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the power of apparently influencing events by using mysterious or supernatural forces.

“suddenly, as if by magic, the doors start to open”


The first page of my Book of Shadows which was started in 1983


“Eight words the Wiccan Rede  fulfil


Do what thou will”

Despite training “would be witches” last century and earlier this century I stopped believing that we create our own reality.

I now acknowledge that we do but that there are other variables influencing this:

not the least being the thoughts and words of other homo sapiens.

Hence the Witches Pyramid “says” To know: to Dare: to Will and TO KEEP SILENT

I used to tell neophytes that it is intent that matters and emotion that empowers.

We draw energy by chanting and dancing (the cone of power).

Most people would be aware of the idea of a self fulfilling prophecy:

“A self-fulfilling prophecy is a prediction that directly or indirectly causes itself to become true, by the very terms of the prophecy itself, due to positive feedback between belief and behaviour.” Wikipedia

self fulfilling prophecy

The power of suggestion –When I am in too much pain to cope or my anxiety disorder kicks in I say to my self “RELAX” and “SMILE”.

Try saying smile to yourself and see what happens 😀

A few years ago a wise young lady suggested that I was an empath.

I initially thought “More New Age crap” but the concept fits me.

I have always been able to tell if people were lying and as a child thought that everyone could.

After typing the following I realize that I have gone off on a tangent. Oops!


My children used to call me Doctor Dolittle

(But if you have ever read the book; Hugh Lofting says that livestock don’t have thoughts or feelings: so I am different to the character in the book!)

I feel for non human life forms.

I will not kill anything including mice, rats or insects:  or chop down trees.

I remove birds, animals and lizards from the road when they have been hit by the species that think they are the only species that matters.

When I ate meat I would have nightmares that I was an animal in a slaughter house.

I do what I can in the microcosm.

See my previous blog “Healing For Our Planet”

There is so much available on magic and spells these days:

My favourite is Marion Weinstein’s  “Positive Magic”


pos magic

And this is a quote from Doreen Valiente’s “Natural Magic”:

“Believe in the possibility of what you intend to do, hold it strongly in your mind, and it will happen.”


A spell  from my very old book of shadows.

When I collect the leaves from the Bay Laurel I thank both the tree and the leaves. I may seem weird to others but I don’t care.

bay leaves


Bay Leaf Spell


Prepare a container with live coals or charcoal blocks:

Scatter crumbled bay leaves over them:

concentrate on the wish you are making:


“Bay leaf burn fire

Draw to me my heart’s desire.”


Speak of your wish aloud:

And repeat the ritual thrice.


I just wish I could wiggle my nose like Samantha  and the house would be clean and dishes washed  😛


Blessed be

and be kind to non- human life forms.





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