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I am opposed to absolute ideologies (fascism) so I do not impose my ideas on others. But I am tired of others imposing their views on me. I am sick of people telling me to get rid of trees. Trees are essential for the… Continue Reading “Trees”


I don’t  believe in karma – but would love it to be so. (people of western cultures interpret karma as reward and punihment and even google “says” this — but when I studied world religions years ago it isnt what karma means?) I do… Continue Reading “OLD CRONE”


I noticed this was listed as my most popular post? So reposting I believe in respecting people’s religious beliefs but the Right to Life campaigners will cause the extinction of all life on this planet including humans. We make up 99% of the planet’s… Continue Reading “EVERY SPERM IS SACRED”


Walking this morning I saw someone poisoning weeds. I stopped and chatted for a while (and didn’t preach my “don’t use poisons”). Now the neighbour is chain sawing small bushes. I understand why people poison weeds and cut down trees – they are making… Continue Reading “CULTURAL NORMS”


From “on line” Dictionary –magic   “/ˈmadʒɪk/Submit noun 1. the power of apparently influencing events by using mysterious or supernatural forces. “suddenly, as if by magic, the doors start to open” ****************** The first page of my Book of Shadows which was started in… Continue Reading “Magic”

humans are NOT the only species that matter

IT IS DIFFICULT TO PRACTICE AHIMSA IN A CULTURE THAT BELIEVES ONLY HUMAND MATTER Although you can no longer be put to death for not conforming to the status quo you may be ridiculed abused and treated with contempt. It used to worry me… Continue Reading “humans are NOT the only species that matter”


I don’t  believe in karma – but would love it to be so. I do believe in cause and effect. The media has always fed us horror stories — some one commented to me yesterday “No news is good news” BUT WHY? There are… Continue Reading “OLD CRONE”


In April 2018 a few of us started sending healing to the flora and fauna. Thankyou to everyone that is participating The non human life forms appreciate you Namaste —– I include all birds, animals, reptiles, insects, trees, plants, molluscs, arachnids, sea life, bees,koalas.… Continue Reading “CLAP YOUR HANDS AND TINKERBELL WILL COME BACK TO LIFE”


I Googled empath = “empath /ˈɛmpaθ/ noun (chiefly in science fiction) a person with the paranormal ability to perceive the mental or emotional state of another individual.” Several years ago a young lady in my psychic development group suggested that I was an  empath:… Continue Reading “EMPATH”


Guessing many bloggers write books And can relate to having written something then find that someone else has had the same idea. I don’t claim to be good at writing  but it is what I love to do. Last  century the first story I… Continue Reading “CREATING UTOPIA”