my writing style.

It is good to get the feedback.

I still cannot afford to pay Amazon to advertise:

Hopefully people will recommend them to others:

This was how I built up clients for clairvoyant readings, after I moved  to this town  at the mouth of the Murray River, over 20 years ago.

Both book are available as eBooks and paperback.



I am mostly doing readings via email these days:

Or via Skype and Messenger:

I don’t have a venue to do readings in person at the moment.

I have a Paypal account to take payment so am able to do, readings for people overseas: And have done.


For email readings just send a recent photograph of yourself to

I have had excellent feed back from every email reading that I have done;

I love that people take the time to give me feed back.

Someone suggested before Christmas that make gift vouchers: These are still available.

gift voucher 2

Email readings are only $40. (Australian)

Even though I realise that people think that if something is inexpensive it isn’t any good e.g.”You get what you pay for!” — I wish to clarify:

My Dad was a Spiritualist and a clairvoyant and he told me that I shouldn’t charge:
Plus I do not believe in the Protestant ethic of turning everything in to a money making concern.

eat money2

Unfortunately I can no longer afford to do freebies.

Having “bought out” two husbands and had to give up work for health reasons, I now have to live on less money than I paid in tax.

Look forward to hearing from you

Blessed be

and be kind to non human life forms




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